February 12th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Good Idea / Bad Idea

My Level 23 claws scrapper has been going solo the past few nights, working on missions in a Council arc.

5 blue minions at once... piece of cake.
3 white minions at once... no problemo.
2 white minions and 1 yellow leiutenant... sliced and diced like ginsu on a tomato.

But 1 red boss... kicked my butt down to about 2 hp left in about 10 seconds. And I had all of my buffs (Focused Fighting, Focused Senses, Agile) turned on, plus a temporary armor power, plus I had popped a Luck, an Insight, and a Rage just before charging in.

Damn. I guess the bosses really ARE a lot harder to kill than the underlings.

- Patrick

Global Chat

When I first started playing CoH, back when I had a lot of people on Protector Server whom I liked to call friends, I would spend hours playing the game, and another couple of hours chatting. Just standing around and talking in team after a mission. Most of those people have since quit the game, and so I've been soloing a lot more.

I did recently find a very good SG, thanks to Captain Temerity, and I chatted a bit with them while playing, but not a whole lot. Didn't know them very well yet.

Then last night I decided to try global chat. My god, it brings back my IRC days. I was hard pressed to get any playing done at all, so enamoured was I with chatting in the different windows. I also just discovered last night WHY there are four chat windows on the bottom of the chat bar. "Why do you need four? You can add multiple tabs to one window!" I thought.

Then I realized you can un-dock the lower chat windows. BWahAHahha. Now the left side of my screen is lined with chat windows. I love it. I was hard pressed to get any of my own missions done, I just kept standing around and chatting. *chataholic*

Useful bind, thanks to @BindWhore -

/bind G "beginchat /send global "

Include the space before the last quote. Then when you hit G you will automatically be able to send your text to the global channel. If the chat room has two names.. and I hope I'm remembering this correctly, it's the same bind, but move the quotes to just around the channel name -

/bind T beginchat /send "two names "

Again, not sure if I'm remembering that correctly.

And last night I changed my global name to @kwsapphire so I will be more recognizable.

Random mumblings

Ok, I've only been playing CoH for a month and I don't have any dudes past level 11, but I've played a character from each origin now and have noticed a few things:

1. It's a lot cooler to team up with people whose characters have a good background. It's weird seeing natural blasters. What's up with that? How can you train yourself to shoot fire or ice from your hands?

2. My radiation/radiation defender has better offense than my fire/fire blaster because radiation infection renders most bad guys harmless. I've been able to take on big groups of bad guys (four or five whites no problem) with it.

3. Super strength is pretty wimpy. I've got a level 10 tanker with invulnerability and super strength and it takes forever to defeat even the wimpiest of bad guys. I think someone in this community said the developers would do something to bump up super strength, but it's not much fun when the bad guys run away before you're done hammering on them.

4. Stealth is a great pool power for the lower levels. I picked up stealth at level 6 for my scrapper because I was tired of getting attacked by red mobs in the Hollows. He's able to sneak around and avoid those guys and you can even sneak up to a big group and pick off the bad guys one by one. It really came in handy when I had to run through half of the Hollows to get to a door mission.

5. Being a controller can suck because a lot of your attacks are from far away and don't produce a lot of special effects. My one controller has gravity power and one of the more useful powers if gravity distortion. It lifts the bad guy up and immobilizes him. Sometimes I'm 50 to 60 feet away and some other hero comes by and thinks "Easy pickings." One jerk even followed me around and poached a lot of my dudes. It would be nice if you could do something bad to them. I guess I'll have to wait for CoV.

6. However, propel is an awesome power. I like being able to throw old cars, gas cylinders and forklifts at the bad guys.

7. I noticed that a lot of the low level bad guys drop level 1 flight enhancements. How does that work? You can't choose a flight power until level 6 and enhancements only last for three levels above, which would be level 4 in this case. Did the developers just decide to code up all enhancements for all levels?

8. The corollary to that is you're guaranteed to get an enhancement that does you no good. If I'm a tanker, then the bad guys are going to drop ToHit DeBuffs all over the place. At least you can sell them.

9. It sounds like a lot of the cool missions don't happen until much later. I'm getting a little bored with the "Defeat 10 Outcasts." Some contacts give you the same mission twice in a row. I guess it's alright because you probably need to fight these guys to level up anyhow, but after three or four missions, it's a bit too much.

10. I don't understand the fascination with making your character dance.

11. Hopefully they will update the character creation system to put in some more faces. I'm going to make a former porn star hero and I need the "O" face.

Resolution help needed

With global chat now running, I am finding my screen space even more crowded. The biggest screen area I can get is 1024 x 768.

I tried resetting my desktop to bigger areas, such as 1280 x 768, then selecting "1280 x 768 (Desktop)" as my graphic resolution in CoH. It tells me I need to restart for that setting to take effect so I do. When I load CoH after the restart I get a message saying, "Resolution 1280 x 768 not supported in fullscreen mode. Defaulting to 800 x 600." I get that message with any resolution setting over 1024 x 768. Also, all those higher resolution settings always have "(Desktop)" on them.

What can I do to get CoH to support a larger resolution area? If it's anything other than getting a bigger monitor or a new video card, I will try it. Otherise, I will deal with it and stop my whining.

Happy Cat!!

(no subject)

Seeing as how I've been playing this game for so long, I should probably know by now, but...

How do you change the color of the speech bubbles? I'm so clueless when it comes to that. And it's driving me nuts. I want to be fancy too!

Thanks for the help!

Global Chat Channel Tabs: A Tutorial

After some fiddling around, I've found a method of arranging chat channels that works reasonably well for me. After trying to explain it to someone on-line with I'm not entirely sure what degree of success, it occurred to me to try to whack together a tutorial using screenshots to show what I mean.

A screenshot I took of my CoH desktop can be found here, if you want to get the overall view of what I'm doing with it. (It's about 600K in size, which is why I didn't use an img tag to link it in-line here.) Now I'm going to describe what I did to make it that way, and how it works. For this demonstration, I'm going to assume you've already joined at least one of the up to five global chat channels you are allowed to have.

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I hope you found this tutorial helpful, or at least not too confusing. If you have any questions, you can probably find me on the LJ channel as @Purramedic if I'm logged in.