January 29th, 2005

Ok ok :P

Since apparently my char plan that I posted earlier for my dark/regen scrapper was horrid :P (Hey she is ungodly now lol, but I do not want to run into probs later)

Here is a new one...keep in mind she is currently level 20.. I would have to either respec her or start her over while the WLs are still going strong LOL.

The New Plan (prepares to be eaten alive again :P)

At what level can I get the respec quest? I have heard 24 and she could easily make that in no time.. who do I need to talk to?

Oh and for those wondering why I waited for TP at the end... currently she has TP, all except group tp and it is annoying as all hell lol... takes to much end to self to very far and I am amazingly tired of being asked for a tp every couple minutes. But it does have its uses. Ok.. go head...slay me again hehe, but I want this char to be perfect...and while right now she is ungodly...looks like my old plan would lead to issues later in her heroic career...hey I am new ya know ;)
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First off, thanks for the advice in my previous post regarding how I was thinking of sloting Rev my Dark/Regen scrapper...especially to those of you who were nice about it LOL.

I am amused that the main thing I got reamed on in my first build idea was having the fitness line in there, and this time around when I switched it out for the fighting line... people said "you need the fitness line!" *laughs* Ahh well.

Refrencing my previous image because i am to lazy to make a new one....

The Things That Have Been Changed:

Hasten is now 6 slotted
Sj has no slots
SS only has 1 slot
(Sadly I could not move up instant healing without totally moving everything in Fighting. It would not switch with Integration as I have integration chosen right away, before IH is available.)
Fear has been added
Taunt has been added (At the end, I save that mainly for my tanks lol)
All tp has been removed except tp friend to be of more use in groups (though once the frosties are over I will likely go back to soloing most of the time.)
Yes Siphon life is still there... what can I say it is my char and I find it useful lol.
Attack powers are now all atk with 1 acc.

Thanks again =)

Now for my question: I know at 24 I have to go to IP for the respec mission...who exactly do I get it from and is there anything I have to do first? Or can I just go to the person and get the mission once I ding 24?
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(no subject)

What do you guys think of higher-level characters hunting Winter Lords in really low zones, like Atlas Park?  I've hunted with my main (lower 20s) and some alts (not even in their teens to begin with) and I tend to have a pretty wide range for what's acceptable--I don't mind if characters up to, say, level 30 (just to pull an arbitrary number out, doesn't have to be exactly 30) hunt there, especially if the other hunt teams are fairly high too or if there aren't a lot of people vying for the exp.  But today I was leveling an alt so I wouldn't have to do the same initial missions yet again, and there were a couple of level 40 characters being a real pain in the ass because they kept dealing most of the damage and cutting way down on what everyone else got.  I know that the Lords spawn very rapidly in Atlas, and that does make it less of a big deal, but something about that rubs me the wrong way.  40 seems too high to me to be hunting there unless the player isn't being an exp leech (and this one was fully aware that he was).

It worked out fine for me in the end--we had a really good team going--but I was just curious what you guys think of the issue.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Defender epic power sets

So what are you defenders out there taking or if anyone has any adivce.. on each. There was a post before and i looked back till my head hurt on it that someone said you could give your defender a almost "controler-ish feel" ah, any advice on this would be good.. I'm thinking Power mastery or the controller thing..