February 13th, 2005

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What is the point?

This morning I was playing one of my alts who didn't really see much action during the Feast of the Winter Lords. She's a Level 8 gravity / bubble controller, which means I'm stuck serving out time in the Hollows again. So I spend about an hour hunting with "seek team" turned on the whole time, and finally I get a team invite. I accept, and see it's a group of mostly level 15s and 16s, with one level 9 who's sidekicked to the team leader. The active mission is a familiar one - "Defeat all creatures in cave" - and the leader asks someone to sk me, so I'm thinking sweet, some nice XP. Then I notice that the mission is way the hell at the other end of the zone, 1.5 miles away and on the other side of the Gulch. And then I watch the team window as everyone else starts to head into the mission.

"TP lady?" the leader says.

"I don't have tp," I reply, thinking he's talking to me.

"Go through Skyway. It will be faster." someone else who's already inside the mission replies.

At this point, everyone except me is inside the mission... and I'm standing at least a half mile from the Atlas Gate with no travel powers to speak of other than a brisk jog.

"Bubble me, lady," the person who sk'ed me says.

So at this point... I sigh, knowing that at least half the group is totally clueless. "This is stupid," I said, "by the time I get there, the mish will be nearly over and I'll get nothing."

"Hurry," replies the leader.

And the next sound you hear is the mouse click as it hit the "quit team" button.

The moral of the story... don't bother inviting random people to a team if you're just going to dive into a mish without any thought or care for how they're going to get to where you are. This same B.S. happens with my defender, too, and most of the time there the invites come from people not even in the same zone as me. Yet five seconds after I join, I'm hearing "Hurry and get inside mish. Need heals."

Now I remember why I like to team only with the members of my SG as much as possible. I'm sure there are other good players on Guardian server... it just seems to be hard to find them doing the random "LFG" thing.

- Patrick
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Happy Cat!!

Anger! Rage!

Has this happened to anyone yet? I sent a bug report to the developers...

Doing a normal CoT mission in their fancy underground lair, I need to find 10 soul crystals. Now, the CoT have three different kind of aura crystals, red, green, and blue. Well, I'm going along, need something like 7 more crystals when I hear there's a glowy nearby. So I kill off some guys around it and I notice that it's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of an aura given off by a green crystal. I try to open the box, but it says "interrupted". This is because for some dumbass reason, the aura INTERRUPTS things. So therefore I couldn't open the box. Which angers me.

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A short list inviting long comments.

A) Who is on infinity? If so, say hi to any of the martyrs of paragon, Tell them the Boss sent ya ;-)

B) Ive never found a good build suggestion for Elec/dev post 38.. anyone seen any?

C) Auto turret or Time bomb? Pro's n Con's

D) Do you think now that they are focusing on controllers they might make it so that the AT may even have *some* solo potential for those not of the ill/fire class? (Beyond the agonizingly slow way they have now)

E) Are Fire imps way too powerful? How about tanks and scrappers who can solo mobs +5, but blasters (the supposedly highest damage group) Cannot handle soloing a mission on invincible as well without tons of insps and more than a bit of debt (Im getting this info not only from myself, but those on my friends list and SG in game)

F) Winter Lord event.. Good for Alt leveling, or bad for the now thousands of post 20 level people who have no idea how to play their new toons?

G) "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."

- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Scrapper Secondary Tips

Because I solo a lot, I end up making a lot of Scrappers. I find myself taking Regeneration most of the time, and that is starting to make for boring combos. So, someone help me out here. Please bear in mind that most - if not all - of these questions pertain to early stage (pre-SL 20) heroes.
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Mob Defense up?

Is it just me or is it harder to hit people since I3 came out? Yesterday I attacked a -6 level minion with Soul Drain on and an Accuracy SO in the attack I was using. I missed. While that was probably some kooky confluence of game math, watching MISS come up repeatedly when I was on +1's (to the point that I'd miss 4 or 5 attacks in a row) is pretty absurd too.

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The March issue of PCGamer has a half page article on Issue 4. The only new info that I see (or that I missed from elswhere) is that you'll have to be level 14 to enter and "The arena will also house themed conflicts that incorporate mission objectives and even bestow temporary powers onto those bold enough to enter." The article goes on to point out that April is the first anniversary of CoH and that Statesman promises "a huge celebration and special events". [pg 18]

CoH also places a very close second place to World of Warcraft for their Best MMO of 2004 award. [pg 42]

There's also a sidebar titled "Method Acting in Online RPGs" [pg 94] and the amusing "Tales from the Customer Support Case File" [pgs 26-7]
Bristol 2009

City of Heroes soundtrack

Okay, folks, what RL music do we need in CoH? If we leave out REM's Superman due to trademark thingies, we still have...

"Freaks" by Marillion
"Down In It" by Nine Inch Nails (for sewer missions, of course)
"Pimpf" by Depeche Mode (same chord as Invincibility, different arpeggiation)

What else?

14 day trial!

Hello all!

I've been considering playing CoH but haven't quite decided. However, I'd -love- to give the 14day trial a shot. And apparently if I subscribe, you get entered into the CoV beta.

Anyone willing to spend their trial on me? I'd much appreciate it (:

EDIT: scarcrest was kind enough to hook me up. Thanks, mate!

I'm sure I'll have all sorts of n00b questions (:


Mist Movie Shadow


Last night we took out the Madame of Mystery.

( this is her info:Madame of Mystery is VERY tough... bring friends... lots of high lvl ones... oh and make sure you put the Psychic Cleaver on auto fire. But at least you only need to clear her & her room to complete mission

She was the hardest thing I have fought so far in this game.
We didn't bring high level friends.
45 Ill/emp ( me I JUST GOT 45!!)
44 energy/fire blaster
44 Spine/INV scrapper
44 Storm/Enegy Defender
40 (sk'd) Empath/Dark Defender
36 (sk'd) MA/Regen Scrapper
26 (sk'd) Dark/Regen Scrapper
35 (sk'd) Kin/Elec Defender

All my Super Group. LOOOOONG FIGHT, almost 20 minutes on her alone, but we took her out.

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