February 25th, 2005

  • eididdy

SR - Travel Power

I remember someone (I think it was aufheben) talking about how it's possible to skip a travel power with the combination of Quickness, Swift, and some other odd and ends. Who ever that was, can you please tell me how you did this? I have an (Natural) SR character that I don't think should have one of those flashy travel power things. Thanks in advance.
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  • lidane

Gah. I'm tired of running to The Hollows at Level 5. =P

So I started a new alt today (a Dark/Dark defender, which is really fun so far), and yet again, I'm confronted with my one pet peeve as a mission heavy player-- no matter what origin, no matter who my contact at Level 5, I'm always going to be sent to The Hollows. Never mind the fact that I've just had to run from Atlas to the far end of Kings Row to talk to my new person-- they're going to send me back to Atlas, then into The Hollows to talk to that cop.

I really, really wish they'd introduce that guy just like you meet any other contact, and that I was given a choice in talking to him. I loathe The Hollows without a travel power, and I refuse to do the lowbie missions there for that reason. But I can't advance with my second contact until I talk to this joker. Ugh. It's annoying as hell.

Have the devs ever given a reason why we're all but forced to go to this zone, and why we can't just opt out without making the trip?
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CoH and bandwidth

I understand that CoH chews up graphics cards like nothing else, but does it use a lot of bandwidth? I play at home with a cable modem and I don't see too much lag. I was thinking of getting a router so that my girlfriend can play on her laptop at the same time. Does anyone know if it will run poorly for the both of us? What about over wireless? I understand that some people play over a 56k modem so I think it should be ok, but I don't want to buy a router unless it will work.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

Two quick questions

First, I have a bubble defender alt that I only play once in a while and pretty much only on teams. I'm thinking of respec him more towards team support and I want to know if I'm over doing it. I'm think of taking grant invisibility, is that overkill on a bubble defender?

Secondly, can someone post a link to a site that list all contacts with level ranges and what enhancements they give out. Thanks

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(no subject)

URGH! Why are the COH official forums still down? Does it normally take this long? I guess I should go back to work... (GRUMBLE)

EDIT: WOOT! They are back up! (DROPS ALL WORK) =)

FF/Psi Defender Advice?

I dont know how much I'm going to play her, but I've played with some builds for BubbleYumm. (Because, yanno, if I can't be playing CoH while at work, I'm instead going to play with the hero planner ALL DAY.) I'm really open to any advice on her. She's only level 4 at the moment, so she has her first four powers. The two bubbles have two slots each currently. Thanks in advance!

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(no subject)

Sorry to ask, but how do I go about giving the trial for COH away? I think I must have deleted the e-mail on accident, and I really want to give mine to a friend. Help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)