February 17th, 2005

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Finally, Global Chat is back up, so now instead of playing, we can chat for 14.95 a month :D
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head tilt, aeryniana

the one where Eryn rants about stupid males in game

Remind me never to mention, in game, that I'm female to people that aren't here or my local friends. It becomes difficult when I tell them I can't invite guys to the one of my Super Group's that's women only. I'll just have refrain from saying I have the invite ability I guess.
First rule about the gender, you dont' talk about the gender.
I'm an Executive Transvestite or something.
There is no spork, only foons here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled arse khicking.

Peachy promises not to kill you with her mind.
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Enhancements: Calculating Recharge Time, Endurance Cost, but what about Damage (or other)

Calculating recharge reduction rates and endurance recovery rates (as I understand it) can be done using this formula:

(enhanced power) = base / (1 + bonus).

Using Hasten as an example:

It's recharge time is 8:40 (as listed in hero planner). This translates to 520 seconds, which is our base. Lets say we 6-slot Hasten with SO recharge reducers, which have a bonus of 33%. Our bonus is thus 198%. This is all we need to find our how fast the 6-slotted power will recharge:

(enhanced power) = 520 / (1 + 1.98). This comes out to 175 seconds. Ah, but Hasten's effect causes all powers' recharge time to be reduced by 58 percent. This makes our enhanced recharge time of 175 seconds drop down to 74 seconds, or one minute and fourteen seconds. Hasten's effect lasts for two minutes, thus, 6 slotted the power will recharge before the effect wears off. Perma.

My question(s):

Is there a way to calculate how much a power's base damage is enhanced by using various enhancement slot configurations?

If I knew the base damage of a power, I think I could do it... however, I assume the base damage of the power changes depending on your level and the level of your enemy. And then some powers deal only certain kinds of damage, and then again others deal damage over time or deal damage depending on ones location (AoE/pbAoE).

So the question ultimately must be: Is there a way to determine what the base damage (unenhanced) of any damage-dealing power is (smashing, lethal, etc) when used on an even-con minion, lt, and boss?

Of course there are powers that do damage over time, and most blaster powers have kind of a damage range that you do rather than a constant, but still there has to be a way to find out what the range is, or what ones' DoT would be.
Puck (silly)

Mission bug?

Another hour of my life wasted. I took my defender to Striga Island tonight to see if I could solo the "Defeat all villains on boat" mission given by Stephanie Peebles. It was a slow go because "Dammit, Jim, I'm a healer not a blaster," but I managed to make steady progress. Rescue all four researchers... check. Recover the sample... check. Defeat all Council on the boat... check. And check. And check. Ten times, I checked, in fact, looking for anyone that I missed, because the mission would not show as completed. I looked in every crevice and corner at least three times, and could not find any more villians. Finally, I gave up, send a bug report, and logged. Now I'll have to do the whole damn mish over again. Argh!
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