February 22nd, 2005


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I'm not very computer literate, especially when it comes to hardware. I had to take my computer into a repair place this weekend, and much to my dismay had to leave it overnight. Just prior to taking it in, I was corresponding with support and had sent in a DXDiag file. I read the file before sending it, and it said my video card was a Radeon 9800 Pro. When I got my computer back, I ran a new DXDiag, and my video card now reads as a VisionTek XTasy 9600 with a Radeon 9600 chip type. So I'm confused as to why this changed? They did have to download my drivers from the net because the person who built my computer never gave me installation CDs. Does this signify that they downloaded the wrong drivers? I don't want to go around accusing them of swapping out my video card, but this just seems fishy to me.
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Computer Crash

Last night I was playing City of Heroes like any other night. And then for the first time ever, after being logged on for about 2 minutes, my game freezes. City of Heroes has never ever frozen on me before. I didn't download anything new, I didn't update any drivers, nothing changed from my last play session. When it froze eventually a message came up saying there was an error with some file, I didn't get it copied down, I know it mentioned ice wave in it. So I shut down my computer and start it back up. I thought that was just a freak accident so I start playing again and my game freezes again, the message pops up and this time in mentions the sniper rifle. This time when I restarted my computer I had some critical error and basically I can't get to Windows now. I can't start in safe mode, it said something about disabling BIOS but I don't what that means. Worst of all this is my dad's computer and basically I crashed it somehow. It really unbelievably sucks, I hate computers, and because of this I almost want to give up on computer games all together. First I had to deal with Half-Life's stuff, then World of Warcraft, and now, my most reliable MMORPG has crashed our computer. I feel like a little boy lost in the woods...that's hates everything.

The Great Blaster Boycott of Ought Five

Original premise described here. For those of you who don't care to look into it specifically, a player (who happens to be the artist behind the webcomic 8-Bit Theater is calling for a boycott of CoH by all Blasters (and those who sympathize with the plight of Blasters) between March 5th and March 12th. This is meant as a protest to manage to get the attention of the the Developers, to get them to commit to improving the late game Blaster situation.

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The RP thing

Since it's been an issue kicked around lately, are there any SGs out there that incorporate RP into their game? It's easy to just ignore the "PL me please? You're a NEWB" stuff on the Reqest and Boadcast channels.

My main characters are on Guardian, but I'd be willing to start something new on a different server (especially since my main is VERY close to 50)

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So much for stereotypes

So my alt joins a group last night for some fun and trolls in the hollows. First we realize that a group of 7 has no tankers. Later the guy who has been tp'ing our bodies to safety quit, and we didn't realize it until... later. But the funniest thing was they asked me how well I can heal.

Well... with a name like FLU BUG.... what do ya think?
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"Invalid Command KickedByGameLogin"

Today after the patch, I logged in and then /chatbeta 1 (looking for other SG mates on other servers). After that, every time I went in or out of a door (mission/store) or changed zones (via gate or tram), I got the following pair of messages:

Invalid Command KickedByGameLogin (sic)
Invalid Command Disconnect

I sent it as a petition (should've been bug, hit the wrong button) and got this response:

This is a message you are receiving because you are logged into the global chat server. If you do not want to see this message you will need to log out of the global chat.

Um, I still don't know what the messages *mean*. I suppose they don't do anything bad, since I played about 2 hours today without problems, but what the heck are they? Has anyone else experienced this?

Worst mission ever

My girlfriend and I teamed up to take on the Jewel Thief Circle of Thorns mission in Perez Park. She's a level 14 blaster and I'm a level 9 defender so she sidekicked me. We made it to the thicket without much problem, but had a heckuva time getting in. I guess you're supposed to randomly jump through the trees. She did and made it in, but I couldn't get in so she came out to show me and then she couldn't get back. I made it in, but couldn't get out to show her. This went on for twenty minutes or so. I was trying to get back outside and somehow got wedged between two rocks. Fortunately, she filed a petition and a GM teleported us inside.

We go in and she discovers that she chose this mission five levels ago so it's really easy. We beat up all of the dudes and got the jewel. Hooray. Wait a minute. We're not done. We spent another 20 minutes running through it again to find the stragglers. Those dried blood robes really stand out from the slightly less red walls. We finish the mission and decide to take the path out. We beat up the bad guys in the way and get back to Perez Park with no problems. Could we have gone in that way? Who knows? We're on our way to the Galaxy City gate and we're beating up some bad guys because I'm close to leveling and I want to pick up resurrect so that I'm a better teammate. Just as I aggro up some Vahzilok, she loses connection to the mapserver and witnesses my short death. Even sidekicked up to level 13, I'm doing only 20 or 30 points of damage per attack and the Luminous Eidolon is throwing tentacles all over me. Weak.

I ran back from the hospital and she was still stuck so we both quit for the night.

I probably totaled 50 XP from that entire jewel thief mission. Let's see...50 XP divided by one hour = ... diddly squat.

Don't get me wrong. I love this game and these things happen and I'm happy to laugh it off.

I'm curious. What's your worst mission?

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I am thinking of my last respec for the game, I am lvl 42...

I am a good defender now (so I am told), I was told though that the only thing that could make me imporve is if maybe I had recall friend (to tp dead people and rez them) and possibly grant invisibilty.

My play style: 95% of the time it is my friend and I (sometimes maybe a group of 4) UNLESS we do tf's, sometimes sg misison etc... I never solo... I prefer group play.

So with this in mind, I did want to respec in recall friend but it can't be my travel power because I suck at tp'ing myself and I hate it terribly. I love fly!

I also want to get the psychic mastery pool...

So here is my possible last build for my level 44 respec.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I will put a (* ) buy the powers I currently have and show the slots that i will have at end of 50...and I will bold in what i want to add.

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Slotting for Defense

Stealth: +DEF
Combat Jumping: +DEF, +RES to Immob
Frozen Armor (blaster epic): +DEF smashing & lethal, +RES cold & fire

If you have all three powers, and want to slot for defense, what would you do? In the hero planner I put three +DEF enhancements in each, because it's pretty. But that's not an effective way to slot powers. (I don't even have Frozen Armor yet, and would only get CJ if I respec, but I can't stop playing with hero planner.) Slotting advice much appreciated!

... While I'm on the subject, has anyone ever tried six slotting Ice Patch with recharge time redux? Combined with hasten I could cast Ice Patch every four seconds or so... and then maybe make an area big enough that setting off Blizzard would be more fun to watch.
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Compatible origins for badge collecting

OK, so my husband and I are going to create new alts on the same server to play together. He's going to be an AR/? blaster and I'm going to try my hand at an empathy defender. It's a different server than our SG, and we anticipate these two will be only teaming with each other.

With that in mind, we want to get as many of the story arc/trial/mission badges as we can. I've been researching the story arcs, and it looks like most of those can come from at least two contacts. But I can't find a good list that says, say, "Contact A (Magic) leads you to Contact B (Magic) who gives you Story X (Badge)" and so on.

Does anyone know if certain origins are routed more toward story arc badges? It looks like there's a lot of Magic-based arcs in the list, but I could be wrong. We want to each take different origins so as to maximize our mission/story arc badge chances. What do you recommend?