March 4th, 2005


So myself and a few friends wanted to run through the Clockwork King mission in PI. No big deal I had just turned 42 and slotted up resilence so that I could stand a little longer than my last solo encounter with this AV.

Highest lvl on the team is a 43 spines/DA. Next is my freind and I are lvl 42. He's a defender ken/psi and me with my trusty kat/regen. We have 2 tanks (32s) and a blaster (41).

We start our run. First mob.. second.. so on and so forth. We get to one that has a huge clockwork type guy that I can't remember the name of. The scrappers workiing hard, defender boosting and fulcruming us, the tanks both working on one enemy. (They aren't built well at all)

No big deal, ripping through the mission, untill we get stopped by a sprocket. This sprocket is conning purple.. at what lvl you ask? 54.. An average of 41 - 44 mobs.. and as it turns out 2 spockets at lvl 54. The tanks of course try to play with them, get hurt and run away. The blaster tries and draws aggro of one. I chase that one down while the other scrapper is keeping the other sprocket at bay. After about 5 minutes my toggles almost drop.. I back off to recharge a bit and check the other scrapper still at the moment pounding away. We both had dented the lvl 54s.. but that quickly regened. We ran and they finally stopped chasing.

Now my question is this.. why do the devs hate my friends and I so much? I mean the Clockwork King alone is a pain.. but lvl 54s.. 11 lvls higher than our top hero? Is that one of those hey this will give you alot of xp if you take the 5 hours to kill it?

On a side note I love Instant Healing now that it's slotted properly. 2 end reducs/4 heals. I could sit there and let a few enemies hit me and by the time they got to hit me again I was.. err had been back at full health. Also Moment of Glory is pointless in the higher lvls. As is the epic power Focused Accuracy. I can't tell a diffrence with it on or off. I get about the same results either way. Maybe I will see more of an improvement if I slot it with a tohit buff, but you would think on it's own it might have some use.
CoH CaptainTemerity


About ten minutes from the end of the Respec Trial (assuming, mostly because we were kicking much booty), the Servers were shut down for the morning maintenance.

This is after we lost a scrapper (Amber), and then our Fire Tanker (Argon) to random disconnects, which they eventually returned from.

Of course, right before we got ripped off (no other way to put it), I did hit my 27th level. Which means, at the very least, I can now buy my level 30 SOs I've been saving so hard for.

And I have a couple respecs available to me, so it's not a HUGE deal. But still... pretty rude.

Devs, think on this one, please. Make your general announcement that the servers will be going down, but give about a half hour leeway for those doing TFs or Timed Missions (at least people on the last task of the TF). Let these people, who've been struggling for hours or who don't want to effectively "fail" their mission have that extra few minutes to finish things up. Seems the fairest thing to do, really.

Still, can't wait to get on, respec, and spend away...
Hob Auf!


A few nights ago, I was working the second Praetorian arc with my main, Aufheben. I'm doing it mainly for the Portal accolade, and have the difficulty set down to Heroic for that purpose. On this particular evening, I got a team together to do a (is there only one?) Chimera mission that had a click-and-complete option. I wanted - and stated - that I wanted to take out the AV, too.

Well, our Empath (Suran) left the mission the second the clickie was clicked - by the Warshade (Alpha Warlord) who went off on his own. He then brought his entourage of 60+ Chimera minions who proceeded to Caltrops me to death as I waited on everybody to assemble and take on Chimera. Nobody came to save me even though I was ten feet away, and soon the Tank left. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. I haven't played Aufheben in a few days, I've been that frustrated.

So, I worked on one of my alts, and got an invite into a Positron TF last night. I wandered over to Blyde Square as the team assembled, and noticed that Alpha Warlord was on the team, exemplared down. I figured, fine. No big deal. Then, one of the scrappers in the group asked if he could bring in his empath and exemp down. The team leader agreed, and guess who we were soon joined by…

That's right, Suran.

Boy, was I livid. I stuck around long enough for me to ding my level, then ditched them mid-mission.

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thanks, but...

So, I dusted off my first character ever on the Victory server (Level 9 DM/DA Scrapper which I created to get my sea legs and was abandoned due to uneducated slotting), gave her a respec and sent her on her way.

After I finished up a Hollows mission, I got invited to a team of 5 from someone outside of eyeshot. I tested to see if it was a random team add by waiting for any member to say, "Hi." Instead, after watching the chat window for 30 seconds or so and shortly after a "here", their health bars suddenly plummet and they're wiped out in less than 20 seconds.

Thanks for the add guys, but I'll pass.

But to their credit, after they all got killed, someone said, "wheres our healer".

other servers....

do other servers have an easier time at finding a group after midnight (CST)

im on pinnacle and am a college student so most of the time when i get on a couple of nights a week its inbetween 11PM and 2AM and i sit for an hour before i can find a group....did i join the Highschooler server or something

ive almost started a new character on a diff. server just to find out, but alas i love Iron Reaver way to much
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Lured to their death?

Last night, before taking my defender to her death multiple times at the hands of several hundred bright purple Zenith Mechs in the Worst Striga Island Task Force Ever, I was online with my scrapper doing missions, continuing the slow crawl to Level 26. Sprinting through Steel Canyon, I spot a corpse lying in the road, about 100 yards from Blyde Square. Curious, I stop to look. It's a Level 2 blaster. I do a double-take. Yes, Level 2... alone, in the middle of Steel Canyon.

Then I get a tell from him: "plvl me plz?" - followed immediately by a team invite.

I decline team invite for the moment, and reply with a tell. "I'm on my way to a mish and I don't do power-leveling. Want a teleport to the train?" I figured I'd be nice, since my mish was in King's Row and I was heading for the Yellow Line anyway. I would have even given him an Awaken, patted him on the head, and sent him on his way back to Atlas Park.

His reply: "no rez me and help me level"

I glance at the group of level 18 Tsoo standing nearby, presumably the ones who placed him in his present concrete-kissing predicament. "I can't rez." I reply. "You can go to the hospital, and I'll tp you to the train."

Another reply: "no staying here"

At this point, my patience has ended. So I shrug and continue on my way. And I assume he continued to lay there taking a dirt nap until someone came along who was sucker enough to oblige him.

The funny thing, though... this was the third time in two days I've come across the abandoned corpse of a lowbie in a high-level zone. The other two were in Talos, and both were under Level 5. All were laying well within aggro distance of a nearby mob. So it's making me wonder... are people finally getting aggravated enough by the power-leveling requests that they're stringing the lazy along, taking them to zones they have no hope of escaping without help, and then dropping them as a SK right in front of a mob?

It'd be cruel... but I could understand the pent-up annoyance that might lead someone to do that. I'm only Level 25, and I already get plenty of requests for powerleveling. For someone in their 30s or 40s, all those "plz" tells must get pretty old.

Of course, if the idea is to teach a lesson... I think the lesson is lost on folks like the one I ran across.
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strange Train Mission

The scrapper in my SG pulled a Malta train mission. I am a huge fan of those and love taking them on.
So I invited members of the SG that were on and got the team total to 7.

We do our normal tactics, I drop down the phantom army first in case there are any sappers about that we miss in our very standard Sapper CK ( check. don't know how we started using ck to mean that). After they have the aggro I hit power boost rush in and flash the mob, then back up to blind leftovers. Spine scrapper rushes in when I start the animation and we slaughter the group. Half way through it I die. No baddies near us.

Scratch my head and check my combat tab. A Zeus titan missled me to death so we thought maybe one ran away or something. So the scrapper takes a look around the big honking rock we are near and nothing. I click an awaken and do the drunken waltz. bam bam bam bam. dead! This time two others that were next to me are also brought down. This time I saw the titan. A GOOD 100 STEPS AWAY EASY.

Scrapper engages and I come back from the hospital. No idea how I got aggro'd since we were no where near the baddies. On top of that I was hanging back this mission cause we had 3 people being sk'd and one, my wife, was in bed and her toon was following her sk with mist on.

We didn't think much of it.

Then it happened again. A group spawned behind us a GOOD DISTANCE and they blasted me. This time I hit an awaken to see what would happen. The ENTIRE GROUP OF BADDIES hauled ass towards me with titans firing away. By Good distance I mean at least 1/4 of the entire fucking train mission board away. 500k debt.

I went back to the docs to clear aggro. This time when I came in I saw all the baddies we had cleared near the entrance were respawned, and two turned towards me after I entered and started shooting at me. They were, once again, not even in snipe range I just jumped back into the red beam. When I came back I ported as high as I could and the team decided to just hit the objectives and go.

Wasn't my mission.
I kept getting aggroed by mobs we were not only no where near, but we hadn't even come close to the engaging yet.
I was invis EVERY time I was attacked as well as inside a mist for two of the attacks.

respawning was very strange.

Anyone else seeing stuff like this?

BTW dropped Pychic Mastery and picked up Primal. SOOOO MUCH HAPPIER WITH THAT! conserve power for me = RA, power boost = holds last longer, Temp Inv= just nice.

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I'm becoming more and more alarmed at the bad spelling of hero names. Not the ones with dots, apostrophies, Xs and Os where none should be, but just bad or ignorant spellings. Here are a few examples I've collected lately:


majar pain

oiginal death

serius man

granit gladiatr

The last three on this list are the most egregious of their kind because the correct spellings of the names are available!

It's a personal irk that has turned into a hobby of sorts. Just another facet of this game at which I shake my head in wonder.

Edit: To his credit, Granit Gladiatr did capitalize his name.