February 2nd, 2005

From the Begining.. This time with Feeling!

Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm a Noob. however, I have decided to study early as to become a proficient Hero. My issue is this.. (Cue inspirational music)

"Through trials untold, and hardships un-numbered, I fought my way through the labyrinth called a new video card, thanks to another Hero who carted me to the Temple of BestBuyus. I defeated the Trial of the Waiting and the Trial of Letting Go of Two Hundred Dollars.

I have been faced with what might be my final Trial. How do I activate the free month? I have created a PlayNC account, and have subscribed using the Glimmering Twenty-Digit Key of DabakofdaCD. It is currently the middle of the night, and I do not possess a credit card. Can I even get on until tomorrow? I have an overwhelming need to save a city. And my hometown is quiet.. too quiet.

Assistance from other Heroes would be appreciated :)
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Frozen Pyro(Triumph), Frozen Pyro(Exalted)

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Heh, just finished up playing as "Face o Darkness" on Virtue. Teamed up with "Cutie 3.14159"... I love it! *geek squee*

Thanks again to Taxibot Alpha for the heal. I haven't had to use you guys often, but you are very helpful when I need you.
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Striga is teh r0x0rz.

So I ran a few missions in Striga tonight for the first time, since I finally have alts at the proper levels to hunt there without having to exemplar down.

One mission involved shutting down a Dark Vampyri factory of sorts. Even though it was still set in a standard Council cave setting, there were still little things that made it different. For one, you went down to get anywhere, jumping down ventilator shafts to get to the levels below. For another, there were these babies, which is what we were there to destroy:

Collapse )

All in all, a neat experience. :)
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You don't need to be psychic

After a few days off from the game, I logged into Guardian last night to hit the ice.

The first broadcast topic was from people speculating what the ice was for and if there was a way to get XP from it. People going through WL withdrawls clung tightly to the belief that it was the opening stage of another chaotic monster event from the devs.

The second broadcast topic was from a young chap with a DBZ-derived nickname. He was somewhat incredulous, demanding to know how we were expected to get XP now and complaining about the low payout from missions. I would have put a pixelated gun in my polygon mouth if he wasn't soundly mocked by the real superheroes in the area.

I super-sped myself to a less populated zone where people wore tights because they were serious about what they were doing.

Historical Revisionism

So, I passed through Atlas the other day for the first time in forever, and decided I'd do a little historical badge hunting. I checked out the plaque under the statue of Atlas, and it now says he died in the 1950's, defending the city from an attack by the Council. Quite an achievement, considering it used to say he died in the 1940's, defending the city from the Fifth Column.

WTF? I'm aware for the reasons behind the defeat of the Fifth Column, but they're being erased from history now? What's the point? Surely it's not illegal to mention Nazi's in Germany. Heck, the word Nazi barely turned up in the descriptions of the Fifth Column. They're still mentioned in the increasingly inaccurate "official timeline" of Paragon on the CoH website, but this general mucking around with history just seems weird, especially when they made such a big song and dance about the war between the Council and the Fifth Column.

I guess I dislike the inconsistency. If they'd wanted to simply wipe out the Fifth Column, there are better ways they could have done it, perhaps by the introduction of a time travelling villain or hero who deletes the FC and inadvertantly gives rise to an even bigger threat as the forces of destiny try to correct the alteration. This half-assed buggering around with the background just annoys me, and it interferes with the illusion of the game.

IMHO, when it comes to changing the background, do it right, or don't do it at all.
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Smashy, Smashy..

After a night of trying to figure out what alts to go with, I believe the next tanking route I'll be taking is Stone/Stone. Having played an Inv/SS Tanker, the only Tanker I ever made, I have no idea what the good and bad powers are in this powerset.

Has anyone played Stone/Stone and could offer me some tips on powers? What to take, what to avoid, what Power Pools to get... etc. etc.

Any and all suggestions would be awesome. :P
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Inspired by this post.

How are you supposed to know if you're going to be ambushed? My main is level 28 now, and I can only recall two times that I've been ambushed. My fear is that at some point in my travels I simply left them behind using Super Jump without ever knowing they were around in the first place. I've certainly complained bitterly about being dropped by another heroes ambush in the past. so I'd hate to think I've done it to someone else. Is there any sure way of knowing, or should you just stand around with your finger up your nose for 10 minutes after you leave every door or call every contact?
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SG Question

Just a question I have ...

I started a Super Group and got a bunch of friends to join from my last SG, but as far as outside recruitment, there really is not much of any. Either no one responds or they turn down the offer when it is given to them.

I don't want to start yelling on Broadcast or Request in AP that there is a new SG. You just never know what kind of jerks you're getting involved with. So, how should I go about it then? Exemp in lower areas and ask those without SG that seem worthy if they would like to join? What are other ways about getting people to join?

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Man, all it takes is a mid-day cruise over Skyway with your force field running and a nice very light fog settling in to make you realize just how crazy good City of Heroes looks sometimes. I must be a couple hundred yards above the ground and my sight distance is STILL a few miles and then grey. :3