January 27th, 2005


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If I were in Paragon City, I'd be an...

Invulnerability Tanker

KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! You are the finest example of that
principle, you are just one tough sucker with a liking for pain and who
giggles every time a bullet bounces off his chest. If we combine that
with your inherent flashyness you can make people stare at you in awe.
If not, you can simply call them names until they realize where you
are. There's not much else you can do though, but heck, you sure are

They missed out the part about the Mortal Kombat style uppercut the Super Strength powerset has, but still...
Bob Signal

My Hero

Sooooooo, I've been in this community for a little while now and have posted in it every once in a while and always read everybody elses entry and see their heroes. I guess it was time I put some pictures of my heroes.

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My Heroes

Figured what the hell =) Since we are showing our chars I will show a few (I have 20... obviously not going to list them all lol...damned character generator.. way to fun LOL)

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I saw the greatest thing yesterday while in Outbreak.
I was working on Isolater and I saw over broadcast "HELP I'M STUCK". Of course, someone replied "type /stuck". So a few seconds later, I saw the guy who was calling for help type "type /stuck" and then say that it wasn't working. It went on for a few a few comments about trying to get him to not type the word type. Then he asked for a TP out of where he was stuck at. Thankfully, someone said that no one at this level has teleport. Then someone said that warshades get TP inherently. So they said he would have to wait until someone created a warshade to come thru Outbreak for him to be released. He actually agreed with that. But then the warshade I was standing next to said that warshades only get TP self at this level and that he would have to get out on his own. Finally, the helpless guy said that he figured out that if he jumped right he could get out and he was now free. By this time I already had my badge and I was just sticking around to see what all else was going to be said. They ended up arguing that he is a newb and that only a newb would do something like that...of course the guy denied it.
I think that has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on CoH.

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I have Assault Rifle envy. The other day I, a Lv 26 fire blaster, teamed with an AR blaster who has the power Full Auto. Daaang!! Full Auto is awesome!!! So, I did a comparison between Full Auto, which becomes available at Lv 32, and the fire power Inferno, which also becomes available at Lv 32 (I put a symbol by the points I consider to be the better attribute):
Full Auto
    Accuracy: +35%
    Cost: 30
Recharge: 25 seconds
Effect: Cone
Range: 60
Damage: Superior DoT
Misc: Chance of landing a
             critical shot
Accuracy: +40%
Cost: 12.5
    Recharge: 6 minutes
    Effect: PBAoE
    Range: X
    Damage: Extreme
    Misc: Drained of endurance
             and unable to recover
             it for a while
The above info might be old and/or incorrect because I got it from Hero Planner. But, if it is right, then, yep, I'm jealous.

Does anyone have Inferno who likes it and can tell me why and how to use it well? Even though I have a few levels before I get it, IF I get it, I am curious about it and any other Fire/Dev build advice anyone would like to share with me. Thanks!
Mist Movie Shadow

Epic Power

Wanna thank everyone who suggested Indomitable Will.

We gave a last attempt to do the Hydra Trial last night, we failed from time. Everything was going good until we got hung up on some bosses that just wouldn't die. Then we lost our cohesion after taking out the generators the first time.

The thanks though comes from the lack of damage the Head gave me. At one point I was behind our tank and scrapper, a psychic tornado came at us cause my phantom army poofed. The tanker and the scrapper went down. I lost almost half health. Normally that would kill me

Loooove that power now. Can't wait for mind over body!!!
violet volt

Tips for Spike/Dark Def Scrapper?

Hey folks,

I just respeced my first character ever - a 15th level spike/dark def scrapper named Cyberroach. I probably should have asked this BEFORE the respec, but I'm trying to figure out any special perks of this combo I may have missed?

I know the groovy thing about spike is the toxic damage. Right now Spine Burst and Impale are my two best friends from an offense side. and dark def has also become WAY more useful now that it's stackable (dark embrace + murky cloud usually).

He died like crazy pre-respec so I moved some slots around to triple slot my defenses. I dropped Death Shroud in favor of opening up the Fitness power pool. I also switched from Super Speed to Leap so I could get Combat Jumping. He seems a lot more resilient now, though I lost a lot of offense capability between Death Shroud, Haste and some slots in my spike powers.

Any recommendations for MUST HAVE power or slottings for this combo? I know obsidian shield is about the coolest thing going for dark def, but what are the things that could make this guy really roar?


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now taking handouts...kinda
anyone on Triumph that has a lot o' money to spare for my alt.

I have a level 50 on Virtue with about 45 mil influence and am willing to do a swap.

Starting low is always a bish.

Fr$#!ing ATI Radeon Card

Does anyone have any advice about ATI Radeon cards?

I've been having problems with this card for about the last 6 months, only in regards to CoH. About 6 months ago, I updated the video drivers, and if I tried to run CoH, the game will lock up on the initial zoning. So, I rolled the drivers back. With each successive new driver version, I'd go through the same thing. Install new drivers, game lock-up, curse, roll drivers back. About three months back, I went through some testing with NCSoft support and they admitted they weren't sure, and suggested that I roll the drivers back.

The major problem now is that the old drivers are starting to have serious problems with color, shadows, and geometry.

I just went through it again tonight, and to be honest, I'm about tired of it. Any advice? Either on this problem or a new video card?
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