February 8th, 2005


helloooo coh

well ive yet to make a post here in the coh journal so heres a lil intro of myself
-i play on the protector server
-im in a sg ran by myself and a good friend called Instant Death Squad.
-were always lookin for new people.
-my main toon is ZeroCharge he is an Elec/Elec blaster and currently lvl 41
-i also play as Inkindle when i can he has a Fire/Rad controller lvl 24
-feel free to look me up in game
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My blaster just recently went through the Ernesto Hess Taskforce. I took some screenshots while going through it, and I thought the following one was a good one. In fact, so good that it's my desktop wallpaper. So, just for some of you who haven't done it yet, and want to see it, then here it is:

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PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Tank advice

Invul/Stone tanker needing some enchancement help and or do I have the right powers advice. Ever since issue 3 something is not quite right...I'm level 42 and will be doing my FINAL respec soon and obviously dont want to screw it up.

Are my choice of power pools ok? And what about epic pools? And is there anything I should drop or add?

Ok my build is:

RPD -5 slots improved resist
Temp invul- 5 improved resist
Dull pain-3amp heal 1 red recharge
Unyeilding - 5 improved resist 1 red recharge
Invinc- 4 defence ex
tough hide - 2 def ex
Unstop 5 recharge

stone fist 1 improve dam
stonemallet 4 improve dam
heavy mallet 5 improve 1 red end
seismic smash 6 damage

build up- 2 acc ens 1 red recharge

taunt-1 taunt

brawl - 1 damage
sprint- 1 run
rest- 1 recharge
hover-1 flight
fly 1 flight
hurdle-1 jump
health 2 amp health
stamina 6 rec acc

hasten 6 red rech

speed 1 run

conserve energy 2 recharge

Loads of screenshots!

Well, a few days ago, I decided to help out a level 45 tanker buddy of mine with his Praetorian AV badge (and net myself Statesmans Pal), so I dusted off the level 50 and started off the arc. We went through the first few AVs with just myself (Ene/ene Blaster) and him (fire/ene tank), but enlisted a few others as we ran into Malaise and some of the other psychic nasties. We made it to Tyrant after about two and a half hours, and come to find out that, like other ends of story arcs, theyve given his lair a snazzy new makeover!

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While going through my Screenshot folder I also found one of the Kronos Titan, which we took down about two weeks ago. Good times :D

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And finally, I must say that I love the changes they have made to the final missions in ever story arc. These are from the last mission of the Freaklympics, which I finished up on my scrapper yesterday.

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(no subject)

I've sent an email to support, but while I wait to hear from them I thought maybe you guys could help. I can't open the game. I logged in this morning, I got a couple of odd messages about there not being enough disk space (which is stupid because COH is damn near the only thing on this computer and there's over 67GB of free space on my C drive), I was still able to open the game, and play without any problem. I logged out, left the computer on, and when I returned shortly after the COH icon was replaced with the icon of Windows not recognizing the program. When I click on it, it opens the dialog box saying cannot open CohUpdater.old and prompts me to select a program from a list or the web. When I tried to open the training room it says the file it refers to is unavailable. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

EDIT: Renaming the updater file worked. Thanks you guys are much faster than support, they still haven't emailed me back.
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Caught napping by name scoop

So last night at 7 p.m., CuppaJo announces that the next name scoop for global chat will happen...today at 11 a.m.

I didn't find this out until about 3:45 p.m.; I hadn't read the boards last night.

Why didn't anyone post about this here? I read here this morning, if I'd seen a warning I'd have changed my name right away!

Now I'm going to have to use up my one allowed name change ever to change my name to what it should have been in the first place.

This sucks.
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New AT Terms

Blaster, Scrapper, Tank, Controller, Defender. Yeah yeah yeah.

Blatroller = Ice/Ice blasters, who have just as many control powers as offensive, and therefore play half and half.

Blastfender (Term ganked from eididdy) = A defender who does enough dps to qualify as a blaster.

Anyone have any others?


For anyone who doesn't know, but would be amused, I have a random quote generator on my journal. I grab quotes from every source I can, including this community. I try to tell the person I'm quoting that I'm doing so, but I don't always remember. So, just an FYI, here are the people I've quoted from this community:

I swear [City of Heroes] is just like crack. Well, 'cept for the bad teeth and promiscuous behavior. -Ms Marlamae

Being level 50 means having so many buffs & toggles that you can't see the back of your head. -Teknopathetic

Malta. My character is level 23. There isn't enough purple in all of Crayola-Land to color in his name. -AverageBear

And said psychic hero can't shoot anyone if they are held or mezzed. Or dead, which is my personal favorite. -Zweihander01

You won't be hurting me enough before I put you in a very small hurt locker. -Aufheben

The rest of my quotes can be found in this post if you're interested, though I've added perhaps a half dozen more since that list was compiled. I've actually been collecting these quotes for just over a year now, and I'm pretty proud of my collection. There are other CoH quotes in there (collected in-game) too.