February 23rd, 2005


Leap On Demand™

Holy frickin' crap.

Inertial Reduction is by far one of the coolest powers. Cheap, easy to use and gives pleasure to all.

Why, do you ask, did I take it?

It compliments Super Speed very much - I don't need to stinkin' Leapin', I got LOD™!

Let the good times.. Uh... Er.. Leap!
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Empathy defender question

Parallel to my previous post, I'll be playing an emp def for the first time ever (alongside my husband who's playing an AR/Dev blaster). What secondary should I pick? Since we're not likely to be teaming with anyone for a long, long time (if ever) it'll be just the two of us, and I have no defender experience to judge the secondaries. Thanks in advance!

When the Arena hits test..

Since there are no supergroups on test, we're going to have to work together to check out the team-battle function. I'm thinking we, from this community, could team up. We're a little more mature than a lot of the other players (especially those that frequent the official forums) and we could probably do well.

So, post the name of the character(s) you plan on using in the Arena on test. When I4 hits the test servers we can all look for each other... maybe even set up a time to all be online at the same time.

I'll be on as White Sapphire (currently lvl 35 ice/ice blaster) ... Hope to see you guys there!
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Story of Horus Guard's recent mission to another dimension, from its own perspective.

I was asked by my contact in Portal Corps to investigate a dimension they'd been getting some strange readings from. This sort of exploratory mission is quite routine for me, I have a good working relationship with Portal Corps.

As I walked up to the massive machine, the heavy thrumming shook my frame. Well accustomed to this, I stepped past the bright event horizon on my way to the dimension designated Alpha Upsilon 24-2.

I arrived, and immediately I knew something was horribly wrong. I found myself in the middle of Paragon City, but some cataclysm had shook it. Water engulfed the lower portions of the city and buildings everywhere had fallen. Worse, my sensors weren't detecting any life signs. This was truly chilling because I should have been able to detect it if there were any life anywhere on the planet.

What villain could have done this? The Rikti? Nemesis? The Council? Who would turn the Earth into a barren wasteland. I had to find some clue as to what had happened, in hopes that should something similar ever occur in our dimension we could be prepared.

While searching the ruined city, I soon noticed that there were spirits, the former citizens of this Paragon. Hoping that they might be helpful, I approached. Ironically, when they saw me they looked as if they'd seen a ghost. Obviously in no mood to parley, they attack. I was forced to defend myself, and soon they had dissipated. In the melee, I'd heard one comment about having killed me already, but I thought nothing of it. It is a common, if disturbing, event to find your alternate self has suffered a... different fate when exploring different dimensions.

At last, I found something that stood out-- me. Half buried in rubble, my deactivated form lay motionless. I prayed that the memory banks were still intact and attempted to access them, this would tell me exactly what happened.

And it did. I found out what had destroyed this world. I had. Somehow my programming reverted back to its original specifications, and I had conquered this planet. In the absence of my master, I set myself up as ruler. Accessing the memories, I witnessed myself slaying my friends, standing up to everything they could throw at me. I watched Statesman's helmet being crushed beneath my foot. I saw the remnants of the Earths' military powers fighting me alongside the Council's Vampyri, Nemesis's Jaegars, even the Circle of Thorns joined in the unlikely coalition against me.

They failed to stop me. This is, after all, what I was designed to do. Subjugate planets for my master. Even Rikti technology pales in comparison to that used to create me.

If I were capable of sleeping, and of having nightmares, this world would be the manifestations of my nightmare. To relapse into my former role and destroy all I had sword to protect.

When I returned to Portal Corps, I asked them to deactivate me. I was unable to discern what had caused my other self to revert, and if it happened there it could happen here. They refused. They were quite adamant that that wasn't the answer. If anything, they said, it was proof that I may be the only thing capable of protecting this planet when things really start to go down.

Maybe they're right. But how can I protect anyone from myself? I'd go to Crey, perhaps the only other group with the capability of deactivating me. I know they'd be more than happy to be rid of me, but I fear giving them access to my technology would be as good as handing the Countess the keys to the planet.

So it seems all I can do now is keep fighting as I have since I arrived on this planet. There is always the threat that I might turn, but there is no alternative. I must remain vigilant.

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Respec advice for Scrapper

I've decided it's time to finally use my free respec on my claws / super reflexes scrapper. She hit Level 25 last night doing Sister Psyche's task force, and I think its about time now that I replaced a power that I've not been using (Flurry) with one that will actually be useful (Hasten). I also have the option of moving some slots around, too... and that's where I'm a bit unsure how to proceed. So a few quick questions...

1) Is there any reason to have multiple slots on Brawl? I've got 3 slots there now. This was only the second character I ever created after getting the game, so at the time that I did that I didn't realize there'd be lots better things to devote slots to later.

2) Likewise, I've got 2 slots on Rest. Now that I've got Health, I'm guessing that extra slot is better spent elsewhere?

3) I've still got only one slot on Super Speed. I feel like the Roadrunner as it is with just my one run speed enhancement. Would there be any reason to put more slots on there now?

Thanks in advance for any advice.