January 24th, 2005

do what now? by aurora_icons

First impressions on playing a squid...

My Peacebringer is only to 12, and these are the thoughts already running through my head:

1. I don't have enough slots.

2. OK...should I even bother slotting my shields or defenses since Nova form cancels anything I might gain from them?

3. I don't have enough slots.

4. Slotting my human attacks is fine, but how in the %^#$ do I slot my Nova attacks, if I do at all?

5. I don't have enough slots.

6. Power pools? What power pools? I have a travel power already and will pick up healing and concealment spells later on. Oh, but Hasten and Stamina might be nice....Hmm.

7. I don't have enough slots.

8. Clearly, I am destined to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

9. Oh, and I don't have enough slots. Hmph.

But yeah....this is my experience so far. *headdesk*
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Going to miss those frosties

I am really going to miss WL's... to be honest I am tired of the lag, and a little bored of them in general... but the exp is ungodly! LOL... today (and I was not on all day) I got all 8 of my chars a level and my martial arts scrapper got 6 levels on infinity... I also got one of my chars on Freedom a level. 14 levels in one day.. all frosties.. man I will miss that LOL (Chars are lvls 7-17 atm.)

I hear tonight was the last night for them...is this accurate? Last time I checked the coh site (this morning) it said nothing about it...
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COH Weekend

I hibernated and played a bunch of COH this weekend. Im about 1/2 a bar away from 37.
I incurred massive debt but had cleared it by the end of last evening.

Scenario 1
I am in a fairly large SG but still end up Team Seeking quite a bit. My experiences with that have been over all good but this weekend I had two AWFUL experiences where I ended up leaving the teams I was with.

I am a VERY laid back player, I enjoy the game and running missions and meeting people that play and enjoy role playing. Ive met some fun people and will roll with them regardless of level up or down because I enjoy the company. I don't power lvl or look to do so, thus I probably lvl a bit more slowly then others.

That being said, I have a higher lvl friend that asked me along for a mish. I went in and it was one of those wolf missions. As I was informed that my help as a contoller would not be needed, I hovered above the herding tank and was 02 boosting him and chatting with my buddy when the team leader privately messages me and says, "if you dont SK immediately Ill kick you from the team".

Did I have a problem with SKing? No, I could have cared less and would have been happy to so, just didn't think about it since I wasn't actually laying Ice and doing the Controller gig. Come to think of it, I don't know that SKing effects my 02 boost at all.

Anyways, privately threatening me, not so ok with that, not exactly fun. After attempting to clarify over a couple of Tells, I decided mmm not so much and explained the merits of the word Please and why general civility is your friend. Well this player must have torked off everyone, because about then I see people are quitting the team one by one till there are only 4 people left including the tacky team leader and the poor tank. After I quit the team I hung out and healed the tank through a final combat, it wasn't the poor tanks fault, and left when he was safe.

There is no mission so important that I will put up with the truly obnoxious or threats from anyone, ever. Granted, I really don't think any mission is very important since the XP isn't my primary concern, but still you get the point.

Scenario 2
I needed to work off 250K in debt that I had incurred while playing with friends in a mission that became a vendetta lol. Never a good idea. So I put together a team to do positron, 1/2 the right lvl, 1/2 exemped down.

It was a good mix. However, we had this one pushy blaster that decided he knew how we should run this and wanted to dictate to everyone how to do it. I have 0 desire to fight for control, team leader or not. Yes I could have and probably should have kicked him from the team, but I hate doing that. It wasn't that his oddball method didn't work and it kept everyone super safe, it is simply that his method would have made that TF the longest in history. His yelling at me was the final straw, rather than get in to it I extended my apologies and left in the 2nd mission.

Come Sunday evening I quit Team Seeking and just played with friends and had a lovely time on a mission where 3 SG's worked together. I truly wish the Friends list was larger so that you could add even those fleeting aquaintiances that were good team experiences.

You win some you lose some.

::shakes her head::

Alas.. alack.. I am undone.

I have been caught by the thought police.

Asswhoopticus is no more.

I got an email from the GM's that it is a naming violation. I'm dissapointed but I'm not going to rail and argue because it was on the edge.. I didn't think it was over the edge, but evidently someone did enough to make a complaint. Oh well.

So, the point of this.. Asswhoopticus needs a new name.

5 midgets in powered armor find that they can not fight crime alone, but together, these short statured crimefighters form the mighty baddle robot.. Generic Hero-305?

All suggestions will be considered.

* EDIT ADDITION * It's an Elec/Elec Blaster with Flight

Get by with a little help from my friends

Hey, eze_ac9 just reminded me....

Any good supergroups on Guardian or Triumph taking members? I've briefly joined a few but get quickly annoyed by group leaders who demand everyone suits up in team colors and comes to do his missions with him. I'm looking for a laid back, friendly group to network with. Wouldn't mind some rp. Not adverse to building a new character for a group with a really cool concept, but I'm not excited about forcing one of my existing characters into a garish two-tone that doesn't match the character design.

I've seen some people advertising class-specific supergroups and I have to question the wisdom behind that. Origin themes sound fun because you still get the diversity, but do you really want to have nothing but scrappers when your headquarters is invaded by villains in PvP?

Hello fellow Heroes

the name is Eric
ive been playing COH since it came out
all my toons are pinnacle
normally i play as Iron Reaver and Psy Burst the most
im 21 yr old college student, trying to juggle a life, school and COH (and sleep) at the University of Montevallo (a small school in central Alabama)

i lead the Super Group the Ghostbears

our website is

we are still recruiting, hoping to get a good rounded group before COV comes out, visit the site if you want, its more of a community of players from other games such as WOW and Tribes Vengeance....we have be a clan since the original Tribes game was released

throw me a line on Pinnacle if you are interested in the group or just want to team up

Iron Reaver - lvl 24 blaster
Psy Burst - lvl 14 Controller
Night Knight - lvl 15 Scrapper

we arent a strict SG really just clansmates who wanted to expand to COH, we are small at the moment but all we really ask for in members is maturity and regular play time.....nothing extreme like everday a week but a couple of times would be good, not gonna expect you to drop what you are doing and suit up in SG colors and play with the group or anything like that...give me a tell if your interested

or send a tell to Tesla Man he is the other leader, also plays as Shadow Steel....

we allow 1 main and 2 alts at this point in the group


I know that Issue 4 is suppose to bring us the Arena (currently being built in Galaxy City), and that issue 5 is to bring us the Skill system.

But does anyone know time frames on these? I have "heard" that I4 will be "sooner than we think".
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Mist Movie Shadow

how the hell

so far:

Psychic Clockwork King: 3
Inquisition : 0

How the hell do we "arrest" this guy?

His Psychic Scream took out our scrapper, our blaster, and almost got our defender. I didn't last much longer as I was taken out from what I think was a psychic tornado. We barely touched him.

Second time my phantom army distracted him until I landed a blind on him. Eventually though the blind missed, he woke up, and slaughtered us.

BAM we're all down.

I know the Indomitable Will is going to help me.. but how the hell do I keep my team up and alive!!?!?
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Happy Cat!!

(no subject)

This kind of relates to an earlier post about gaming etiquette, but seeing as how there was a ton of responses, I figured I'd might as well start a new post...

Anyhow, in my SG we have an awesome healer, and he's kept myself and my team alive more times than I count. I mean, that's what healers do, right? I think out of the hundreds of missions I've done with him, I've only died about five or so times. And even when I do die, I don't mind it because I know he's out there working his butt off to try to keep me from the pearly gates. Well, he was telling me that over the weekend he was doing a TF and the guys on his squad were telling him he doesn't know how to heal, he's terrible at what he's doing, blah blah blah... It's kind of irritating to hear that, when the whole point of being a defender is to keep you alive. Are you sure you're not that blaster that enjoys running into a squad of bad guys? Are you the controller who thinks he's a tank? I've played with healers who don't even realize what's going on and you're dead before you can even figure out what's going on.

So whoever insulted Electric Medic, shame on you. He's a hell of a defender and I'd sacrifice myself for him anyday.

Carla Caliente 31 Elec/Fire blaster


Imagine waking up one fine morning and, after a nice breakfast, you decide to look out the window of your lush Founder's Falls apartment. You wonder is that cold front has finally moved on and taken the chill with it.

Surpressing a yawn, you pull back the curtains...

...see this...

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