February 10th, 2005


The Bomb's countdown pauses

And the resumes again! How do I shut down these damn bombs permanently? I have about 20 left on this timed mission and don't know what to do!

Help would be appreciated.

EDITED: Yes, that's what I get for starting a mission at 1:00AM - I finally did go back and read the mission briefing, and it clearly warned me that I would need to bring friends to help disarm the synchronized bombs. I HATE failing missions, especially when in debt.
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I Have The Ham

I was wondering when you get to level 50 with a hero and the Kheldians become available, do you have to make them on the same server as the level 50 character? Normally I wouldn't care, however on the server where I'm going to have my level 50 I've filled up all the other slots with other characters I like.

But do you look good while doing it?

I suppose there has already been many great attempts to convince the devs to let us adjust the colors of our powers?

I dream longingly of a world where my stone tanker's powers manifest in the same slate grey as his rocky skin and not in mud brown, and of my rad defender surfing on a power slide that's the same sickly green as his radiation blasts.


Moonfire Fun

Last night I logged in to Liberty (my home away from home) as my empathy defender Lady Absinthe. I met up with two members of my SG (The Order of the Jade Dragon) V2 [Kinetis/Rad Defender] and Lyghtspeed [NRG/NRG Blaster] and we decided we would try the Moonfire TF. So out go the calls for teammates with dread in my heart, but amazingly the pick-up group was solid and fun to play with. So thanks go out to Father Bob (defender), Kokoryu (Scrapper), Nacht Draconus (Warshade), and Nacth DeathTwiggy (or Twiggydeath - sorry i forgot which one it was). At the end with the unlikely reappearance on Kokoryu the remaining team of me, V2, Lyghtspeed, and Nacht Draconus were able to take down the Arkahn (silly self-healing AV). Thanks all for a fun evening of saving the city from evil.
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Just for a little fun.

I was on the phone with my boyfriend the other night and we came to a simple conclusion: The MAGI vault is just a room with labels for items that works on the honor system. Seriously, I wonder what actually STAYS secure in there.

Thoughts on the MAGI vault, anyone? I'm interested in the answers. :)
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(no subject)

Hey, all. My fire/fire blaster alt, Pyrita, just hit 24 and I wanna respec her. She's got hasten and stamina, but both only 1 slotted. Actually, all her powers are one slotted, except attacks. Here are how my attacks are slotted at the moment:

Flares: 6
Fireblast: 6
Fireball: 6
Flame breath: 6
Blaze: 3

All are 1 accuracy SO and the rest damage SOs.

My other powers are buildup, aim, ring of fire, hover, fly, swift, health and stamina.

The nice thing about my build is that I am very effective against both groups and small numbers of opponents (such as bosses). Obviously since I'm a fire blaster it seems the best route to go is straight AoE damage, with maybe blaze thrown in, and permahasten, but I'm looking for suggestions.


Air Superiority.. is it really that super?

I was wondering if anyone out there has the power Air Superiority from the Flight power pool set and could give me a little advice on it.
A little background: The toon I have it on is a Invul/Fire tank that is level 25 currently. I'm trying to build her to be a "Tapper", tank/scrapper hybrid. Her main travel power is flight and during the respec I messed around with some new powers, AS being one of them. I like it because it does ok damage but the best part is that most of the time, single foes are on their backs or flipping around in the air, not doing damage to her or her teammates. It also works great on flying mobs like Sky Raiders by knocking them to the ground for teammates to pound on. Her other damaging powers are Fire Sword, Scorch and Fire Breath so far and she already has up to Stamina in the Fitness pool. Right now, AS only has the original slot with an Accuracy DO.

What I'm really interested in is some advice about slotting Air Superiority and using it into the higher levels. Is it worth it to stick slots into and what enh would you put in there if you did?
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Puck (silly)

First person view is now the default?

This started the other night. Every time I log in or enter a new zone, my screen view is defaulting to first person, making me have to hit "B" to toggle back to the third person view. Did I accidently change one of my settings somehwere, or is this a bug in the program?

- Patrick
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(no subject)

Tried searching on the official forums and once again came up with NOTHING. Targeting drone. Un-enhanced, how much of an accuracy buff does it give to all powers, if any? And.. does each ToHit Buff SO added to Targeting Drone act like adding an Accuracy SO to a power? In other words, if you have Targeting Drone three slotted with ToHit Buff SOs, does it give less, more, or the same buff as adding three Accuracy SOs to ... let's say Fire Blast.
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(no subject)

Long ago there was a young man whose beauty, so they say, rivalled that of the legendary Adonis himself. He led a very good, easy life rarely paying for anything and never lacking in consorts. He was a shallow, materialistic man and so this suited him very well. He was not, however, a stupid man, and knew that as he grew older his beauty would fail him. As a result, he was quite determined to find a way to stop himself from aging.

His journey led him to what is in the present day called Morocco, where he acquired a ring containing a powerful Djinn. Unfortunately, unlike the genies of storybooks, Djinns are cagey creatures which delight in fulfilling wishes in ways which the wisher never intended.

And so with his wish of eternal youth and beauty, the young man found his face now cast in iron. Were he a statue, the craftsmanship would be a thing to truly marvel. However, as a man with a metal face, the effect was disconcerting at best and downright frightening at worst. Now feared rather than revered, the man wandered the land. As part of his transformation, he was granted immortality and incredible toughness.

It is at this point where many people in his position might turn to the life of evil, taking what they want and can never have legitimately. The man, however, was fundamentally good, and redirected his life towards atoning for his excess and becoming beautiful in his actions if he can't be in flesh.

Iron Adonis, Invulnerability/Super Strength Magic Tanker, Virtue
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Since Y'all Asked

What's Your Flavor... er... Server?

Hey! Training Room are People Too!
A little bit of all
City of what?
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