February 9th, 2005

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anyone remember seeing the silver armordillo armored looking council that were helping take out the 5th just before issue 3? me and my girl saw and took down a few of em in IP. they were metaalic in appearance, and when attacked would put up a giant shield that would take all the damage.

neither of us have seen them since in ip or in any council missions.

what were they and what happned to them?

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I had a frustrating night playing COH last night. First thing, Kymera dinged 46 (WOOT!). Second, I was trying to figure out why I was not getting any story arcs. Come to find out that I needed to go back and check with old contacts to see if there was still some outstanding story arcs. Well I was halfway through the "Libary of Souls" story arc. So I finished that off (BORING!).

I then start working some Malta missions. With Malta I am very used to getting some ambushes (2 - 3 white minions), it is almost expected. So I leave a mission in Steel Canyon, and am ambushed by 5 yellow minions and 3 orange Gunslingers! So I died twice, thankfully there was a lvl 40 tank close by that helped me clean up the mess. But in the process 2 - 3 low levels died just because they got too close.

I am not understanding why when I was soloing missions I would get an ambush like that when I would not have even a chance of killing them all by myself. I could of ran, but I am not going to leave my ambush to kill some people who wouldn't have a chance to defend themselves. Has this happened to anyone else before?

Rage 3.0

Update that patched this morning to the live servers:

"Tanker/Super Strength/Rage will now only drain 25% of your Endurance, but will leave you unable to affect other targets (cannot attack) for 10 seconds when the buff wears off. Also, updated short and long help (Rage always gave an ACC bonus, but this was never on the description). "

Before this it drained all endurance.

Before that it made you disorient.

I'm wondering what they'll do next to this power. :( I understand it has to have some penalty, but how severe does it have to be?

I haven't had a chance to play it yet because my server is down but i'm hoping someone here has. If you have, tell me what it's like! Ten seconds can seem like an eternity - but at least we can.. affect ourselves?
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Easy come, easy go... :) (and always more where that came from, been there done that before!)

Well, Good news is that I got my main toon, Onyx Faechilde (Guardian) up to Level 27 last night. Bad news is that I replaced most of those yellow 25 SO's with bright shiny new green 30's. Which means I'm broke, but it also means she'll do a lot more damage now. I guess it all evens out. :)

I may just have to get on this evening with her and see if there's a costume contest. *chuckle* (Yeah, the hubby and I promised each other we'd play them together, so no kills when he's not around - but that doesn't mean I can't hang around Atlas now, does it? *wink*) After all, I want to be able to afford to get her a nifty new outfit when Issue 4 comes out. :) At least at this stage in the game, getting influence isn't like pulling teeth, there's enough from each kill that it does add up.
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Video cards which and why?

Ok COH'ers what video cards do you use and why?

I recently upgraded from my on board 4MX to a Nvidia 5700LE. I'm happier but not happy enough.
I get a constant almost fps of 30. And can go up as much as 59fps in and inside mission staring at a wall.
I don't get lag killed anymore but I want to know if there is a better card in the 100 to 200 dollar range. As in can I get more bang for my buck.
I have an e machine with an Athlon 3000+ running at 2.1 gigs and 1Gig of ram.

EDIT I'm thinking of going up to the 6600 GT. Is it worth the extra 100 bucks.
dance through life by nutmeg610

Best. Taskforce. EVAR.

So my boyfriend and I ran the Striga volcano TF along with an SG mate of ours, and several folks from LJ's own Written Word, and I have to say, this was the most enjoyable TF I've been on.

With everything in a self-contained area, and with the missions running fairly smoothly, we managed to kick this baby out in about two and a half hours, if the times on my screenshots are any indication.

Since this is a screenshot post, and not everyone has run this TF yet, I've placed all of the shots in links, rather than just posting them outright.

If you don't want to know how this TF plays out, DON'T read any further. I mean it. Shoo. Scram. Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.

Spoilers are ahead. You've been warned.

Collapse )

All in all, a very fun, very cool experience. And I wouldn't mind running it again. :)
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Queer Eye for the Superguy!

Thanks to a generous gift of 90,000 influence from some cape under the Atlas, I had the money to design my 2nd suit. so, 40k later, new look... but no cape? Thought I could get them after lvl 20. Then someone clues me in on the Hero1 mission from the City Representitive. I really need to invite a tanker of 2 when I go on these things. But I think as well as I fight, so I did it. I go back and get my DVD edition special! It's cool.

CONFESSION: Yes, I am one of those fools blowing 17 bucks a month to let my toon dance away the session under the Atlas on the virtue server. It's getting rediculous, I know, but the cover charge is less than IRL. Besides in my super form I'm John Travolta! And teleport friend meant I could enable some lvl 1 cuties to visit the PC Dance party. Gee... did I break the law there?

This does lead me to a question: What's the best way to get a frontal picture of your hero? Have someone email their shot of you?

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Since I haven't seen a global chat handle entry yet,

Everyone post their global chat handle here, if you want it to be known!

Mine is @TCGiant, since it's more general than @Argosyne or @Trouble Bubble.

(Moderators: If there IS already a thread, and I missed it, please tell me!)
Zombies Hate Fast Food

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Why are electricity blasters said to be "gimped?" I've been trying to figure this out and even tried looking for answers on the official forums but came up empty-handed. I have never played one, but from looking at their powerset I don't see anything out of the ordinary that makes them any less of a blaster.
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