February 3rd, 2005

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with the next issue bringing PVP to COH, i thought id do a bit of recruiting

my SG, the Ghostbears are looking for mature players on Pinnacle, a decent understanding of COH is required but mainly we want to compete and have fun we ask that you are on regularly, a couple of times a week.

We just like to have fun and play the game, we want to compete in team PvP and even PvP once COV comes out

you can comment here or send me a tell, Iron Reaver

or send my co leader TeslaMan a tell

we allow 1 main and 2 alts and are hoping to build a well rounded SG

IR Out

Hypothetical PvP

Hypothetical PvP team tactics.


Even Levels.
5 Person team with 1 of each of the base 5 archetypes.
You know which archetypes your foes are.

What is your perfect attack plan?

First concept.

Scrapper - Charge and kill blaster then targets in order - Defender, Controller, Scrapper, Tank

Tank - Charge and kill controller then Tank

Controller - AoE Hold group then Single target hold scrapper.

Blaster - AoE blast then single tarket kill scrapper then targets in order - Blaster, Defender, Controller, Tank

Defender - Do defender stuff.

Comments? I may be way off, but it's a discussion problem. And I know that some of it is going to depend on power sets, but this is just based on the archetypes, not your perfect team.