January 28th, 2005


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Dear TC,

For the love of god, don't try to solo a Winter Lord again. I don't care if you are Magnificent Galvanized Argosyne the Indestructible(I got the 5m damage award tonight! Woo!), they have holds and you never took unyielding when you could have done so.

I reiterate: Me, if you try that again, I will hit myself in your head.

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I totally understand the sweetness of the Winter Lord genocide. My poor neglected alt Col. Kroenen (neglected becuase I started him in July) went from 14 to 20 in about 2 1/2 hours.
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Winterlord Attitudes

Ok. I know the Winterlord Event has really become quite the topic lately, especially in the sense of all that extreme leveling, but I wanted to ask a question. What kinds of attitudes have you received from other players? I've seen a lot of them become more hostile. Basically, a lot of these people have now reached a level where the Winterlords have become objects that they claim. I've received tells asking me if I could please not interfere with someone fighting him, so as to not take away his rightful xp. I've received tells telling me that I am rude, and that I should go to my own zone. Note: I was in my mid-20's in the boomtown area, and I was being told this by a level 22 defender.

I kind of think it's ridiculous. I've talked to others who feel the same way. Has anyone else been through anything remotely like that? I can understand wanting someone not to come along. Hell, when I take out WL's on a 2 person team that's 6250 xp per kill. It's just that I wouldn't be a jerk if someone else came. Who cares, right? It's just a game.

Productive Night and Question =)

Well I had a productive night on CoH... Revenent got 20 on WLs...so I went and soloed my way to her cloak and new outfit...which are below...had a really hard time deciding what to do with the new one...this is sort of a demonic dress outfit if that makes sense LOL. Am wondering which you like better =)

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Joining the bandwagon

I decided to try out the Winter Lord power-leveling lovefest last night… and brought a new alt up to level 18 within 6 hours. I’m speechless. It took forever to get my main up to level 18. Has anyone experienced this kind of rapid leveling with a mid-30’s to mid-40’s level character? If so, I might have to pull an all-nighter to get my main up to 50!

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I was roaming Boomtown when I spotted a WL spawn by itself, having gotten tired of the pitiful xp that the Perez spawns were affording me. That was when I dropped trying to solo him. I think I was actually the only person in the entire zone.

I've got an idea forming in my head

I've been playing for a few months now, and I've never teamed up with anyone. Initially, I didn't feel comfortable, since I was just learning the game and tended to die quite often. Almost immediately I noticed that there was a lot of juvenile stupidity going on in the broadcast channel, and I didn't want to take part in that. Combine that with rants here and there about how teaming with crappy players was too common. And I had a good time soloing.

The result is that my main character reached level 22 without teaming, without going on any task forces. I don't mind, except that I've missed a lot of content that way, and the (apparently) rare successful team up sounds like a real blast.

I created my newest alt and joined a supergroup when invited. This group was sending invites to everyone in AP. It has ~75 members, which seems a little high to me, though I don't really know.. I wonder if this approach of inviting everyone would promote quality playing.

So, how do you know if an unknown someone was good to team with? How do you teach/learn good teaming?

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2 hours of playing in Steel Canyon saw my primary on LIberty, Brighid, bounce from 13 to 18. Half an hour this morning saw me jump 4 bubbles towards 19. My only question is what about the plots I"ve been neglecting since the Winter Event started? I"m getting all new contacts from all my currently unused contacts. Is it still going to be possible to finish out the story arcs?

And here's to seeing 25 by Sunday night. ;)
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Lowbies Grouping

You know, this is going to sound petty, but I'm fine with grouping with people lower than me, but it bothers me when they decline to sk, so they can't actually hit what we're fighting. I thought that grouping was supposed to be a collaborative effort. I didn't sign on to drag someone around. If I was dragging someone around, it generally would be someone I knew, you know?

Like... I'm just always amazed at people who want to be a in a tf, such as Positron, at lvl 12 when they can't hit a single thing in there and yet don't want a sk. Unless they're a healer or some other sort of support character, they just seem like an xp leach.
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Blizzard, Shiver, Buildup

I finally hit lvl 32. I've tested both Blizzard and Shiver on test server. And I'm at a loss.

Blizzard seems like an AWESOME power, it really does deal massive damage, but I do need some kind of controller to make full use of the power.

Shiver isn't letting me take on groups in Crey's Folly any easier.

I HAD buildup, but respecced out of it. I'm thinking of taking it again, because I do miss it sometimes, and I'm not sure Blizzard is going to work for me as a solo player. I so RARELY team anymore, I've only been teaming to take on WLs.

Advice on this subject appreciated.

Things that make me want to scream....

Currently in the task force from hell. So many things should have tipped me off to quit as soon as the team was formed, but I didn't.

Sister Psyche TF

Our max level was 25, after sk'ing the level 20s and the tank we were 24 or 25 with the exception of a 23. The team on paper looked great. Two blasters, two controllers, two defenders, a tank and a scrapper.

First sign this wasn't going to go well... our empathy defender at level 20 had heal other and ressurect. Yep, that's it. Lots of her blast powers though, too bad it was evident as the TF progressed she didn't use those either. But damn did she get a lot of mileage on that rez.

One of the controllers had a rad secondary but didn't have either RI or EF. Having a rad def myself was kind of stunned by this, but to each their own. He did a fine job without them, though they would have proven to be quite helpful.

We head into the first mission. Mobs start warping, send the bug, continue on anyway. Scrapper gets frustrated and quits. Later we discover that the mobs weren't just warping to the one place we were frequently going back to check. Oh no, they were warping to another place as well.


Using pulling techniques and incurring some debt, we manage to kill just enough to find the clue that ends the mission.

Next missions are find the glowy kill the boss types, we manage those fine.

Then we get a door that spawns in Dark Astoria, not a problem right? Oh wait two people CAN'T EVEN GET INTO DA YET. Send a petition, of course no response. Attempt to PL them to 21 so that they can join us. One was really close, the other sends us to the mission without him, as it would likely be faster. He hits 21 on his own right as we complete the mission.

Continuing on. Mass deaths occur as purple tank bosses are coming in swarms of at least three. I realize our dark defender hasn't once used darkest night. Why have a debuff if you're not going to use it? Seems like a waste of a power slot to me. It's one thing to not even take the debuffs but to take them and not use them???

The other defender drops her sk multiple times to get better xp, so every few minutes there's a "sk me again" message. If she were my sk I wouldn't have put up with that for long. Lucky for her, her sk was more patient than I.

We get about halfway through, most are well into 10k+ of debt. People start saying they need to leave. We set up a time to return. Why I agreed to return is beyond me, I guess I just don't like quitting TFs not matter how poor it's going.

Not all of the TF is bad though. The redeeming things are:
The tanker is awesome.
The blasters never griped about their debt.
When there weren't freak tanks involved things were killed very quickly.

[ /rant]

Ah, it feels good to vent.
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