January 31st, 2005

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Who wants to sign up for Winter Lord Hunters Anonymous with me?

All weekend, I've been hunting them. For my own pleasure, to help friends get a few levels, and because I can't seem to stop.

Here's a cute snapshot I took while on my back during a take-down of the WL:

I find irony funny.
ali beats liston

Wow, that was a rush...

In a little under three hours, I took a new hero up to level 14 -- did the tutorial, then at level 3, jumped into a team, which I ended up leading from about level 8 on simply because others left.

So if you were on Virtue tonight and worked with a dark energy/regen scrapper named Nicholas Noir, my hat's off to you for the most enjoyable teaming experience I've had to date in this game.

(He's a Golden Age-style hero -- wears a grey suit. His origin is that he's Merlin's last surviving descendent... A friend of mine's got several Golden Age-style characters on there, and I created one to team with him eventually...)

Guess I'll need a Taxibot on that server as well, to bring in some bacon -- a level 14 with only about 60,000 influence is going to have a hard time getting much in the way of enhancements going...

But that's for another day. Again, if you were in that team, thanks for the great time.
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Winter Lords..

It has gone on long enough, IHMO. The Winter King needs to show up, level a block or two, and depart for Atlanta. There are too many newbies running around in the 20s and 30s without a clue how to play. We did a respec mission with two 24s who were still figuring out where zones were. They had used Winter Lords to get to that point, and as such had maybe 3 badges - the two for 10 and 20, and probably the one for running past that contact at Atlas. You see a lot of people on, but now they're all hanging out around the spawn spots rather than on missions, tfs, or street hunting. I've got my badges, and as an academic process, I leveled a fire/rad controller on Winter Lord teams from 1 to 21 yesterday. Honestly, that should have at least taken me a few days of killing hellions, skulls, and a stray vahz. I haven't killed a single mob other than the Tsoo to get my costume, and my teammates had to help me because I don't have the handle on the controller powers.

Speaking of which, I do plan to seriously play her. After yesterday, I don't want to go near another snowman. Any tips on how to play a fire/rad controller, and was that a good combo to take? I might have to redo her second costume because it could be too close to an existing character's costume, so... pondering that one as well. I am happy this makes it easier for the newbies, but I feel bad for them for missing out on the game experience.
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Doc Momentum (Guardian) made it to level 32 this weekend. I was a little disappointed with my power choice, but I've got my free respec saved up still and will give it a little time before I make my final decision. I mean, the 50% or so damage boost for a few seconds was fun to watch, I'm just not certain it was more effective than, say SuperLeap. On the other hand, I've pretty much got the build I want at this point, so all the other powers are just gravy. (Now more slots - I truly appreciate *their* value now....)
Snow Queen blue

I don't understand.

Why is everyone so up in arms about the WinterLords?

"I'm all done PLing my alts, so they can leave now."
"I wish the WLs would leave because all these n00bs are leveling up."
ad nauseum.

If you don't like them, don't fight them. Duh. I played them for a while cause it was fun, but then went on to do my missions and play the game as usual. Aside from seeing them occasionally when I'm going from mish to mish, they don't bother me. Just because *you* are done with them, doesn't mean that everyone else is not having fun anymore. Or do people just want something to complain about?


I know there are good and bad things about the whole situation, but I also know that I can just continue to have fun the way I was before the WLs and it doesn't get to me. And sometimes it's totally fun to get on a team hunting WLs and fight them for a while.

Have fun! It's just a game, remember?
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Leveling my Scrapper

I have noticed that even though we got massive xp for the Winter Lord events they only gave out little influence. This means that I have a lot of slots that are empty because I cannot afford to buy enhancements.

I took my Dark/Regen scrapper (on Triumph server) made it from lvl 3 to lvl 24 doing WL hunting, which was great. Unfortunately, I have only played defenders and controllers so being on the front line now is kind of different. Definitely a learning experience.

I like that I can do major damage. I notice that scrappers can go non-stop through enemies. I love that. I know that once I get my enhancements in place I will not die as easily (as often).

That said, would any kind, lvl 40+ heroes like to make a donation to a young scrapper (Juan Kage on Triumph) who will surely die often without the proper enhancements? :)

Winter Lords and "missing the game"

Well, there are as many ways to "play the game" as there are players ... and I can agree with some people's points here about how the Winter Lords have resulted in a generation of 20somethings who have no clue how to handle their powers.

But, last night's experience taking a character up to level 14, even though I leveled past a few contacts, was a good one for me nonetheless.

1.) This is my 13th character. Having so many, I thus don't have any who are above level 15. But I once had a character of the same archetype and power set at the same level, so I'm not in "new territory" with unfamiliar powers (except for Teleport -- and it rocks).

2.) If there were more variety at those lower levels, that would be great, but I'm just as glad to skip taking the same missions for the umpteenth time. I'm not playing this to get every single badge. I'm a scattershot player, and I admit it; I like playing a different powerset every night, or sometimes two or three in a day.

3.) It provides a good -- not perfect, but good -- means to get a character up to a level to play along with a friend of mine without making him exemplar down and go through the same old missions again.

4.) Perhaps most importantly, it's given us all a break from having to hear quite as many people going on broadcast to ask "Can NE1 pl me, plzzzz?"

There's more than one way to play and enjoy the game. They're spending the same money every month as we are...
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I've figured it out!

Okay. It struck me at about four in the morning, so it may have just been sleep dep, but...

I know when the Winter Event will end.

If Statesman sees his shadow on Wednesday, there will be six more weeks of Winter Lords.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

More about issue 4

Paragon City-- Breaking news erupted in the City of Heroes universe today as the mighty champion Statesman (aka Jack Emmert, lead designer and co-founder of Cryptic Studios) made a startling announcement: Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat is coming this spring.

In the free downloadable update "Issue #4: The Arena", the city's heroes will be able to test their abilities against one another in specially built stadiums (seen currently under construction in "Issue #3"). Combatants will be able to face off against mano-a-mano or in super-teams of up to eight heroes. Battle zones will be instanced for the participants, and will be set up to replicate familiar environments such as city ruins and Atlas Park. A security level of 14 will be required for admittance.

Another astonishing revelation: The arena will also house themed conflicts that incorporate mission objectives and even bestow temporary powers onto those bold enough to enter.

Even the most seemingly mundane powers will be useful in PvP battle. For example, Statesman tells us that "taunting" another hero will force them to attack you... even against their will. Likewise, an opponent who becomes "confused" by a Controller-class hero will be unable to tell friend from foe.

The "Issue #4" update will also introduce amazing "body scaling" technology to Paragon City's protectors, allowing them to tweak the size of waists, arms, and cheekbones... among other body parts. And direct from NCsoft's arists in Korea comes new costume-design elements inspired by anime and manga.

But what about the rumored crafting and skill system? "I was so terrified that we'd produce something that wouldn't be right," says Statesman about the delay. "We designed a whole system and it just didn't cut the mustard. So it's my fault."

In happier news, Statesman is gazing towards City of Heroes' first anniversary this April. Though details are shrouded in secrecy, Paragon City's first superhero promises a huge celebration and special events to mark the occasion. --"Snapper" Chuck Osborn

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If anyone is appalled that I am a Lv 32 blaster hunting WLs in the low-level zones, I'm not surprised. I am appalled at the Levels 40 to 50 I run into doing the same. However, after I get over the initial thought of, "That Lv 48 is stealing our XP!" I just view him as fierce competition and I still have a ball.

But I do have my rules:

~ It has to be in the AM (like 12am - 3am CST);

~ I am on a team with at least one low-level hero (unless I'm running between missions and encounter a Lv 15 WL in Steel Canyon all by it's lonesome - then I will get cocky, try to solo it, and die);

~ and I will not jump in on a WL that is just about to go down. He has to have more than half his life for me to start on him.

See? I'm not so bad, eh? I just want to quickly get rid of my debt w/o having to exemp, or help out my fellow SG mates level a few alts, or help my real life friends level some alts, or just get swept up in the frenzy.

If you're on Triumph, would like to level an alt or whatever, and the Winter Lords are still happening tonight, give Deviatrix a shout. She would loooOOoove to hunt with you. The code word is: magnolia ;)
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Exemplaring and Out-leveled contacts

So, say (not so hypothetically) that you are lvl 15, do positron then go for the WL badges and end up lvl 19, thus outleveling some contacts. Also, say this toon is your main character and you're fairly new to the game, so you want to experience all of the content - can you clear (by clear I mean finish and not start new ones) your current missions, get exemplared to a lvl 15, and get your old contacts to give you the missions you missed?
Serena Chow

Ask Statesman & L10-14 Contact Stores

Well, the new Ask Statesman is out. Plenty of answers that raise as many questions as they answer (a couple more Epic Archetype names revealed, for instance), but particularly notable is his response to the L10-14 non-power-ten DO contact store issue:
10. Why were non-power-10 DOs suddenly removed from L10-14 contact stores?

That’s a bug – sorry! We’ve fixed it and that should be going live shortly.
On the one hand, it's nice to finally get the answer we were looking for, even if it did take a couple of weeks. On the other hand...what was with Vyv's "it's working as intended" answer in the first place?
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(Justice Server) Special Event: Doug The Troll has PANTS!

Doug am back! You am miss Doug? Aww, Doug am thought so!

Oh. You am not know who am Doug? You am find out HERE!

Ooh! Doug am have great news! Doug am STRONGER! Doug smash many snowy thingys! Doug so strong, Doug celebrate!

Doug am buy pants.

Doug am finally take off stinky wrestling tights for first time in months! See, Doug am no find good size clothes for Doug when Doug am made Troll. So Doug am steal tights from big wrestler man!

But now! Nice ICON man make me smashy-smash some stinky ninja men for pants! Doug am so happy!

Doug am celebrate! You am all come see Doug get pants!


Out of character: So yeah, I've been having fun leveling up Doug on the Justice server via those nice Winter Lords. Finally hit level 20 a few days ago. And tonight, I want everyone to come see Doug get pants. Technically, I've already done the secondary costume mission and changed the costume. But Doug has yet to step out of the ICON shop for the first time. I'd love to roleplay this and have lots of people there to say hello to Doug.

I'm thinking around 8 PM Atlantic Time. Not sure what that is for everyone else, but that's about three and a half hours as of this writing.

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The current discussion about new players has gotten me thinking...so I started a new SG on Virtue called "Paragon city Adepts" for people who have been playing for 4 months or more or exhibiting skill within the game. I'll probably be logged in for at least the next 2 hours. I'll give any experienced players interested the highest rank today. I really want to get this underway and help guarantee the ability to play with competant players. The colors are white and blue...if anybody wants to start this up on another server. I'll be playing Dryad.

High lvl heroes in low lvl zones

For those who wondered...

High lvl heroes are hunting WLs in low level zones for a multitude of reasons.

I'm a lvl 32, and I've been hunting them in Kings Row. I do this for two main reasons:

1. It's hard to find any WLs in zones closer to my level. They just seem to spawn less often in higher level zones.

2. When I do manage to find one, I'm the only hero there. I can't solo a winterlord (no one should be able to) and since they spawn so rarely, there are no high level WL hunting parties in the zone. They've all gone to lower level zones.

I've hunted WLs in IP a few times, but honestly, they just spawn far more often in Kings Row than in IP or Bricks. So that's where I go. I make sure to go back and forth between the different spawn points. I never kill more than about five in a row before I move back. But I sympathize with high lvl heroes who have run out of missions and cant find anyone to hunt with in high lvl zones.
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Is ice/energy a good combo for a blaster who wants to be a mini-controller? Especially since Energy as a secondary gives you Power Boost which greatly enhances powers that mez, Total Focus which is the most powerful disorient power in the game (or so I've read on many angry controller rants about how */energy blasters' Total Focus can disorient bosses in a single hit since it's a MAG 4 power), and Conserve Power which is a great power no matter what kind of blaster you are?
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