February 5th, 2005

Zombies Hate Fast Food

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Since this seems to be the place to go for advice, here I am. The abilities of a stone tanker captivates my interest, but I have no clue on what defenses I should take, what transport power is best suited for them, and what secondary powerset best compliments stone armor. Any advice is appreciated!
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I'd really like a good SG...

I used to team all the time. Thats what made the game fun. I dont have a team anymore, both my attempts at SGs have since faded away.

I'm looking for an SG on Protector. One that doesn't REQUIRE me to be on at certain times, but likes to do fun things with you when you're on. One that goes on missions together, but also one that will let someone solo if they want to. So basically, a casual SG. Been in the Army, not looking for someone who thinks they're my Captain so they can breath down my neck.

Also looking for "mature" players. I dont think I've seen many l337 h4x0rz in this community, so I doubt that will be an issue. Looking for people who, unlike my last SG, won't be whining "OMG TEH NERF!" Every time the Devs come out with a fix.

I think being on Protector is my biggest "pitfall" - it's not a popular server. Then again, we get less lag. Haha!
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So does anyone have the same issue with the office building environment bug that makes enemies disappear?

Almost everytime I get this environment it happens. Yes I file a bug report and petition. This is just getting really annoying and I need to vent.

Atleast I got lvl 30 tonight/morning and now have my aura that makes it look like I'm polluting the air when I walk or fly.
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Is anyone else as excited about the upcoming global chat feature as I am? I can't wait! I play so many different characters, being able to be found by one name (and to be able to find other people) is gonna rock. Plus, it'll free me from "server-lock," which is a coin I just termed. Wait, strike that, reverse it. It's the feeling that you must stick to one server primarily. Iv'e got all 8 slots on Justice filled with characters that I really like, and multiple alts on other servers I also like but never play. I think this'll go a long way in alleviating that.

I do wish, however, that they'd just make an integrated IRC client, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel... Then you could chat out of game, have bots to run your clan channel, etc etc.
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We need a "get a clue" inspiration

This is the conversation my Lvl 23 natural scrapper, Jezebella, had in Atlas Park just a few minutes ago with a Lvl 3 mutation controller. Names have been altered to protect the ignorant.

Clueless Noob: how do I change my look?

Jezebella: You have to be lvl 20. Then you can do a mish for a second costume.

CN: where do I go?

J: Icon in Steel Canyon.

CN: can u take me there?

J: You have to be lvl 20 first.

CN: plz? take me there

J: Um... you're lvl 3. You'll be one-shotted in Steel and kissing pavement in about 10 seconds.

CN: u r not a very nice lady

J: (long pause) Okay. Follow me then. Hope you can keep up.

At which point... Jezebella kicked on superspeed and raced to the Yellow Line. And I'm betting her little fanboy is still wondering where she went.

I'm so mean... but then again, my SG is called the Wicked Women.

- Patrick
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