February 18th, 2005

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing
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Pinnacle RP Congress

Heroes of Pinnacle! Are you a roleplayer? Is your supergroup a conglomeration of roleplayers? Then we need you! The Pinnacle RP Congress is a gathering of roleplaying individuals and supergroups whom like to play their characters as people instead of a means to a level.

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For more information, please visit the RP Congress Website.

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Cheesed off!

I downloaded all updates and there was one for my ATI card.  Anyway, now that it has been installed, when I try to pull up COH, everything gets dark.  I thought it was the monitor, but even with a new monitor, it still does that.  Anybody have a clue how to remove the ATI upgrade?

No more bosses!

This is just a heads up for people who, like me, didn't realize quite what the mission difficulty slider was going to do.

I thought I heard the Devs say that your mission difficulty wasn't going to change if you didn't change it. The game wasn't going to get any easier for people who didn't change any of their settings. In fact I'm *sure* they said that. They didn't want the game to get any easier because people were already having a problem with running out of missions before they leveled up.

... And yet, all of a sudden, I realized that there were no bosses anymore. I didn't notice that it happened right after Issue 3 (I was too thrilled with my free respec to notice) but at some point along the line I noticed my door missions no longer had bosses waiting for me at the end. Only Lieutenants.

Well last night I finally asked someone in my SG. And he said "When I3 came out with the mission difficulty slider, anyone set at heroic (the default/easy setting) will no longer have bosses in their missions.

Well, at least now I know what it's from. Despite the fact that I don't agree with that. Because I'm level 34 right now, and if it weren't for the fact that I did the manticore task force again last night, I wouldn't have enough missions to carry me into level 35. I've even called old contacts that had missions for me, and did those. I've got one contact left and one mission left, and then I'll have about one bar to go until leveling up.

But of course, if I increase the mission slider, door missions are likely to become impossible to solo. I remember before I3, walking into a Rikti door mission. One intersection had over a dozen baddies- white, yellow and orange con. Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. With the release of I3 I can at least solo my own missions now, but I miss having a boss at the end. A boss for whom I'd pop all of my inspirations, take a deep breath, and go charging into the fray. *wistful sigh*

Anyway. Just an FYI if anyone was wondering.

Hard Boiled?

Continuing the thought process from this post...

I'm currently at "Heroic" or the default level for mission difficulty. I'm a lvl 34 ice/ice blaster. In my current missions I often run out of endurance during fights (I have stamina six slotted) but my health is rarely actually in danger.

I miss having a boss at the end of my mission.

If I go up one level in mission difficulty, will I still be able to solo? Or would I melt? (Haha, unfunny ice joke.)

I'd test this out myself but I'm always broke, and I fear it might cost a large sum of influence to change the slider, test it, and change it back.
Puck (silly)


I'm thinking about making a defender with Kinetics as his or her primary power set. Any suggestions as to which of the secondary power sets would make a good combination with that? My empathy defender has energy blast as her secondary power set.