February 26th, 2005

Mist Movie Shadow


Hate that dude.

He's owned us sooo many times now.
And suggestions?

Team roster
spine/inv scrapper
energy/fire blaster
storm/energy def
Illusion/Emp Cont
Empath/Dark defender
sk'd Mind Control/FF
sk'd Kin/elec
sk'd Dark/Regen scrap
one attemped was w/o the kin/elec def and had a ice/ice blaster
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Puck (silly)

Defender respec

Looking for a bit of advice. Now that I've got my scrapper's respec figured out, I'm looking at rebuilding my Level 24 Empathy / Energy Blast defender. I'm curious what kind of balance between offensive and defensive powers has worked well for other people as the game progresses. Is it more desirable to have high-powered healing and fair to mediocre damage dealing ability? Or do you try for a balance between the two? And does anyone ever have any luck running solo as a defender?
Riot Red

Random question about tanker builds...

So I've been thinking about what tankers are supposed to do (stand there and suck damage, right?), and the best way to make a tanker that accomplishes that while still allow the tank to dish out enough pain to keep from being pointless. Anyone with a successful tanker build care to share their thoughts on that?

Server Change

BubbleYumm has moved to Virtue. Before I asked for advice on the build I'd played her that morning, and being 6am, slotted her "damage" attacks instead of slotting her bubbles first. I always make mistakes when playing at 6am. And since it's easier, at lvl 5, to reroll than wait for respec, I moved her to virtue (at the behest of several people in global chat.) So if you see BubbleYumm on Virtue, that's me!

Question for FF Defenders

Sorry to spam today. I have nothing else to do :P

What's the point of having both Repulsion Field and Force Bubble? RF violently repels foes, costs end per foe. FB just keeps them all at bay, and is expensive to start with.

Should I take both? Should they both be running at the same time?

Controllers: Explain them to me

Ok, I've tried a little bit from each type of Controller, and I've teamed with many Controllers, and I just don't get it. Excepting perhaps a few certain builds or the patience of a saint, the following things seem/are universal to all Controllers:

1. The second lowest hitpoints.
2. The powers that are most in demand from a Controller (area holds/immobs/etc) are also the ones that cause the entire group to aggro onto the Controller in question making them dead rather quickly (see #1 for why that concerns me).
3. Eat Endurance like it's their job, making Stamina an inseperable part of their build.
4. Do no damage
5. Have zero soloing potential, despite Statesman's wish that all should have potential.
6. As the type of villain (Minion, Lieutenant, etc) ascends, the powers that are define the AT become less and less useful, making the Controller less and less useful.
7. Have minimal damage mitigating powers.
8. The secondaries that help the most with these problems cost Endurance, which takes away from the Controller's primary job (see also #3)

While the other AT's seem to trade off things (Blasters trade HP for range, Defenders trade Damage dealing for buffs/debuffs, Scrappers trade range for defense, Tankers trade damage for defense), Controllers don't get anything out of all of the things they sacrifice.

To all the people out there who do have kick ass Controllers, my hat's off to you. Can you explain it to me? I'm not one of those NOWNOWNOWPLMEPLEASE!! type of people, but it just doesn't seem worth all the hassle and frustration.

What's the Deal with the Paladin Knight?

Ok, I'm sick and tired of spending 45 minutes watching a giant group of Clockwork to start building the Paladin Knight. Can anyone give me any tips on when they're going to build, how long they stand around - really ANYTHING. I'm being driven quite nuts by this thing. When all the other monsters spawn, they just spawn. There's no build up, no nothing. They're just there. I'd just like to know the phases or steps or whatever in the Knight's "spawning" (if there are any) so I can stop wasting my time.

Sorry if this was disjointed, this thing is almost as irritating as Adamastor was.

EDIT: I know how to get the Badge, I'm just wondering if there are phases by which you can tell the difference between "a bunch of Clocks standing around" and "a bunch of Clocks about to start working on the Paladin Knight."
Puck (silly)

DOs vs. SOs

If the level of the enhancements are equal, is one slot filled with an SO damage enhancement worth less than, the same, or more than two slots with DOs?

I'm willing to spend the money on the SOs if it means being able to reassign a few more slots elsewhere (like Stamina) when I respec.