February 27th, 2005

Kamen Rider


I'm nearing level 14 with my Kin/Psy Defender, and I'm taking Fly because it fits the concept and since it's so damn cool.  But, I'm having trouble finding that "Speed on Demand" bind that turns Fly on when moving, and Hover when at rest.  If someone has a source for it, could you post it and any instructions on getting it to work? 

Thanks in advance.  And coincendentally, this toon is on Protector so if I'm on, then I'm willing to whore Speed Boost help you out in exchange for influence and big XP.

A little info for regens that pick up Moment of Glory

For those that don't know "Moment of Glory" is the last power of the regen powerset. It's a last ditch effort type of power.

Now the advice...

When you get this power don't join a group that is facing the Rikti. The standard Ritki are fine but the monkies are deadly. But perhaps you do this, don't trip the power. Psionics hurt pretty bad.

To say the least I was in a group, popped to level 38 and got Moment of Glory. So we head the next mission and I run in and start fighting. I get down to a little below half health and trip MoG. I did this intentionally. I could have done Dull Pain but decided why do that when I have this new awesome power.

I was almost killed by a monkey... a little monkey of all things.

So kids don't do that and if you do... RUN!

keybinding and macros

i havent caught up on doing this yet....i have a feeling this is gonna label me a newbie but i cant find info on what they are used for and how to set them

yes i have gone 27 lvl on my main 20 on another alt and 16 on a 3rd alt without them....

so can someone clue me in...thanks

Iron Reaver
[dresden] riding t-rex

Official Forums

Yes, I wanted to make a post about the dreaded Official Forums. I'm stuck at work 12 hours a day Fri-Sun and being in a geek job that depends on calls, I sometimes have a few hours to kill. With nobody on AIM to entertain me, I cruised the OF and must say I've never read so much stupidity in one sitting. It's as if I just watched every Pauly Shore movie over and over again while on uppers, downers, acid, and whippets. I actually think part of my brain oozed out of my ear to get away from this garbage.

I can honestly say I learn more and enjoy myself more here in our community. We treat each other with respect (95% of the time) and we're all actually helpful. We don't even mind when one of us posts images of our toons (I've gotten a couple of costume ideas from here). I just wanted to stop and say thank you all for actually giving a damn about this game and those of us in the community. I wouldn't know half of what I do without this community.

-Enrage lvl50 Tank, Digitaldevil lvl17 PB, and Baby Lou Tattoo lvl8 Tank on Justice

questions about radiation emission

I have a rad/rad defender that I started playing again. I finally got to level 12 and started buying dual origin enhancements. I couldn't find any ToHit DeBuffs though. Maybe they don't make them. Anyhow, it got me thinking about how I should slot my powers. I have hasten and I understand that I should fully slot that, but how much should I slot accelerate metabolism (boosts damage and endurance recovery), radiation infection and enervating field? Enervating field cannot really be improved on so I was going to two-slot it for endurance. I was going to fully slot radiation infection with four accuracy debuffs and two endurances. Is it worth slotting up AM? I like the sound of extra endurance recovery. I was going to four-slot it.
Puck (silly)

Whatcha reading there, Mr. Mage?

To celebrate reaching Level 25, my empath / energy blast defender Lady Foxx went badge hunting tonight to pick up the explorer badges in Steel Canyon, King's Row, and the Hollows that she wasn't able to grab when she was a lowbie because trolls, clockwork, CoT, and the like were squatting on them.

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