March 1st, 2005

Chibi Angel Chaz


Hey there! Glad to have found this community... I'm already jonesing to use some of the bind tricks and info y'all have posted!

I've got three toons, all on Infinity server, which does not seem a popular choice around here!

My primary is a mutant mind control/empath, second is a tank super strength/invinc, and third is a science psi/bubb defender.

All very cool and interesting in their own ways.

Looking forward to reading more and meeting some peeps on Infinity! :)
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Hey all

Hey Friends :P

Im new here..well to this community.Just looking for some new pals to play with,since its so difficult to find a decent group ingame :)


Nemesis Staff

On the window before you log in, where it tells you which bugs they have fixed, they stated the following:

-The Nemesis Staff: Fixed the bug that gave the Nemesis far too long of a range.

All I have to say is... NO! I don't have it anymore, but... the range rocked. I knew there was something wrong when the range was farther than my snipe, but that doesn't mean I didn't love it. :D

Switching character view when zoning

Problem solved. Thanks for all your help!

The past couple of days the oddest thing has been happening. When I go in or out of a mission or zone, perspective switches from third person to first person. I thought at first I was accidentally hitting "B", but I wasn't. I tried keeping my hands away from the keyboard when clicking on the door, and it still happens, correctable only by clicking on "B".

Is this happening to anyone else?

Another dumb question.

What the heck is "jerk-hack"ing?

I've seen it posted in the forums and devtracker but I have no idea what it is.

EDIT: Not looking for links to Kill Skuls or the thread which consists of just mocking some idiot for hundreds of pages of posts. What I'm looking for is an explaination to what jerk-hacking is. I ask because the devs are using the term and recently removed a post for containing a "step by step guide to jerk hacking." I just want to know what it actually is.


Since a lot of people replied to elfwench saying they didnt know the solution:

If every time you zone, your view changes (from first to third person or vice versa)

1. Scroll your scroller-wheel thingie in and out a few times.

2. Reset your camera distance to wherever you actually want it.

3. TA DA!

(What happened is your roller wheel was partially between clicks, or thought it was. Rolling the wheel back and forth gets it back into its groove.)
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Thanks to some of the best medical help available, the burn scars covering Rita Hayes's body have finally been totally eliminated. For the first time since her powers manifested at the young age of 12, Pyrita can show some skin!

I was getting really sick of my previous second costume, bright red and yellow spandex.