March 2nd, 2005


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My controller has been a powerhouse since she hit 32. She has caught up to my level 47 main. She has 284 hours, as opposed to my main (rad defender) who has well over 600. I failed to look at how many hours it took her to get to 32. And yes, I will admit that her SG mates did take her on their missions pre-32 without sk'ing her, but she always contributed as much as possible. Post 32 it's been all her though.

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Respec Report: Stamina is Love

After much time spent with the "hero planner" figuring out what I wanted to do, last night I used the free repec I've been hanging on to and made some changes to my empathy/energy defender. I dropped TP self, added Stamina, and moved a few slots around. Then I went to claim my two slots for Level 25 and stuck those on Stamina to give myself four slots there. I filled those with two DOs and two regular training, and I didn't put any endurance cost reductions back onto my attack powers. I filled the slots I'd opened up on my attack powers with SOs for damage.

Then it was time test things out. I did the Striga door mish from Stephanie Peebles where you have to defeat all the Council 'bots in the warehouse, and I was able solo it with no problem. And that confirmed it all for me right there. Before my respec, I could barely make it in the door and past the first patrolling 'bot without using up all my end. With Stamina in my build, the only time my end bar dropped below the 1/3 point was when I was owning the boss.

Right after exiting the mish, I got invited on a team to do the same mish again. That time around, I was firing off heals AND blasting, and I only had to pop a "catch a breath" one time when we got carried away and agro'ed everyting in the big main room.

So yes... Lady Foxx is very happy with her respec. Now I just need to find out where I can get SOs for endurance recovery. All I could find in the magic shop on Talos were DOs, which is why I saved my money and only bought two for now.

Attack of Idiocy

Last night, after helping my friend lady_sadako kick an awful lot of Crey off bridges, we finally got the chance to clear her record & get Countess Crey.

Now, I was playing my SR scrapper, & SKd to do this. I'm not making vast XP doing this, as our levels are very far apart, but I AM having lots of fun hanging out with a friend, so there ya go.

Anyways. After spending a long time mopping up mostly grey Crey to complete the 'arrest zillions' mission, I thoroughly had it in for the Countess.

Some helpful team-mates joined us, & off we went, into the spooky caves. Things were going pretty well, with me not getting into too much trouble, going straight to take down those nasty damage-dealing tank chappies, & trying not to get lost.

However, when it came to Countess Crey, some kind of red mist came down. I could here the others talking sensible tactics. I really could. They were talking about holds & trip-mines. But then someone said "Ready?" & I was already standing there, glowing like an Xmas tree from buffs & inspirations, & next thing I know, I'm shouting "READY!" & charging the Countess with no thought whatsoever for mines & holds & the fact that she is an arch-villain.

She pretty much peered sceptically over the top of her glasses as she one-shotted me. As I lay at her feet, my team-mates were all saying "Why did she do that?" & I was taking my awaken & being glad my character can't blush. I also levelled to 19 (& got the Tough badge) as I hit the deck, due to her last minion being taken out. Talk about embarassment! Also, the minion was wearing the same suit as me.

While fighting the Countess, she one-shotted me again, but I was ported out, patched up & back in to be there at the final moment.

So, my point. Does anyone else lose all reason in a fight from time to time? I don't think I've ever done this before. I more commonly play a sensible blaster or defender who rarely gets into too much trouble.

I'm very sorry to anyone who teamed with me last night, especially the devices blaster who had the good plan with the trip-mines. At least it was only me that died...
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What kind of dumbass puts a level 5 mission entrance on the opposite side of the Hollows from the gate and then surrounds said entrance with level 11 and 12 minions so that it's next to impossible to get to the fucking mission? My character is level 8. I just died twice trying to get to the mission. Does this make any sense?
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Stuck with Hollows contacts

EDIT: As it turns out the level 10 does indeed have other contacts (one in KR and one in Steel) and the level 8 is actually only level 6.

As for the the level 16, he *did* only have contacts in The Hollows, however, this was fixed like everyone said it could be fixed, by going and talking to Azuria. (which I thought I had already done). I must have got one of the three characters confused... I apologize for the confusion and the waste of your time in this thread.

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Stamina is Love

Thank you cmdr_zoom for the image. I've moved it to my own host, so people are free to post it in their own journal or elsewhere (unless you plan on getting eight billion hits in the next week, because I dont have *that* much bandwidth.) This is the first and only one of these that I ever felt the desire to post. Cross-posted, even.

Stamina is Love

Data Archiving

I moved my site to a new host a month or two ago. I hadn't taken the time yet to reinstall my forum. I've done so now.. it's still all the default stuff (I'll start customizing in a bit) but I wanted to post here because:

I'm archiving info from this community (and other sources if I find them). I'm doing this to keep the info in a centralized location. Please feel free to post in the forums, and/or suggest more forum categories.

Can't I just put all my slots into one power?

Its not that I want to make a power uber, honest. But Aid Other, for instance. It really needs three health enhancements so it heals a decent amount. It also needs three recharge time redux, so it comes back faster. But I also want three interrupt-time redux, otherwise I have to sit there and mash the key to heal someone if I've taken aggro. And I want three range increases on it, because the person I'm trying to heal often runs around, or away. (I know, it would be completely unfair and unbalanced. I'm just saying...)

And so it begins . . .

Spotted on Triumph server this evening:

[Request]LambOfGod2: looking to buy a damage/range hemi enhance PST

Am I nuts, or do the enhancements dropped by Hamidon and the oh-so-rare Titans seem awfully similar to the kind of "loot" that the devs claim to so abhor? Back when he had been dropped a mere handful of times across all servers (at least as far as I've read) this may not have been an issue, but I sure hope the Request and Broadcast channels don't devolve into endless trade requests from players who are desperate to be uber.
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Unyielding fricking rocks!

I finally got Iron Adonis up to level 8 today and got Unyielding... I went from barely able to tank a small same-level group to being able to easily tank a +3 group.

I also have confirmed what I already knew... Tankers who can't keep the aggro off my fire blaster Pyrita are inept. Taunt is insanely effective. They never even look the other way.

Sewer Success

Thanks to Miss Polarity, Fujiko, and members of the Fire Fighters SG, Cleansing Fire, Red Flayme, and Legond, for helping Angry Aunt Flo to complete the Sewer Trial. We finished with about 32 minutes to spare.

The team consisted of 2 controllers, 2 scrappers (both regen) and 2 blasters. Much of the success is thanks to Miss Polarity for the great advice and direction of the team. Only 3 of us had guns (a lvl 37, lvl 38, and lvl 42), and we learned that a level 42 hero CAN get access to the special guns in this trial as Fujiko showed us (not the believe lvl 41 is upper limit). Also, I think Miss Polarity's Singularity held the Dern Hydra Head in place for us to kill it in one round. We did not have to go back to the generators to take down the shields again as expected (even tho the generators were fully fixed by the rikti). Most of the deaths were mine, and due to the dern tentacles (they rhyme with testicles, I guess that explains why they hate me so, oh well).

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