February 7th, 2005


Defender Epic pools

Ok so my Storm/Elec defender finally reached level 41. Now I have to decide on an Epic pool. Electricity Mastery seemed like the natural thing to take, but then I looked at Power Mastery. Conserve Power almost seems too good to pass up. Storm summoning tends to be endurance needy and Conserve Power would help, but it doesn't feel right concept wise. I know it sounds silly but I find it hard to picture my character without more electricity. I guess my question is, who has tried both or at least electricity? Would I be totally gimping myself taking Electricity? I group with a controller that has Empathy a lot so I would say that 70% of the time I have RA or AB on me. But when I don't have those would I be able to run the Charged Armor and still use my normal storm powers (Steamy mist, Snow storm, hurricane, etc.)? Thanks for any help.

The Protectors SG
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Super Reflexes

What is the best way to slot Super Reflexes? I would imagine stacking Defense Buffs, but I've read somewhere that once you put three in, anything more is a waste. Any suggestions?
This is me Not Giving a Shit.

Is this the end of the Lad who is Free?

Haven't posted here forever.

Sliding on ice was fun last night... have to say that's a nice touch...

Last night was possibly my last visit to Paragon. My other half's and my paychecks were so small that we can't even afford food to eat and Friday I jsut found out I have hiv.

It's just time to focus more on "real life."


So to go out with a bang I held a costume contest under Atlas... Man! Those things are hard to do! It's really tough picking...

I decided since I had over 950K Inf to do 3 prizes of 300K each for Male, Female and Huge.

The only Huge person to show for the costume was also this lowby who'd been begging for Inf so I just went ahead and gave him the prize by default...

The Male was pretty awesome, al silvery with Gladiator shoulders and glowing eyes and that scarf lookin thing covering the lower part of his face...

The female part though was toughest... there were so many awesome female toons on last night! In fact I was on the verge of calling a tie when suddenly this angel appeared out of nowhere whose toon was coloured so that she was a rainbow... and not done in a cheesy way... the colours actually meshed together nicely so it was like a seamless colour chart...

She was Quite pleased with her reward...

And since I had a lil over 50K left I gave it to this other female who was like "What's this for? I didn't win..."

I just told her "Hey. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a Big Girl in a lil skirt who ain't afraid to show what she's got and say Fuck You if you don't like it!" LOL

Cos honestly... what's with all the people setting the body scale on their female toons all the way to the most anorexic level?

Anyway, time will tell if the Free Men survive or not...

But only time will tell.
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You know what would be kind of cool? A level 50 mission versus an army of level 50 Contaminated(remember them?), with a huge Tetsuo-like boss at the end pumping out all kinds of monstrosities. :B

Hello one and all.

Just a friendly post from a fellow City of Heroes player and team leader. Consider this my members wanted add and general "Hi" anouncement.

My team is The Difference. Located at: thedifferencehq Located on Pinnacle Server.

We are a light RP, strong teamwork, generaly nice group of players. Core leadership is from the Florida/Georgia area so expect EST game playing.

Otherwise, just wanted to drop a line and start with the chatting.

Oh, I keep a personal log of character events at brandx01.



Well, THAT was interesting. I was making an alt just for the heck of it. A Blaster with flame powers. I had JUST brought her to 2nd level. I head to Atlas city hall to talk to my favorite mystic lady, and I'm drafted into a costume contest. And amazingly enough, I won 99,000 Influence. What a great way to begin a toon! I get a giggle out of the 'costume'. I had NO costume. Just golden hue over all the tights, skin and hair. Her history is "She was a young heroine who was recovering a golden golem which was going to be used by the Circle of Thorns as a weapon. Well, the TF to recover the golem/weapon was succesful, but cost the young heroine her life. A hastily cast ritual recovered her soul and placed it IN the golem." Hence 'Goldenchild' was born, if that's what you want to call it. :) In character, she HATES being a golden statue.. and ANYONE who calls her 'Oscar' gets a mystically-powereed hotfoot.

Thanks to the heroes of Liberty server. Goldenchild is accelerating pretty well. A new toon which dosen't have to worry abut money is fun. I am kinda new to the game, and most definitely have been hooked.
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