February 21st, 2005

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I am thinking about being more role-play oriented, but, as someone who responded to a post mentioned (sorry, I don't recall who responded nor whose post it was), I'd like to avoid the double parenthasis to differentiate between RP and non-RP. I don't want there to be any need for differentiation. I want EVERYTHING I say or do to be something a hero might. But I'm having a few problems figuring out how to RP talking about experience gained, debt, and different servers. Any advice (or sources) on how to RP those topics and on role-playing in general?

Thank you!
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What, me addicted?

This is dedicated to everyone who's ever said to themselves, "I can't stop to (eat / sleep / use the potty / walk the dog / go to work) now... I'm almost to the next level!" ;)

Today's Foxtrot, by Bill Amend

You know you're playing too much CoH when your left hand's "rest" position on the keyboard has changed from "ASDF" like they taught you in typing class to "Tab-QWE."
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Hi everybody! Just making my introductions. I've been on CoH for about... a week now? Lvl 12 Mutation Scrapper named Olsick on the Infinity server, though as I put absolutly no thought into him, i'm seriously considering starting a new character on a different server, as Infinity seems kinda barren sometimes. What would you all, the more experienced, recommend?

Anyways, thats it. Um. Bye.
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Argghh server dropped!

Deep in the heart of a Striga Vampyri base my Lv 25 Blaster was getting ready to alpha strike the mission boss ( An Archon Vampyri) off the map. 2 Acc insp 2 Dam insp with buildup+aim + snipe and the results?....Wifff right over his head, he then proceeded to hit me with a hold and just as 4 Vampyri Minions pop from behind a rock to help out...I am forcibly disco'd from server. I wasn't aware that Virtue was set to drop. Hmmmm, anyone have an idea what I should expect when I log back in? Will I be in the hospital/Prison or just lieing there on the mission map?Argh. Oh well, 25 levels and thats the first time I have been booted mid mish.
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Global Chat ...

Okay, I haven't really been playing the game in a while and I feel like a moron in asking, but how the hell do you set up your GC handle? I looked in the forums and it said under the main menu in "Handle" but I don't see it. Maybe I'm just being a bit jerky and overlooking it, but can someone help me?
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Second Subject.

While I am having a blast with CoH, I have a lot of friends pushing me to give WoW a try. Anyone out there who has played WoW? If my computer can handle CoH should it have any problems with WoW? Jeez, writing abbreviations is annoying :). I would appreciate any info or advice. Thanks.
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Laptop video driver?

I remember seeing something a looooong time ago about someone having written a video driver for CoH on laptops. I have a laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility-M1 AGP2x setup. I don't know if that driver would work for it, but I'm curious to know if anyone still has the link laying about, or has had any success running CoH on that particular adapter (even if it looks like snot).

Thanks so much in advance for any help on this guys. :)
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Hi everyone, just wanted to thank the community for their help. This has been a treasure trove of good info (especially regarding the updater bug, thank you earthdancer). I started playing a few weeks ago and addiction has set in...

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I understand a lot of content is difficult or impossible to reach solo. Any SGs recruiting on Champion? Looking for a mellow fun-loving group to hang with. Thanks!