February 24th, 2005


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Ive created a livejournal supergroup on the test server. I friended everyone who listed their names in my previous post- however some toons apparently hadnt been copied over to the test server yet. If you listed your name but hadn't yet copied your toon over (and I know some of you are waiting to lvl up before doing so) let me know once you do, so I can friend you.

I dont exactly play on the test server on a regular basis, but if I see you in the Livejournal channel in global chat on live, I will ask you if you want to load up the test server so I can invite you to the SG.

My name is White Sapphire3 on test... though eventually I'll recopy the toon over once I4 hits the servers.
Puck (silly)

Hasten & Stamina

Another question relating to my plans to respec my scrapper...

Would having "Hasten" multi-slotted with recharge reductions eliminate the need to devote slots on my claw powers to recharge reductions? Meaning I could put more damage enhancements in there instead?

And the same question with regards to "Stamina." If I get that slotted with a couple SOs, will my endurance recovery be sufficient to not need a slot of endurance cost reduction on each of my attacks? Does "Stamina" max out at a certain number of slots?
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a conumdrum

So I'm sitting here before I head on off to work about what power I am going to select at 24 with my new claw/regen. And I'm just... completely stuck. Currently about to ding 17, I should be 24 at the very least, by the end of Sunday (I play wayyyyyyyy too much, but then again, who doesn't? :P) Anyway, here's the deal. I'm stuck between a few powers (Tough/Resilience and possibly Dull Pain) I'm really leaning towards Tough to give that extra boost of Resistence that I sorely need, of corse, I won't be slotting it until way way after 35,because I have other things to slot *cough*IH*Cough*, but since I have never really made it past 20 with a scrapper before, I'd appreciate some assistance on which is the better choice at said level. Again, I thank you in advance as I am about to head out the door.
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Blaster/Defender combo

Thanks very much to everyone for all the advice you gave on what kind of emp def secondary power to go with an AR/Dev blaster. :) I think I'll choose Dark based on your comments and feedback. Now I get to go practice doing what my SG defender mates do so well. :D This group really is the best; the maturity and helpfulness are outstanding. ^_^
Kung Ru
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Archvillainy goodness

I'm working on my level 35 contacts (which I have six of for some reason seeing as how one of them gave me a new one after finishing my first mission with him. o_O) and have begun the story arc including the Envoy of Shadows. This of course brings me to a question.

What are my chances of soloing him, being a level 35 MA/Regen scrapper? My current plan already has me dropping my mission slider back down to gimpitude (I currently run on Invincible) for dealing with him, even if I do so by grouping. I've read anecdotes which seem to indicate that the guy doesn't have fast enough or big enough hits to take out a Regen, but I'm not sure how far I trust those anecdotes.

Advice? Laughter? Pointing?
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violet volt
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Anyone up for arresting AVs on Champion?

So most of the members of my current supergroup on Champion are MIA and I have two characters with AV missions:

Cyberroach (level 17 spine scrapper) needs to destroy infected bodies in Vahzilok's lair

Violet Volt (level 24 elec blaster) needs to defeat the Maestro on Striga Island.

Anyone on here have an active SG on champion that might be able to assist in these bold endeavors sometimes this weekend?
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My main on Virtue, Strobe (pictured), needs to get the Spelunker badge for an accolade. The problem, and reason he doesn't have it, is that he is my first character created the day the game was released, before badges existed. So far I've tried with a few friends and strangers, but due to timing issues or disconnects I haven't had luck actually completing the mission and getting the badge. If you have a character on Virtue that has that mission (Rescue the psychic/tarot reader.) that gives that badge and are willing to save it for me and exemplar Strobe to get that badge, I will happily donate some influence once we're done. Just reply or email me so we can set up a time. Thanks in advance to those willing to help.
Irradiated Riot

[Virtue] Looking for teammates for Positron Task Force

So my housemate and I want to run the Positron Task Force on Virtue (she with her main, me with my main alt) because, hey, it wasn't tortourously long enough the first time I ran it with my main. The problem? The folks we know who are clued in are few. (Two of them ran the TF with my main, thus putting them out of the running on this one.)

Irradiated Riot is a level 15 rad/rad defender (about a third of the way to 16).
Cordovan Sev is a level 15 fire/energy tanker (just past ding on 15).

We'd be looking, ideally, for another one (or possibly two) folks in the damage-dealing category who are willing to play using the tactics in the pull-and-run book rather than the wade-in-and-die-again-and-again book to run this thing with us (thereby allowing me to avoid saying, "XP debt stays crispy in milk!").

The caveat? We'd like to start tonight (probably around 7:30pm Pacific time), and we'd like someone who'd be willing to stick it out with us over another night or two if that's what it took. (It took longer than that when I ran it with Rorarii, but she and her two companions were under-leveled ... badly.) Though we're flexible on the first part, the second part's harder because of day-jobs and a handful of other commitments.

So... any takers?
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head tilt, aeryniana

Just Peachy of Virtue hit 40

It's been a long hard slog this far, and damn if I'm not pushing myself harder now that she's near 41.

Since I cannot complete the 4th slot mission on my own, I went in and planned out what I want to get.
Help me choose which one. Yes, I realize I've watched too much of The Tick. Just you wait until Halloween when Ms. Hvatska dresses as American Maid(see: irony of Croatian dressed in such costume).

Eryn mumbles under her breath, "There better be maid costumes in those Anime inspired extras of Issue 4! Bastiches."

I am indecisive and rambling as per usual.

choice one

choice two

Yep, I plan on playing her again tonight and regaining things to dole out to my alts. I have yet to come to a point where I have a comfortable amount of influence, I'm always spreading it around I guess.

I have a choice three back of my mind, it's just so wrong I can't bring myself to do it.

EDIT: Come on! Someone else vote! Molim vos!
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Server downage

Half the servers go down, and I decide to grab one of my character ideas and roll her on a server that is still up. @JeremyM teamed up with me, and thus BubbleYumm is now level 3. She's FF/Psi... and I only picked Psi because the powers are all pink (bubble gum.. get it?)

So anyway, if anyone needs a bubbler on victory, just look up BubbleYumm ^_^

Once a lowly piece of bubble gum, BubbleYumm was tracked into a lab on the bottom of a scientist's shoe. Accidental exposure to a strange lab-ray gave her sentience. She crawled into the nearest tech suit, and now uses her powers of bubble to protect bubble gum everywhere!

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Where's the Mountain Dew?

One of my alts was recently invited to join an RP SG on Champion, and it got me wondering. I've done quite a lot of the pencil and paper variety, but it hadn't occured to me (until I read here) to try it on an MMORPG. The absence of a GM/DM makes little difference, I suppose, since the game calculates mechanics and lays out the story for you...

So how do you (individual members of the community) approach roleplaying in CoH?
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I did something that goes against the EULA for CoH and I'm darn glad I did it. I disabled the looping sounds for Targeting Drone and Super Speed!

I'd also like to silence Cloaking Device, all the Dark Armors, and the Fire Armors, but I haven't been able to locate the files used for these sounds.

I did a lot of searching for how this is accomplished, was referred to a deleted post on the official CoH forums a lot, but I prevailed and have compiled a straightforward guide for anyone else who may be interested in these modifications.

Should you like to try doing this yourself, be warned it goes against the EULA and there is no support for any bad things that may go wrong from messing around with the internal workings of the game. You should also be confident in your computer skills and know the basics of how to extract .zip files, create folders, move files and rename files.

Without further ado...Collapse )
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Kymera hit 50 tonight...it took four months of long hard work but it was worth it! Thank you to all the awesome people I met on here and in game. You all rock! I will play around with some of my other alts now...