February 15th, 2005

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Just my luck...

I'm home sick from work. Finally get the strength to drag myself out of bed and decide to play a little CoH since I've been slacking off recently. Of course, all the servers are down. What's up with that?
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You know, you'd think I'd get in the habit of running the City of Heroes updater, THEN reading livejournal and doing all that website stuff... But you'd be wrong.

Every single time I'll browse the internet for about a half an hour, then start CoH only to find a new patch and I gotta wait some more.

Speaking of which, no details on the site yet. Hoping they're making the global chat official now!

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I sent the CoH trial offer/COV beta thing to my GF and she signed on for a month... Not sure if she'll like/stick with COH, though she is a lite-gamer and plays SWG a lot. (she is a creature handler/marksman).

Anyhow, I'm thinking of starting a new character so I can play in tandem with her character...and I'm considering building a controller. I have virtually zero experience building controllers...so questions arise. :)

(1) Is Hasten necessary? (I find it an absolute necessity in other builds, same goes for Stamina so I won't even ask)
(2) Travel powers -- I want Recall Friend, so should I take Teleport because it saves me a power slot? Or if Hasten is necessary should I take Superspeed instead of TP?

Here is a partial build I put together for an Illusion/Empathy controller. Comments/suggestions?

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Does anyone know if it's possible to move certain characters between accounts? To be more specific, I've been playing on a friend's account. However, I like the game enough that I'd be willing to pay for it, but I don't want to have to redo all my characters, as some of them are level 17ish and have done silly things like Positron's task force. Does anyone know if this character switching I'd want is even possible?

Thank you all

I would like to thank everyone for the sage advice and recommendations. It's a big help and your advice will prevent me from building a character that I have to respec immediately. :)

Based on everyone's suggestions, here is the build that I came up with:

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Global Chat down due to crash fix

Bruce the Dev notes:
[Global chat]'s not down because of the patch [that went in today]. We found a crash that only happens for certain kinds of messages, made a fix, and hope to have it up again soon once QA signs off on it.

You may be wondering, "If it's beta, why does it need to be QA'd?"
QA almost always checks even the most minor fixes to make sure we didn't do something stupid like make every member of the "kill skuls" forum an admin or something.
I wish they'd hurry and put it back up; only been using it for a couple of days and already I just can't do without it.
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Perez Park jewel thief mission

I got the Perez Park jewel thief mission a few levels ago (I'm level 11 now), but I can't seem to find it. I follow the yellow arrow like a good boy, but it usually leads to a thicket with the arrow pointing inside. I can run around the thicket, but I never seem to find an entrance. What's the deal?