March 3rd, 2005

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I feel like a hero. I feel for Final Point, my 45 spines/DA scrapper main. I've taken to reading everything presented to me post 30 from my contacts. It was ok until i hit 40. then it became great. The writing, the clues, the subtleties littered throughout the game all culminating to this. Man, i had wondered why the lost had rikti swords. I found out from a spoiler ages ago, but running the 40-44 rikti arc paid it off in full. FInally hunting down crey was a huge spring in my step. But the crowning achievement is in my mission tray as i type.

I am about to take down Nemesis.

Maxwell Christopher (the contact) is sowell written that i cannot help but be sucked up into his paranoid obsession. And i've been itching to fight this guy since level 10 when a wandering civvie told me nemesis held the city hostage with nerve gas in the 40s.

I love this game sometimes.

(@FinalPoint on virtue)

Dark/dark scrapper question

My scrapper just hit level 16 and I picked up Dark Regeneration from the Dark Armor power set. I already have Siphon Life from the Dark Melee set and I'm wondering if having both is kinda redundant. Siphon life does ok damage and ok healing but seems to be a real endurance hog. From what I can tell Dark Regen isn't to bad on the endurance and healed almost 3 times more unslotted then a slightly slotted Siphon life. I am considering get rid of siphon life for boxing. That way I still have a fourth attack and it opens up the fighting pool to get tough. Am I thinking right or do I just not know the powers well enough?
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Wikipedia entry

I was poking around Wikipedia, the open-source encyclopedia, and I happened to notice that there's an entry for City of Heroes. Found it to be a bit inadequate, so I went ahead and revised it to make it a little better. I think it still has a ways to go, though.

With Wikipedia, anyone can make a change or an addition. So, anyone who would like to improve what's already there...well, go for it. :)
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The Four Deaths of the Wonderful Windlacer (Tanker version)

1st - Stupid pick up team abandoned me in the middle of Perez park. Got raped by zombies.
2nd - First mission of Positron's Task Force. Got arrogant and charged in thinking I could handle it. Got owned by zombie vomit.
3rd - First mission of Synapse's Task Force. Got arrogant and charged in thinking I could handle it. Got electrocuted to death by robots.
4th - Tsoo Ink Men got passed my Unyielding defenses, disorient/held me, and then allowed their ninja buddies to hack me to death.

Four deaths in 21 levels. Not bad.

The Wonderful Windlacer - Level 50 Energy/Energy/Force Blaster
'Lacer - Level 21 Invulnerable/Energy Tanker

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Last night, took a mission to Stop Project Wildflower from Crimson. He tells me to call in all the reserves I can as the base will be heavily guarded. I see no mention of an AV so I decide to go in alone and scope things out. Orange, reds and purples, nothing me and my imps can't handle. Mission complete. It's bedtime, log off from inside mission.

This morning, log on, hear something stomping towards me, my squishy ass is laying in the soft grass of the hills in Founder's Falls before I realize what's going on. I look around to see what the license plate of that truck was: Kronos, Giant Monster (level 49, this is my level 47 controller).

Lucky for me, 4 of my SG friends were on, and one brought along a friend. I leave my corpse there so the monster doesn't despawn. At this point we're three controllers, a defender and two tanks. Friend rezzes me before everyone makes it FF. This pisses the monster off and he not only takes me out again, but my friend as well. The defender arrives and has phase shift, and start to divert its attention. Take two on the rez. Monster doesn't care about phaseshifted defender I'm alive again, we can't have that. Death number 3. Tanks arrive taunt gets him off me long enough for me to get off the floor, we start doing our best to bring him down.

Keep in mind we're a team of 6 "support" ATs. This monster is shredding through my imps faster than I can summon them, despite having three controllers we were never once able to hold him. At this point it was a stalemate. Any damage we did he regenned, and any damage he did we healed. I do my best to search for more people while fighting. Enter two blasters. Takes then a while to both get there, but when they do the stalemate ends, slowly, but it ends. All in all took about 20-30 minutes. That monster isn't worth enough xp for all the debt I got from it.

So remember kids: Just because you go to sleep, doesn't mean they're gonna forget to come ambush your ass in the morning.

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City of Heroes 40K

No, this isn't a Warhammer spoof. That's how much debt my character (level 28 ice/ice blaster) logged out with today after the first mission and half of the Striga Island task force. No names have been mentioned (other than my own), because for as bad as this was, those involved don't need to be heckled, but this is just too fantastic not to share.

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Tanker respec sanity check...

I'm about to respec my level 32 Invul/Axe tanker, and thought I'd check for comments here before I did. My biggest thing is...Leadership, or Resist Elements/Energies? And should I try to squeeze Taunt back in there? Soloing on test I do okay with endurance but without Leadership turned on; I imagine I wouldn't have the END to turn Leadership on without going Unstoppable in a team situation, which kinda makes those two powers a waste much of the time.

EDIT: I DON'T WANT PROVOKE. THE BELOW BUILD DOESN'T INCLUDE TAUNT OR PROVOKE. I only mentioned Provoke because this is my first respec post I3, and before I3 Provoke was important. Meanwhile, everything I said in my reply about Provoke being of little use to me applies equally well to Taunt. Taunt vs. punchvoke discussion is encouraged. Discussion of whether I should take Resist Energies, Resist Elements, or Tough Hide (or two of those with Taunt out of the picture, or all three and lose Taunt and another power) are encouraged.

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Has anyone else notice the sudden tanker boom of idiots?

Just to see what regeneration is all about, I built a katana/regen scrapper the last week of February and in the past week of teaming up to level him from 10-20 I have teamed up with absolute worst tankers in my year of playing CoH. None of them had taunt and I usually let that slide if the tanker knows his/her stuff and can manage without, but sadly these people couldn't keep the aggro of a baby kitten with a ball of string if their lives depended on it. But that isn't why I am here to rant, it's the fact that majority of these tanks I teamed up with in the past week didn't use any of their defenses.

I played with a L16 stone/stone tanker who pretended he was a melee blaster and tried taking on a red Tsoo boss and a yellow Troll boss without using any of his primaries; if it wasn't for the fact that the other scrapper that was with us knew how to fight, the tanker would of spent majority of that mission with his face in the dirt. I laughed so much during that mission. I think my favorite part was when he ran away from a single white Troll minion and started shouting for help in the team channel since the Troll Buckshot put him in the red.

I wish it ended there but sadly he's only the tip of the iceberg of horrible tanks I've seen in the past week. There was the L21 invulnerability/battle axe tanker that actually had and used taunt (YAY!), but never turned on any of his primary powers and couldn't understand why he died in every battle after he taunted mobs. Then there was the fire tanker who only used blazing aura as his defense and the tanker that thought challenge from the presence power pool was the only thing he needed to hold aggro.

I can't help but wonder if The Great Blaster Boycott of Ought Five is somehow related to this sudden increase in horrible tanks who fight like badly built melee blasters or what I call "Bankers" since they seem to like collecting debt. I'm always cautious about random team invites, but the noticeable recent difference in the skill of tankers is to the point that I immediately cringe as soon as I see there is a tanker on the team.