January 30th, 2005

  • musicmz

Day two~ It's over

Day two went much better. The tanker and one controller didn't show (well the controller came in when we were halfway through the final mission), I made sure I was team leader so that the missions would only be hard boiled. The mobs were mostly 25 an occasional 26. As a controller I wanted to actually clear the missions, and the dark def agreed, but the other three people were whining and complaining about doing that. The devices blaster I think had ADD cause he'd run off to go find the bombs and what not and when we were gearing up to take down Clamor we looked around and he was no where to be found. "I was bored."

Anyway... I told the team that we needed to sk the lower level two for Clamor, one of them being the emp def (who actually took recovery aura when she hit 22!!). She said "I'm fine my job is to heal I don't need to be sk'd." I snapped. I told her "No you have one heal your job is not to heal. We need the added damage you need to attack." After this point she was silent. I made sure to watch her while we went through the mission, she just jumped around not doing anything, not attacking, and only throwing out a heal if I didn't beat her to it. Then when she managed to get in the path of an aoe she would run away from me saying "HELP", I can't help you when you run away from the healer.

Anyway, we geared up, they ignore my pleas to go around the other side and pick off the neighboring mob, no they wanted to just kill Clamor so we could be done. Most of us die as soon as that neighboring mob aggros. Then while we're still regrouping one of the blasters goes off and aggros Clamor. Surprisingly, he only gets her, and not the remaining mins and lts. So we take her out the second time around. Save the last hostage. I call the contact and innerly vow not to speak to most of these people again.

I did see the dark def using darkest night a lot more this time. Perhaps I just missed it in all the insanity that was the night before, I don't know. The empathy def was truly the most useless character I've ever come across in my months in this game. She wasn't even and offender. Wouldn't it make more sense for an offender build to have heal aura instead of heal other so at least you can protect yourself too? She rarely if ever used her blast powers. She was just a leech plain and simple. Her one heal healed for 119. My controller with heal other only having 3 slots (end red and two heals) healed for nearly 100 pts more. I know that heals get better as you level, but I doubt that 3 levels equates 100 pts, so her one heal must have been horribly slotted or still had TOs in it.

I'm just glad it's over.

Interesting Winter Lord experience

So I know there has already been a post or two about this, but I thought I would share an experience that happened last night that was the exception to what I've seen so far.

I was leveling an alt in King's Row, as a lot of people seem to be doing - I don't feel I'm missing out on the first 15 levels of hunting in the Hollows, et al. And these level 30+ fire controllers show up and start completely owning the Winter Lords.. I mean they don't stand up long enough for us to even get to them before the army of Fire Imps have that thing melted to nothing. Our team of 8 was getting maybe 50-150 experience per kill, if we were lucky enough to be there when it spawned.

So, we started throwing snowballs at these fire controllers. I mean, what else can we do? They are free to hunt in a lowby area.. god forbid they should go to Independence Port and hunt them where they are closer to their level.

After a while, they start sending tells "whats up with the snowballs?" One got into a conversation with one of our team members about how they can do whatever they want to, etc. and kept running away from the barrage. Eventually she left.
The second one asked me what the deal was, and I just said "Imps go home!"
They were like "Well, there's no need to be rude about it. But driving me off with snowballs, that is kinda cool. Ok, I will go home."

So she left the area. I really did not expect that, people are usually just rude or mean about it. After a few fights (experience had come back to normal for the team) I messaged her and invited her to the team. I mentioned that since she was so cool about being driven off by the snowballs I felt kinda guilty about it. So she joined us, and used her fire imps to everyone's benefit. The exp rocked, and it was oddly a rather cool time.

Since we kind of stumbled on this simple and peaceful solution to the problem, I figured I would post this in case the Winter Lords stick around for a while longer, and others are having an issue with high levels ganking experience from their lowby teams. Try inviting them - if they join you, they still get to flex their muscles, and the lowbys will still get the experience they are after.