February 19th, 2005

Bumblebee - Game Face

another level 50!

The Wonderful Windlacer decided that fighting in the Rikti Crash Site would be the best way to prove to Paragon that he has what it takes to be a "Hero of the City," so with the help of Mr Burns, a fire tanker, he went alien hunting.

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At last. Level 50.

So, being excited as I was, I rolled up a Kheldian Peacebringer, Relymus, and he is currently level 7.

The Wonderful Windlacer
Level 50 Energy/Energy/Force Blaster. Virtue
head tilt, aeryniana

I just got fulcrum shift

evil laughter

I don't feel so useless anymore.

I sort of wish I played a defender instead, would have felt less useless 32 to 38. I still feel the need to respec out confuse and mass confusion. I wanted to try awhile with them, since I went through 30 levels without them.
Siphon speed and repel would be a lot more useful, hell inertial reduction or teleport friend would be nice to have back.
Why I thought I'd want powers which cost me XP I dunno, I certainly can't ever solo. Even with fulcrum shift I can't.
Probably thought they'd be good for emergencies, while slotting my other mass holds well, and taking leadership covers that just fine.
Anyone out there whom has experience in the higher levels that sees the need for those powers?

Peachy runs around Talos "arresting" large groups of Tsoo.

more evil laughter
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Lotsa Pics

As always, click for larger.

Imma Freak Imma Freak

I didnt actually buy this costume, but this is what I'm thinking of doing for my lvl 40 costume. You know, street clothes, spandex, armor... then what? So maybe villain costume?
Paladin Paladin

Yes, it does exist. I got no badge for killing him though. Sadness!
Arena 1 Arena 1

Galaxy City, including map location for your convenience. The Arena here is still just a hole in the ground.
Arena 2 Arena 2

Talos Island, including map location for your convenience. At least the floor's been installed, but you can hear people talking from underground. Kinda creepy.
Colors Colors

Okay, not a great pic of Paladin, but lookit tha pretty colors!
Council Council

Does anyone else think these guys look like utter dorks? I miss the 5th Column. ;_;

PARAPPA (connieleeee)

Secondary Rad blast Defenders

Out of the Powers you get what would you say are the best? And why? If you could only pick 4 of them which would you MUST have

Here is what I think:
Proton Volley - just a great sniper attack and 6 slotted its good damage
Cosmic Burst- Makes baddies dizzy and causes decent damage
Atomic Blast- very awesome, but leaves you with no edurance but you plan that ahead when your using it with blues
Laz beams/Bolt aboutt he same, both are decent, quick recharge but do you need both?

Havent tried Neutron bomb...want to get it..

I am thinking ahead of my 44 respec and was curious as to what others who have used these think are the better ones.

Oh and also is picking up aim worth it?
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(no subject)

Is there a marked difference between the different servers in terms of how players act?

I started off on Champion because of the people that I work with and it just seems like there's all types of 13-year-olds that are into random team adds (go. hunt. kill skuls.) or just sitting in Atlas Plaza holding costume contests. It's kind of annoying.

Now, I know, I would run into this sort of behavior on any given server, but is it less prevalent elsewhere? I wouldn't be opposed to a server switch, but not without good reason.

Anyone have any input on this?
Zombies Hate Fast Food

(no subject)

Defenders are pretty much the only archetype I have zero experience with and thus I'm here to ask what primary defender powerset would go with the Psychic Blast secondary powerset the best?