February 1st, 2005

Hob Auf!

Today on Live:

Additions to City of Heroes 02/1/2005

The Winter Lord's plans have been foiled by the stalwart heroes of Paragon City. With mindless loyalty, however, his minions struck one final blow to the City of Heroes. By giving up their spark of life and giving up their solid forms, the servants of the Winter Lord allowed him to freeze over the lakes and large bodies of water throughout the city. The magical nature of this deep freeze prevents them from thawing, although mystics from MAGI are hopeful the effects will recede around the time of the Spring Equinox.
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First post...and a question

Hi all I have been lurking for some time and I finally have a question for you all.

My main toon is "Grumble Butt" on Guardian. He is a level 26 tech defender.

Now for the question. If you have say 4 slots in a power and two of the slots have level 25 damage SO in them. If you combine them and make a level 25+ damage SO with them. Did you just gimp yourself and make it basically a level 26 SO or is it still just as powerful and now you have an open slot to play with?

Also a note to any and all DEVs out there who might be "listening" I think it would be VERY nice if there was another way to get rid of debt! LOL Say something along the lines of a "bank" where you could go and use influence to get rid of debt. At even ,oh lets say, a five to one ratio (five influence to one debt), it would give us "not the best players in the world"s a chance to get rid of debt and not have to be at level 23 or 24 for months on end! :( That and it would then make influence worth so much more.
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Thoughts on Epic Archetypes

I believe that there is an expectation that when one works their butt off to get a toon to level 50 in order to open up an Epic Archetype that it will be better, more useful, than the others. I think that this is also why many are disappointed now that they have their Kheldians. In my opinion, if it were offered as a normal additional AT, not as many people would be disappointed.

However, the devs want to keep game balance so while Kheldians are versatile, they cannot be too powerful because of the ever present concern of game balance. And the reason for it being Epic is that they don't want it to become City of Kheldians, but rather to have a slower build of the new AT in Paragon City: Which fits in with the storyline as well, though I'm surprised I haven't seen any crossover storylines where the Science or Mutation AT's are interested in the Kheldians, for example.

However, I am heartened to see that there are other epic AT's in the works. Just means my choices will be greater when I do get Onyx Faechilde up to Lvl 50. :)


More villain takeovers!

That's right, folks! The Council is just the beginning. Check this exclusive list for further villain group takeovers.

The Hellions are run off their turf never to be seen again. Was it the Skulls? No! Enter the mysterious Heckians. Their fire doesn't quite burn as much, and instead of pentagrams, you just get heavy metal posters in their hideouts. Expect the Heckians to come to full force when CoH: Wrath of the Fundies comes out.

The Skulls? Okay. There's still the Skulls. But in an effort to avoid a misunderstanding, they've changed their name to The Skulls... but not like... Human Skulls. Police man-hours in Kings Row plummet.

The Lost are still the Lost. Nobody cares about the homeless.

The Sky Raiders, tired of being maligned as nothing more than glorified mercenaries and pirates take superheroes and the Paragon Times to court. The settlement demands that from now on, they be referred to as The Sky Raiders... Not that there's anything wrong with that.

In a goodwill effort toward all other Italian-Americans, the Family has disbanded. All Italian men with tommyguns are now just random, unaffiliated Italian-Americans whose cultural contributions are too numerous to mention. Heroes will not be allowed to attack them.

The Nemesis Army suffered a hostile takeover from the AARP.

Hippies took back the environmental movement, expelling the Devouring Earth. Now, you have to rescue lawyers and plutocratic industrialists from nonviolent peaceniks with signs. Fortunately, a character model with tie-dye is already made, so you'll see the Hippie invasion by next issue.
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(no subject)

My main is a level 41 regen scrapper. He has over 1200 HP.

I was fighting a level 43 Knives of Artemis boss. It was a pretty easy fight. I had on instant healing and integration, meaning I regenerated all the damage she did to me right away.

Somehow, I got one-shotted with an attack that did 870 damage while I was at full health. Wtf?

Anyways, here are some screenshots. Including some of the new Tsoo dressing for Warehouse levels.

Collapse )

Also, I don't know if anyone here plays RPGs (the real thing, I mean, not pansy-ass video games), but if you do I'd reccomend trying out Mutants & Masterminds. Here are stats for one of my alts, Pyrita.

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Something is fishy in Perez Park... (now with working images!)

While skating around, we noticed that apparently the heroes of Paragon City are not alone in their love of the ice...

Collapse )

Also, a fun new way to use the ice, per Mr. Stopheles (aka xany): Corpse Curling!

Have a friend stand on the ice as the "goal" and pull a mob on the ice. Then kill arrest 'em, and see how far their corpse knocked-out body slides. The closest corpse mob to the friend "goal" wins. :)

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Super Heroes at the Super Bowl

So, what are the residents of Paragon City, RI doing to celebrate the Big Game? Any planned costume changes or odd demonstrations under Atlas or any such thing to support the 'home team'?

(Can you tell I don't really have a real stake in the game this year?)
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Respec TF = Fun times!

I got up kinda early (8:30 am is early for me), did the wakey stuff, then hopped on to CoH. I was pleased as jam to see the frozen water announcement. Tres cool. But that's not the best part of the morning.

The best part about the morning was the Respec TF. Collapse )

Other ICE heroes

My main, White Sapphire, is currently a lvl 32 Ice/Ice blaster. Once she finally hits lvl 50 I have a few options. I have an Elec/Elec blaster somewhere in the vicinity of lvl 12, but I really want her to be a villain. So I will probably reroll her when CoV comes out. Besides... I really like Ice.

So I'm thinking Ice/Ice Tank, or perhaps Ice/something else controller. So I have a couple of questions. (I tried searching the community, but the search feature sucks eggs.)

As an Ice/Ice tank, what powers do you consider MUST HAVEs, and which ones are preferably avoided?

What secondary power set would you advise for an Ice controller? I'm thinking empathy or force field, just because those seem to be the most desirable defender types, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help!

Coming soon: tray treis!

The dev poz has spoken!
In a future issue/patch to be named later, you will be able to open the to show three rows of powers. This has been oft-requested by the people who use tray macros as well as shape-shifting folks.

Today, the number-keys execute powers in the main tray. Left alt+number executes powers in the second tray. We'd like to provide the same kind of thing for the third tray.

Regrettably, we have already bound the shift+number and ctrl+number keys to other things. A brief in-house survey showed that almost no one used these keystrokes. (Also, our system does not support multiple shift keys; we cannot bind lshift+lctrl+5, for example.)

In today's binds, the shift+number keys select your teammates. The ctrl+number keys makes the main tray hop to the given tray number. Of these two, we think the ctrl+number combination is less used and is less generally useful-- especially if we provide a third tray.

So, we are considering a change to the default bindings to use left control for the third tray, if few of you are using these binds today. The lctrl+number keys would work on the third tray like the lalt+number keys work on the second tray. Making this change this will remove the tray-switching keystrokes (except for the = and - keys which will still rotate through the trays).

Of course, the slash commands for changing the tray will still exist. You will be able to bind them yourself. In addition, we will add a keybind profile which works just like it does now.

(Further, to promote use of the teammate keystrokes, we are planning on putting small numbers (like the ones in the tray) next to your teammates' icons in the team window.)

What do you think about this change to the default binds?
I, for one, think it's the best idea they've had since they added 10 more levels on to the game. Particularly the bit about adding little numbers to team member names. No more guessing what number someone is when I need to heal or buff him!
EDIT: Rather than make another short post to say this, I also want to mention something that poz said in another post tonight: One memory leak has been fixed, but there are still some more hiding in the woodwork.
In addition [to SuperMartin fixing a significant leak], I found a leak which is most evident when you enter/exit the enhancement management screen or get Info on players and villains a lot. This leak was not very large, but it would add up. This leak has also been plugged in interal builds and will be rolled out after approved.
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You just wait for the half-time show...

Really, it only took a few minutes of ice skating to feel the full potential just waiting to burst free.

Picture it:

Villain Hockey

Played on Platinum Lake in Steel Canyon (most evenly rectangular and sizeable frozen body), Villain Hockey is an exciting new team sport for superheroes of all origins. The objective is to score points by sliding the puck (active villain) into your opponent's shore while defending your own.

Shots are set up much like volleyball, with scrappers and tankers challenging, provoking, and taunting the puck into position, and blasters spiking the puck down the ice towards the goal line. Controllers are the main defensive line, attempting to immobilize the puck before it reaches the shore.

Now I need some help here...how do defenders fit into the game? How do we keep a steady supply of pucks on the ice and, more importantly, how do we keep them alive long enough to score points?

This could be bigger than Jazzercise.
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Strange thing...

Okay so for the past few days I have been working on a story arch. Ubleman and the Council one for those that know and to keep it a mystery to those that don't.

So the Council has a soldier that is called a Galaxy. Well tonight I was soloing my way through the last few missons and something strange happened. I saw a Galaxy come "skating" across to me. Ever since I have started this arch they have always walked or ran across the screen or to me.

No I didn't get a screen shot. I wish I would have, but when it happened he came skating his little happy butt my way and then jumped up to the level above me. When I backed off to try and get one he aggroed to me and well .. I had to deal with him.

This could have been a glitch. This whole arch has had more than it's fair share. I love the one were the enemy is standing in front of you and then moves sideways to another place off the map. That was fun.. really fun.

So keep your eyes out.. I told a friend about it and both agreed it really seemed plausable that with the ice, skates would almost be natural to have. Anyone else see anything like this? Or do Galaxies skate from time to time?
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