February 14th, 2005

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Ha, I just signed on to tell my SG that Hami was taken down on infinity, and it turns out that he was taken down on Justice as well! First time since Issue 1!

WOOHOO! Wish I coulda been part of it. :(
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So, tinkerkels was asking the other day which server to move to, and it got me thinking: why do people play on the servers they do? I've been playing since last May and I play mostly on Champion and Triumph (and I started on those servers because a RL friend plays the game too and we were teaming up, then I got invited to the same supergroups, etc. ...), though I have characters on Pinnacle and Virtue as well, but don't play them much.

At the risk of sounding naive, I don't see a whole lot of difference between the four servers I've played on, so what's the appeal of the various servers for you?
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Who wants to send a poor, orphaned, hero to CoV for V-Day?  Or, at least a chance of being in beta.  ;)  I have a free 14 days for my valentine!  ;)

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I'll have what she's having.

Yesterday I made another alt for no reason. She's a fire/ice tanker and she tears everything she sees to pieces. None of the characters I've played so far have plowed through the criminals so effectively or relentlessly. Fresh out of the box, without anything slotted, she can solo a red without popping any inspirations...none of my other tanks or scrappers or blasters can do that safely. She rips through missions faster than anyone else in my stable.

Is fire/ice just a nasty combo, or what? Is the DoT from blazing aura with the slowing effect of ice attacks that formidable?

A weekend of CoH

Played quite a bit of CoH this weekend (for me anyway) and had a great time. I got my main, Whammer (F/F Tanker on guardian) up to 22 and took stamina. And geez, does that rock. I can keep my Blazing Aura on all the time and never run out of end. I was one heck of a happy camper. I do need some advice though. My power poools are: Leaping and Fitness, I've been told fighting is a good one for a tanker to take as well. Which leaves one pool open. I'd really like to get Hasten, but if I want to do Shadow Shard later on, it seems like i'll need flight. Suggestions or Ideas or Wisdom anyone?

Brought one of my alts up to 14 and got my travel power (flight, the only one i havent tried). I'll be expermenting with it later.

But the real thrill of the weekend was the globalchat. First, the ability to talk across, and ask for help, across servers from reliable and fun players (aka, you guys). Secondly, the witty banter rocks. It's nice to have personalities to go with some of the comments from here. I'm so glad I'm not the only smartass on there.
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More Hamidon Reports

Lots of reports of Hamidon going down this weekend. I want to also report that he was taken down (for the first time ever, I believe) on Victory last night about 6:30 PM EST. Apparently it was mainly by one SG, the Goon Squad, with some others people straggling in to lend assistance after they failed to do it on their own and had to broadcast for help.

It appears that a concrete strategy for defeating Hamidon has been discovered and disseminated on the forums, thus why he's suddenly falling on all of them.
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Global chat question

So I am wondering if there is a limit to a private channel of how many people can be in there. I am sure there is but does anyone know how many?

My SG wants to make one for our 3 branches and we want to make sure it can hold us.
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Arena Goodness

Alright, so I was looking through the NCSoft press FTP site (it's my creative job), and I noticed they had pictures up for the Arena. Looking through them, it looks like the Arena is going to have at least 3 different kinds of battles, Solo battles, Tournament battles, and Organized battles. Can't really tell that much, but there's a really nice screenshot of the PI arena all finished.
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Does anyone know how Scrappers will crit in the arena or in PvP?

Will other players be treated as Minions (5%), Lieutenants (10%), or Bosses (15%)?

As another note..
It will be interesting to see how they do AoE attacks in general PvP, I haven't played any of the other MMORPGs to see how they do it, but I'd find it interesting if they just opened up all attacks are able to damage anyone in the area. Bring you right back to the old D&D physics.. "You Fireballed the room?"

And on an interesting note, they made me change the character name, but they let mee keep the global chat handle of Asswhoopticus.
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Radical Respec?

How many of you have been temped to radically rearrange your powers when you respec? Switching power pools, even dropping and adding different primary and secondary powers. I thinking about finally spending my Issue 3 free respec. I currently have two respec waiting to be used, and they are burning a hole in my pocket.

I'm tempted to change my travel powers from flight to teleport/concealment or leaping/super speed/concealment. My biggest problem is that I'm limited to 4 power pools.Of course... maybe I'd be really messing up my character by focusing to much on power pools instead of Primary/Secondary powers.

I stayed on WAY to late last night hanging out on the test server trying out two respec ideas. Currently I'm a Storm/Energy Defender, with most of the Storm and Energy powers selected. I also have Flight (Hover/Flight), Fitness (Swift/Health/Stamina), and Leadership  (Maneuvers/Assault/Tactics). I'm finding the Leadership pool power to be fairly useless, and I'm ready to get rid of them.

I built two version of my character through respec on the Test Server to see how I liked the powers.

Surger2 dropped Flight and Leadership and picked up Teleport (Recall Friend/Teleport/Team Teleport) and Concealment (Grant Invisibility/Invisibility/Phase Shift). Since I still had Fitness (Hurdle/Health/Stamina), and a bunch of endurance reduction enhancements, I wasn't having any problem with endurance drain from teleport. In this build I also had Hover from the Flight pool, so falling while teleporting wasn't a problem.

Surger3 dropped Flight and Leadership and picked up Leaping (Combat Jumping/Super Jump), Super Speed (Hasten/Super Speed) and Concealment (Grant Invisibility/Invisibility/Phase Shift), and again kept Fitness. It was SO cool to be running through maps at super speed. Such a difference from Flying. Sure, its more work... but its sure faster! And including Super Jump really helped for those vertical challenges. But, with this version, I loose the ability to teleport my teammate (Recall Friend) to the goal. Doh, I can't add the teleport pool now because I've used up my four Power Pool choices.

Another option that I haven't tested yet would be to do use Teleportation(Recall Friend/Teleport), Super Speed (Hasten/Super Speed), Concealment (Grant Invisibility/Invisibility/Phase Shift), and Fitness (Hurdle/Health/Stamina). This would give me the speed, safety (phase shift), endurance recovery (stamina) and teleporting abilities that I want. Teleport takes care of the vertical challenge issues that super speed has, I'd just have to make sure to do it quickly so I don't fall (no Hover power).  I really like the thought of using super speed to run through an in-door mission with Phase Shift turned on and locate the goal and teleport the team (Recall Friend) to the goal.

I haven't even gone into the rearranging of my Primary and Secondary Powers!

Of course... I still have a second respec sitting in my pocket. So, if I really end of hating my new powers, I can always respec again!

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Manticore Task Force

Special thanks to Nite-Shadow, Lyn Valhallen, Wild Diamond, Blind Chicken and Doctor G for accompanying me on the task force tonight/last night. Also thanks to Green Samurai and M Musica, who didn't make it all the way to the end for various reasons, but were cool while they lasted. We were Task Force Pneumonia (er.. some other Pn word that I didn't really know was a word) and we did, in fact, kick major butt.

I'd forgotten how much XP one gets from TFs. I got through lvls 16-22 (or thereabouts) on the Synapse TF, and that's the only TF I ever did. I did it more than a dozen times, and knew it like the back of my hand, and boy was that good XP. Duno why I stopped doing TFs after that. At some point I'd like to go through and hit all the TFs I missed. After I'm lvl 50 and don't need the XP anymore, that is :P

Also special thanks to Wild Diamond who inspired yet another costume change for White Sapphire, because heaven forbid I keep the same costume for more than a week. Collapse )
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Horus Guard finally hit 42! Been stuck in the land of crappy SOs for around a month (mostly been playing my alts)!

Just spent over 3.5 million influence upgrading all of my enhancements to shiny new 45s. Also added 3 slots, all endurance reduction, to the accuracy epic power which was an even bigger power hog than instant healing. Between my increased stamina recovery and decreased endurance usage on other powers I can use it more often now. Sweeeet.

Oh, and I finally got the +10% health accolade a little earlier today, too. With perma-dull pain, that's an extra 54% hit points.