February 28th, 2005


I'm an Energy/Energy blaster (also just realising how over used this archetype is) and since I can get conserve power is it worth getting Hasten too and making them both permanent by reducing recharge and end cost?

Thing is.. I've already opended Fly (what can I say, can't live without it), Concealment (new pool powerset for me but absolutely loving it - wandering around Founder's Falls at level 12) and Teleport (which I got for Recall Friend but not sure of how much I want it) I was thinking of opening Medicine, because there's part of me that misses being a Defender, but I know that with Conserve Power opening Speed so I can get Hasten would be amazing... what do you guys think?

(And can you pick different pool powersets if you get a regen?)

Also! Hey! (New member here... on the EU servers)

new supergroup on Victory

I made a supergroup on Victory, Green with Envy. The requirements to join are

1. Your character must be green - green skin or green clothing if no skin is showing.
2. Roleplaying is fine, but not required. If you do roleplay, don't get upset if we don't.
3. You should be available to play at least once a week for as long as it takes to do a typical door mission. We'll try to do more interesting missions than "Defeat 20 Skulls and 20 Hellions."
4. I would prefer people who are laid back, yet focused. If we have a limited time to play, let's not waste it dancing or sitting around deciding on a mission. On the other hand, if we all take a dirt nap five feet into the mission, don't throw a hissy fit. Debt happens and doesn't matter much in the long run.
5. Edited: please use complete sentences when appropriate.

Any level or any powersets are fine with me. We'll make it work with exemplar or sidekicking or whatever. I'm a radiation/radiation defender, Lord Gamma, currently at level 13. I live on the East Coast and usually play at night (after 7) during the week and at various times on the weekend.

Leave a reply if you're interested.

Positron and a build question

As february draws to a close I realize I will fall short of my goal with Devil's Boy. I was hoping to acheive level 20 by tomorrow but I'm only at 17.3 right now. Hopefully I can make it to 18 tonight.

I did positron this weekend. Second time I've done it. Again, it was hellish, though better than the first time. The first time we started with a team of 5, dwindled to three after the first 3 missions (Tanker, Scrapper and Controller with Emp). It took over 9 hours. My entire Saturday as a matter of fact.

This time was a bit different. The guy who started it had no clue what he was in for. "Hour and half, 2 hours tops" he said. I gotta say, I hadn't laughed that hard for a long time.

We started off with a team of 8, including 3 people who needed to be exemped. We waited 45 minutes for this one girl and then she quit after the first mission. We had a rocky beginning but pretty soon we were going through it as a cohesive unit. A few others dropped and we were a solid unit of 5, 2 tankers, 2 scrappers and a blaster (me). Our healer had dropped after the third mission or so. We perserved. 2nd to last mission our leader crashes. He had been exemping one of our scrappers. There are not enough expletives. He came back on, bit obviously we couldnt get her back, which is just wrong. I'm writing a letter, not to petetion to but ask for a change in the policy, for all the good it will do. It just seems unfair that she was there for 5 hours, and then bam!

Over all, we had few deaths and finished in under 6 hours. Though, those are six hours I should have been sleeping (12am-6am).

Now for my question. I've got a fire/fire blaster approaching level 18. My three choices for a power are: Aim and Blaze under Fire Blast and Build up under Fire Manipulation. I plan to take all 3 eventually (one at 18, one at 22, and one at 24) but I'm debating the order.

My current build has 3 Fire Blast powers (Blast, Ball and Breath) 2 Manipulation powers (Ring of Fire and Fire Sword). I've got Hover and Fly, Sprint and Health, and Stealth. I'll take Stamina at 20.

Fire Blast and Fire Ball are fully slotted (5 damage, 1 acc) breath is close (4 damage, 1 cone)

So any advice?
CoH CaptainTemerity

(no subject)

I'm thinking of Respecing CaptainTemerity and including the Leadership pool.

I've never really seen (or paid attention to) someone using it before, and I have no idea how effective it is, how to slot it, or what it's actual worth is.

Cap is a Kinetics/Psychic Blast Defender, now level 26. I was thinking of doing away with Stamina since I can now take Transference (is that right? The stamina draining power in Kinetics), and taking Leadership, and possibly the Healing pool as well, in trade.

Since Leadership seems to be Toggles, how much do I need to worry about losing Stamina and adding them? Will one or two Endurance Reduction SOs make enough of a difference, or am I in for a world of hurt?

I'm not thinking too long on Vengeance. I'm more interested in taking the rez power from Healing (rather have teammates up and fighting than laying around). But the first three, for team defence, damage, and aim seem pretty worthwhile. Or do they lose value compared to the Kinetics pool?

Appreciate any advice on this.
Officer Friendly

Comic books

This post is only slightly related to CoH. It's more about the source medium of comic books. This came from a discussion that mistervimes and I were having about the reboot of the Green Lantern characters going on right now. This was originally posted over in his journal. Skip this if you don't really care about comic books.
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venga bus

(no subject)

So as a DA scrapper, i have end issues. I just hit 45 and realized i have 1 respec saved and another i could get from a rikti reactor trial.

Someone metnioned i grab conserve power instead of my darkness mastery. How is laser eyes in comparison to dark blast? (long range, moderate for dark blast)

Warining: I have no hasten. Nor do i expect to be able to slot hasten even if i got it.

Bind Question

A while ago ethan posted a bind to allow you to bind several powers to one key. First, ethan, can you repost that bind?

Second, is there a way to include into that bind "turn off all toggles except these" ? Something like "turn off all toggles then turn on this and this and this." with successive keypresses?

I say this because I want to have a "travel" key which will drop all toggles and turns on slide, super jump and personal force field.

I want to have a "protect" key which drops all toggles and turns on dispersion bubble.

I want to have an "ohshit" key which drops all toggles and turns on personal force field, combat jumping, and my invisi powers (once I get them).

So, as you can see, I will have several toggles running, and want to be able to drop all of them and start up another set of toggles. Help is much appreciated.