January 26th, 2005

Scrubs:  Day Off 5

Amazing XP!

I hope that you all took advantage of the dev's generousity tonight. It was sheer, happy, happy, joy, joy chaos on the Triumph server, and the joy is still going on. I just need to go to bed, or I'd still be there.

Winterlords were coming 2-4 at a time in the same area, and the xp was glorious!

How glorious, you ask?

Well, in the space of 5 hours, my MA/SR scrapper went from lvl 5 to lvl 21.

It was a constant, joyous slaughter of humongous snow men and their lackies, and my team's power increased with every death.

I hope you all got a chance to enjoy it.
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Screen Shots Question

Can anyone tell me how I can go about taking a Screen Shot of my character??? In explicit detail lol... Im not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to computers. I have Adobe Photoshop CS and can navigate it fairly well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!
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Crazy Mad WL XP

For the past week or so I've been messing around with alts -- making a couple, deleting others, playing up a couple levels in each. Just having fun at the lower levels and monkeying around with builds. (My two main chars are blasters, so I've got a lot to learn about other archetypes...)

Anyhow, last night was an exceptional night for the alts. I started out the evening using Betelnut Bonsai, then a level 1 MA/SR scrapper. Now, after seeing all this talk in broadcast about WL hunt teams I curiously decided to join one in Atlas Park. The team was full -- 8 ppl, and we all had spawn points covered thanks to our well organized team leader '4th Grader'. Within one single hour Bete went from level 1 to level 11. All we did was run from one WL location to the next, pummelling them and soaking up the XP.

After 3 hours of gameplay, I had progressed phenomenally quickly on several of my alts:

Betelnut Bonsai -- MA/SR scrap  - lvl 1 to lvl 11
Ms. Smackyfist -- DM/RG scrap - lvl 1 to lvl 12
Praetor Vendak - ICE/Kinetics controller - lvl 3 to lvl 13

I can definitely see this as a temporary 'content-booster' type event -- I mean, with all these WL's around we're going to find a whole new crop of mid-level characters running around, overall a bunch more toons out there no longer languishing at sub-level 10, thanks to the WL XP gravy train.

All I gotta ask is, is it over yet? Or do we get another day of PL'ing our alts in Kings Row and Atlas Park?


Does anyone know of a CoH site that has an index or database of character builds, or perhaps a few good guides? COHVault has a few good guides, their MA/SR guide was a big help for me in understanding the powerset(s)...However, there isn't a whole lot over there for some of the areas I'm interested in.

Right now I'm looking for some good builds for the following:

Ice/Kinetics controller
DM/Regen scrapper
Kinetics/Energy 'Defender' (interested in an 'Offender' build here)

Those are just off the top of my head, though I am often curious about other builds as well, and especially SLOTTING. Any pointers out there, links to guides? Best sites for character build-nfos?

Lord Remo logo

That's power=leveling!

Spent all night with WL hunting parties. Raised an Alt from 8 to 12... my main from 12 to 22! I've outpaced most of my enhancements and can barely afford to by them at the new levels. But I think I'm losing my fear of Perez Park!

Have to wonder if it's ending today.

(no subject)

After reading about everyone getting multiple levels from the WL, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get my controller closer to her imps. Go to sign on, servers are all down. Bah.

Anyway, the snowballs say they last for 12 days, this all started Monday the 17th right? If my math skills serve me right then we should still have the event til the 29th? Granted could be that we just get to keep the snowballs that long. Here's to hoping that the WL stay til then too. Or maybe the emergency maintence was them realizing people were getting multiple levels in short periods of times. Can't have that now can we?
head tilt, aeryniana

Dear Devs,

Please end this on the weekend so Ice Tanker Nadzieja can have her winter minion fun too.

Lurv Tzunny

Was just kicked off the server (Virtue) for "emergency maintenance."
We all know that sometimes means they're patching, or possibly updating and phasing out the Winter Event.
Here's hoping it sticks around for the weekend.
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(no subject)

This really pised me off:
I'm running around with my alt Col. Kroenen (15 claws/regen), I get invited to a Positron TF. I kinda roll my eyes at first, generally when I get an invite to a tf at 10:30 am, it's full of people who don't seem to know what's going on.
We get to mission one. There was no discussion of strategy at all, we knew our roles, we kicked some major ass. Instant perfect team. i was floored. (turns out we were all alts, and we all had high level toons, so we knew what we were doing.) I ding 16, grab integration (which rocks my shit, let me tell you)
mission 2: we kick even more ass, I don't think any of us went below 2/3 health.

on our way to the 3rd mission, we get a lovely little message telling us that CoH is shutting down for two hours for garbage. GAH! You know how hard it is to find a Task Force that good?!?!
GRRRRR. I sent a petition too. heh.
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Scrubs:  Day Off 5

(no subject)

I'm having tons of trouble putting together my respec on my MA/SR scrapper. Does anyone have a build that they find is effective? If so, could you post it or link to it?

I keep reading that I should take fighting and self aid power pools but I can't really find a way to slot it based on the template I'm using here:


Here is the build that I think I want to have:

Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Thunder Kick
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Focused Fighting
Slot[03] Level 2 : Focused Senses
Slot[04] Level 4 : Agile
Slot[05] Level 6 : Focus Chi
Slot[06] Level 8 : Hasten
Slot[07] Level 10 : Crane Kick
Slot[08] Level 12 : Jump Kick
Slot[09] Level 14 : Super Jump
Slot[10] Level 16 : Swift
Slot[11] Level 18 : Health
Slot[12] Level 20 : Stamina

The problem is I wont be able to get either practiced brawler or tough until later, and where can I fit in the self aid pool?


Holy Teleporting Zombies, Stormchilde!

So, last night, I'm over on Champion, trying to avoid the Winter Lord lag on Virtue, and stomping on the Vazhilok. Kyle Peck (anyone else notice the Ghostbusters reference; Mr. Peck who works for the EPA?) gives me a mission to go rescue the physicians from the Vazhilok. No problem. Zombies were made for electricution (Stormchilde is a Electricity/Electricity Blaster). I sprint over to office building, trying not to aggro all the purple and red Outcasts and Tsoo who seem bored because everyone is out hunting giant snowmen and not them, and step inside. First floor: Zombies! Zap zap zappity zap. Clear the floor and head to the elevator, patiently dealing with all the panicky civilians running around.

Elevator opens on second floor and ... Haysus Marima! That's a lot of Abominations all bottlenecked right there at the entrance to the elevator room. I think it was about seven or eight. After a few experiments with shooting, ducking into the elevator down to 1 and then going back up after a moment (probably a successful tactic, but slooooow), I end up sprinting past them and up onto the balcony that runs along one side of the L-shaped room. There are a few Abominations up here at the far end, easily picked off, and about 5 more all clustered at the top of the L near the door into the next room (that's a total of about 15 Abominations, for those who were counting). I spend a brief moment checking my reputation (still set at Hard Boiled), and chalk it up to the random distribution hitting one of those rare occurrences when all the roaming enemies end up in one spot. Then I start pulling them from the crowd.

This turns out to be pretty easy as long as I don't hit Ball Lightning while my target is still in the group. After clearing the room without incident (although one of the civvies pushed me off the balcony at one point), I head into the next room. Two Abominations threatening a hostage on another balcony above me. This is where the weirdness starts.

I shoot one, and he falls off the screen! The targeting reticule still shows him, but he's nowhere in view. I change targets and shoot the other. Same thing. Following the target reticule takes me back to the L-shaped room, near the elevators. I dispose of those two zombies and move on.

A few rooms later, I come across a Reaper, making threatening gestures in the hall. I shoot him. He fades from sight! After a moment's confusion, I check my combat messages. No xp for the kill. Weird. I move on. From that moment, every target I shoot fades away after the first hit, except for the last two Abominations, which fall off the screen again (with the reticule showing the target as being behind a wall or something).

On a hunch, I truck back to the L-shaped room. Lo and behold, all the Abominations and Reapers and Mortificators that vanished. Ten minutes later, after clearing the room, the mission is completed. I check the rest of the floor to be sure, and then leave. At the door, I send the developers a bug report.

Personally, I chalk it up to quirks of Issue 3. Has anyone else run into anything this weird?


Had Onyx and Grumble (the mains for myself and my husband) going to do the Oranbega(sp?) timed mission from Laura Brunetti, the first mission she gives out. First is the panicked realization that she's in IP, and the timed mission is in Skyway (thank the gods he has Recall Friend! He flies faster so he'd fly and TP me rather than waiting on me.) 25 minutes to go on the mission, and I saw the note from the Devs that it's going to be shut down in 30 minutes. Sudden panic attack as I hope they just posted that and not that I just noticed it.

We beat the boss and then realized that they had two more artifacts to find... backtracked til he found two rooms we missed. I, of course, was on another part of the map. So he TP'd me there with 10 minutes left to go in the mission. Cleared out those two rooms, found a glowy a piece in them, mission complete with 5 minutes to spare.

We even just had time enough to get back time to the old biddy and get my next mission, which will be a CoT hunt in Dark Astoria. May wait til the weekend to drag our son along since he has yet to experience DA. However, will have to SK the lad, he's Lvl 22 to our 26.

Hang Time, Champion Server

Hey folks. My first time posting here and darn near my first time posting on LiveJournal in general. If this isn't a good place for this kind of post, smack me around and I'll fold like ricepaper.

I've been playing CoH since my wife (whom I haven't seen face to face since :) got it for me at Christmas, and have a number of characters I like, but I've settled on my main for the time being and I'm looking for some opportunities to meet folks who enjoy some in character roleplaying during their carnage.

Name: Hang Time (a.k.a. Jason Marks)
Origin: Science
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-twenties

Back story: Jason Marks was a normal guy, until the day he made a pizza delivery to the Orion Labs research facility in Steel Canyon. Put simply, he was left waiting on the guy who'd ordered the anchovies and jalapenos for too long and started poke at things in the room.

Things that one ought not poke at.

There was a flash, an explosion, and something later referred to as a 'containment breach'. After the smoke cleared, Orion agreed not to sue Jason... if Jason returned the favor. He didn't tell them about the tingling in his fingers.

He still hasn't, or about how he spends his days since quiting Paragon Pizza Pie, but he's starting to think they already know.

Personality Traits: Hang Time is an easy-going, wise-cracking guy who probably could have lived his life in relative peace, working two jobs as a bike courier and pizza delivery driver in between trips down to the beach. (In this alternate, 'normal' history, he would have eventually been killed during a convenience store robbery when he tried to get an amped-up Hellion to chill. out.) That isn't how things worked out, though, and Hang Time has intertwined his new sense of responsibility with the natural joy that comes from being one of the Good Guys (who can FLY! Sweet!).

Powers: The accident at Orion Labs invested in Jason the ability to manipulate and convert raw energy in a number of ways.

In-Game Archetype: Energy/Energy Blaster (with bits of the Flight, Stamina & Speed pools, thus far)

In-Game Powers: Lots of things that make Vazhilok go boom (just finished the Doctor V arch-villain mission last night). FLIGHT! Looking at adding things in the future (like healing touch) that fit with the energy manipulation idea.

Play Schedule: I'm on a little bit most any day -- more on the weekends (usually *with* my wife, all joking aside), either as Hang Time or one of my other characters (there's just so many I enjoy playing).

Finally, a few pix

Here, we convinced Hang Time to recreate the mysterious events that led up to the manifestation of his powers.

Hang Time -- What's This Do?

Here... we're really not sure what happened. It looks like he backed into a ... well, something labeled "Collider" while he was fighting Clockwork. He backs into or pokes dangerous things a lot.

AHHHHH!!!! Hmm.... Actually, this feels pretty good.

(no subject)

Click for larger.

I finally saw the ghost ship, and got pretty close to getting the badge as well. Will attempt to aquire it soon.

Also, I'm the only person I know who rearranges every single window. Every time I create an alt I spend several minutes moving windows and creating binds.

Ghost Ship Windows

This is me Not Giving a Shit.



If I were in Paragon City, I'd be an...

Empathy Defender

I have to admit, you are a very unselfish individual. Your entire powers revolve around the idea that you don't like to see others in pain, and will do anything in your hand to heal their wounds and help them recover from a beatdown. It's also a little bit weird, because if you cared so much about everyone else you'd most likely be working on ways to prevent them from being wounded in the first place. I'm not sure still if that's because you think that wounds are part of the Hero trade or because you're a touch sadistic yourself. Still gives you a good reputation though.

Hellooooooooooooooooooo... Nurse!
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