February 4th, 2005


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I'm about to leave for Vegas until Monday. I'm sure I'll have a great time. But... i can't stop thinkin about how much i'll miss playin CoH... it's only a few days but it seems forever away. damn addictions.

couple o things

It would be really cool if when someone invited you to team, there was a button on the pop-up that would bring up the player's info. At least lvl and AT. I have a theory that the best players are the ones who have a non-stupid name and some kind of origin story. Anybody know if there's a slash command that calls up another player's info screen? (so you don't have to chase them down and click)

Overheard today:
"How do I get to King's Row" (while standing in front of AP monorail)
"lvl 19 blaster LFT" (also in AP. No takers there.)

and my favorite, paraphrased:
"where's dave?"
"LT dave"
"LT dave the contact"
--"You mean Lt. David Wincott?"
"yeah. where is he?"
--"Founder's Falls"

I should point out that many experienced players are giving out lots of help to newbies. As it should be.

I've created a new alt on Champion. I'd love to team up or join a SG of serious or semi-serious players.

Lvl 7 Ice/Storm Controller

R_M's Comprehensive Rapid XP Gain/Debt Loss Guide v3.0 Now Posted

Well, I have just approximately doubled the length of my Comprehensive Rapid XP Gain/Debt Loss Guide. It is now long enough, in fact, that I had to post it in two parts. I've added even more useful information, though of course I'm always looking for ways to make it better. Rather than simply a how-to aimed at gaining XP, it's now more of an overall FAQ answering questions about what powerlevelling is, why you might or might not want to do it, how to do it, and how not to do it.

Take a look at the latest version and see what you think.

Whew...am I ever exhausted. :)
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For all tanksers or people who have tinkered with them or studied them..

What are the MUST have powers if your tanker is a invul/stone tanker?

to get a good balance of offense and defense, if that is even feasible