February 6th, 2005

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Hey, has anyone tried playing a defender as a blaster?

I know you obviously wouldn't ever be as good as a real blaster, but how bad would it really be? Seems like everyone's always complaining about psychic damage, maybe it's bad for the mobs, too. Could explain why the devs don't let blasters play psychic (or dark).
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[Virtue] Old SG curious for new members...

I am leader of an old Super Group called Kitties on the Prowl. Handed down paw from paw till it has come to me. We are in part partnered with a Super Group also called Kitties Reborn as part of a (hopefully) growing kitty alliance. Our Super Group site and community is kittiessgs, and you are all welcome to have a glance at it. It is still new and a work in progress. I hope to build it up a little more in time. Advice is always welcome.

As the super group name may imply... we are a cat themed SG, but that doesn't mean there are only cats in the SG. We have a few protectors and defenders of cats as well. Yet the overall theme we are shooting for is a feline one, or some feline base. (For example, we have a human mage who specializes in Cat related magics, and researches Egyptian cat goddess Bast and related mystical knowlegde as well.)

I was hoping to find a few new members for my Super Group. A fair warning, however. We are a very laid back group, and thou we don't mind RP and try to encourage it... it is not strictly enforced. In other words, you will not get the boot for a lack of RP. We do want very interactive members though, and the desire to group for various reasons would be greatly appreciated in a way to build community within our SG. I will have to say now that it is a bit lacking, and I hope a few new members may help to shake that up a bit.

If you are on the Virtue server, and would like to make a cat themed character... or have one already... then please let me know of your interest by leaving a post in the SuperGroup LJ community kittiessgs. As the SG community is new... it isn't heavily used yet. I hope to change this however, but it will take time. Help in doing this would be appreciated.

Anyways... I thank the COH community for your time and patience with this post, and I hope a few people may be interested to play out a feline side to their nature.

See you all in the game!

x Kimura Hanasaki... Leader of Kitties on the prowl.
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something different...

I spent 6 hours yesterday just making new chars.

My wife is out of town and I think my sg isn't to fond of me dual boxing her to a mission and leaving her at the entrance for xp.

So.. I tried:




Got each one to about 10 before deleting and starting over.

I'd love to do the psychic thing but I'll be damned they miss so much. The Dark/psychic thing was loooooong but easy and safe. I've got a WL'd Dark/Dark defender and @ level 18 not very fond of it. The damage is so so and the controls are so so.

End result... anyone have idea... do these get better over time and not that great at the lower levels?
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So all my "Expeirenced" friends who are really into knowing every little detail about powers and such and they are hardcore players say that the rad/psi defender there will be no defense agasint them in arena. Is this true? I am asking the people in here who know their stuff or can I call bullshit on this to them? heh
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What part of "Defeat All Sky Raiders in Base" do you not understand?

Just got done doing a mission. The goal, as stated above, was to defeat all the Sky Raiders. That's what it said.

Now, I didn't build CaptainTemerity to have him be a solo character. He's meant for support. I knew, going in, that soloing was going to blow. Plus, a timed mission. To defeat all enemies. Where they were mostly all yellow, grouped three at a time. And they could put up force fields. And teleport.

Who the hell gave me this mission?

I'm a Kinetics/Psychic Blast Defender. Not a powerhouse, and my attacks are slow at best (the one semi-powerfull one has a massive interupt). But I busted my little spandexed butt trying to defeat (and, in a lot of cases, chase down) all the errant Raiders.

And then I see a glowy. I think, okay, cool. Some bonus XP. Nice touch, I'll take that, thanks.

A couple rooms later, another one. Mind you, I've been killing everything... slowly. Excruciatingly so. Somehow managing not to die, but it's been close. And I've got fifteen minutes left.

Finally hit the last room. And it's big. And there's... nine guys? Ten? Something of a boss (a robot). Oh, and a third glowy by the door. I figure, if I'm gonna' run out of time in this mess, I should at least get the last free XP (they've been 350 each. Nothing to write home about, but I'm a greedy little cuss).

I finish examining it and... Lo', I've completed the mission?!? The hell???

About five guys left to kill, and I suddenly realize (not because anyone put it this way AHEAD OF TIME, mind you) that I do not, in fact, have to arrest all these guys. I could've been done a half hour earlier, at least.

Could someone please notify the Devs that, though foolish as it might be, some of us take them at their word. I mean, dammit, I had to urinate something fierce, too.
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