February 20th, 2005



A bunch of my buddies and I got bored of the grind to 50 at a LAN party earlier today and decided to start a concept supergroup on Justice just for fun.
It's called Z.I.M. (Zombie Infestation Management)

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Has a date been set for the Issue 4 updates to come out? I was playing around with a kinetics / dark defender build this morning, and as I was running around in AP on Guardian server, someone on Broadcast was insisting that the arenas and PvP and the new costume options will all go live tomorrow.

I thought I'd heard it was going to be a while longer than that.
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Is anyone else having any issues with random crashes since the 2/15 patch?

I've seen at least one other person on the forums who is, but I don't watch them that much/at all.

Just curious to see if it's happening to anyone else.

And, before the barrage of questions come in, i've updated everything I can with the exception of my bios. I've nuked the startup processes to nil and still have this issue. Hell, i even tried a different video card, and still had the same issues. I've run memory tests, and they all came up clean.

it's bloody annoying, as the game is crashing so often (every 10-20 mins) and with NOTHING in common that's crashing it.

Made for a real fun time trying the sewer trial yesterday.

fun like the guy on the right in my icon is having...

edited to add: have already scanned for spyware w/ ad-aware, and spybot, scanned for virii w/ norton, avg, and trendmicro housecall (online). all came up clean.
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Slotting question

Is there a diminishing return on Hasten or Conserve Power? I'm a level-45 Inv/SS Tanker trying to get the most out of these powers working together. Currently both are 4-slotted for faster recharge, and I'm about to add more and wanted to sure I wasn't wasn't wasting slots on them.