January 23rd, 2005

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More Winterlord madness...

*waves* Hello, new to the community, just started playing CoH again after a four month break. Still getting used to all the new stuff added since Issue 1. Mainly play as a Tech/Tanker called Robot The Bruce on Champion. Had a great day today, teamed up with my brother for the first time and encountered my first Winterlord, after seeing everyone elses' pics, I just had to share. :)

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So, Graybug finished the Positron Task Force Yesterday. 7.5 hours. Ouch.

We started out as a group of 7 - 2 defenders, 2 tanks, 2 blasters, and (I believe) a controller. By the end of the first mission we were down to two tanks and two defenders - we lost all of our heavy hitters!

Good thing the missions got easier because, about half way through we lost one of the defenders and one of the tanks - now down to one defender (with healing aura and rez) and one INV/EM Tank (me).

This is also when the defender had to leave for an hour to go to lunch, so I ended up doing one mission on my own.

All in all though, I must say, Positron was not difficult at all, just long. I completed most of it without even bothering to toggle on my defensive powers - mostly to conserve my End for attacks. It was a little weird being the primary damage dealer as a tank, but, luckily, Graybug was up for it.

So,in the end, I got my shiny new positron badge and a handy lvl 18 damage enhancement. Whew.
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Epic powers and controllers

Ok... so mindtrap turned 41. I have been in debt ever since let me tell ya! went from 60k to 200k to 0 to 200. Frustrating.

Anywhoos, my question is this.

What are you other controllers picking for your epic powers?

I went psychic for the mind blast attack Mind over body ( toggle armor with lethal/smash/PSIONIC resistance). I now think I should of not picked mind blast and went with the 90 second resist hold/stun/sleep. But since I have no attack power with my Illusion/empath ( got rid of spectral wounds) I wanted something to blast with.

However, I have a lowbie Earth/Stone tanker and love the resistance with that armor. Now that it doesn't look like a walking turd I like it even more.

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Goodbye, Paragon City

I am in a position where I need to deactivate my City of Heroes account - which I guess is alright, seeing as how I haven't played it in a fortnight. Still, just the same...kinda sucks.

My question is: Does anyone know how long NCSoft keeps deactivated characters archived? It would be a damn shame if I was not able to go back and pick up where I left off, should I ever want to play again.

If not - I may need to meet someone on Champion server and give away alla my Influence :)


I noticed a few days ago that when I click on any of the trainers (doesn't seem to matter which zone I'm in), I no longer get a waypoint in my compass. Trains and contacts show up, but not the trainers. Is this a known bug?
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So instead of heading off to my Warcry infested Council mission, I decided to go around figthing WLs in Brickstown.  I found a team that was already engaged in a fight, but lacked any firepower.  Being a Scrapper, I immediately charged in and started slice-n-diceing it.  With help from my new team, that is. 

The real point of this post is to mention that FF defenders are the greatest.  They might not have the healing or End boosting powers of other powersets, but damned if they can't let me fight a Giant Monster without even needing to turn on IH. 

So, my hat's off to you, Force Field Defenders!  Keep on bubblin'!