February 16th, 2005


You call that an ambush?!

Five whites and three yellows for an ambush on a solo blaster? Is that really neccessary? Is that fair? Two or three medics, two or three riot patrols, two agents and a cryo tank... And I still kicked their butts. Thanks only to the five health inspirations, otherwise it would have been faceplant city. But still...
Knight of Swords

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Little help.

I've been playing Cap more and more lately, but I think, aside from being the coolest character ever (h.o.), it stems mostly from a bad respec of my main toon, a Level 35 Broadsword/Super Reflex Scrapper (with a minor in SuperJump).

I've got two respecs open to him now, and I have no idea what I really want to do with him. I was hoping to get a little advice on a worthwhile build. I seem to suffer more from exhaustion (even with Stamina) and not landing shots more than anything else. I think it's the Super Reflexes that are confusing me the most though.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this. Thanks.

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My computer has been having some performance issues when it comes to this game and I have followed some advice I'd read on the forums to help alleviate that, but one of the suggestions has me wondering. It was recommended to turn down the Particle Count to 2000 - 3000. What is Particle Count and why is it important? I did turn it down to about 3k, but I couldn't see any noticable difference.

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You know what would make for a crazy fun powerset for Scrappers or Tankers?

Unusual Weapon Mastery.

Start out with a shovel or chair and work your way all the way up to an armored car or building, taking stops at tree and molotov cocktail along the way. :D

News Flash: Storm Defenders/Controllers to get some anti-Sapper lovin' in Update 4

CuppaJo, relaying a post from Geko, has posted to a thread talking about the Storm set's inherent flaws. Most of the stuff is defense of the set as it is now, but there was a particularly interesting tidbit thrown in the middle there...

"In update 4, [Oxygen Boost] will also protect you from End Drain and Recovery debuffs."

This will come in handy against the Clockwork, to be sure—but where it will really shine is in the post-40 game, where Malta Sappers and their Endurance Slurp Attack are some of the most annoying mobs you'll ever face.

I wonder if any other powers from other sets (such as Clear Mind) are getting the same sort of protection?
venga bus

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Ok, so i have a 44 scrapper, 29 blaster, 17 tanker, 16 controller. I can almost always find a team for the scrapper by forging one myself. there's usually a cluster of people within a level of me on. The tanker and controller, on the other hand... Hell, even the blaster. All have trouble getting and/or making groups. I took my controller out and sat with LFT on for 30 minutes last night, running around variously apropriately leveled zones advertising myself... nothing. Last i checked i had a good reputation.

Anyone else have this issue? If you see Drek Arronz, Northern Cross, or Jake Tectonics, send me a tell. I love my scrapper but i need to show my alts some love too. The SG's not big enough to group-up regularly either, heh.

EDIT: Virtue server!

My dudes

On Infinity:

JJ Flash: level 11 fire/fire blaster. [I chose the name from a Wild Cards character]
Uncle McDonald: level 10 invulnerability/super strength tanker [Ronald McDonald is called Uncle McDonald in Hong Kong]
Hung Daddy: level 4 mind control/force field controller [Former porn star, but no "O" face]
The King's Man: level 6 empathy/psychic blast defender

On Victory:

Lord Gamma: level 10 radiation emission/radiation blast defender [Unfortunately, looks a lot like the Outcast Shocker dudes except he's green]
AlphaPrime: level 8 gravity/kinetics controller
XJR: level 10 spines/regeneration scrapper

If I'm on, I'm usually willing to team up though I think most of the regulars in this community have characters 10's of levels above mine.

My favorite powers are mind control, psychic blast, radiation emission, gravity and spines. The mind powers have quite the range and work really well on Clockwork.