March 5th, 2005

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Concealment question

OK, so I respec'd my now 45 Kin/Rad to ditch Atomic Blast, since I wasn't using it, and I picked up the Concealment pool, which will benefit my groupmates more.

I have Stealth now (fully slotted with Defense), and at 47 and 49, I intend to take Grant Invisibility and Phase Shift respectively.

What I want to know is how I slot these last two powers to get the best results. Any tips? It would be much appreciated. :)
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Is there a guide for Monsters?

I spent a certain amount of time looking for this already and found bits and pieces of information here and there, but in case I just didn't see it or didn't use the right keywords to search on, is there a guide for the Monsters in Paragon City? One that is up-to-date? Mostly I'm looking for spawn points.

Based on the searching I have done, I have come up with this list:

Adamastor:  NE corner of Dark Astoria

Octo:  S/SW Independence Port

Babbage:  N/NE Boomtown

Paladin:  three spots in Kings Row (I have the map from CoH Warcry)

Kraken:  N Perez Park & Everett Lake

Anyone have more information or know of such a guide?
Officer Friendly


As of about 10:50 last night (CST) Thermion on Virtue is 50. He was helping a friend take down Infernal at the time. I have started Taxibot Omega (Warshade) and Dawn Guardian (Peacebringer) on Virtue.

Free! I'm finally free!

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My router came yesterday and I set it up. City of Heroes runs just fine with two computers sharing one broadband connection. I got a router so that I could team up with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, her laptop took a dirt nap yesterday so we had to use mine. It has a GeForce4 card in it, which isn't too shabby. However, it has a funny quirk where if you change the resolution the screen size shrinks. Most screens allow you to decrease the resolution by increasing the effective pixel size. That means I run the screen at 1600 x 1200 so I had to run CoH at 1600 x 1200. Holy cow. What a difference. We turned off the shading and geometry buffer to cut down on the lag, but the characters have incredible detail and look much more 3D than they do on my crappy 800 x 600 screen. The lighting is more realistic as well.

Teaming up with someone sitting a foot away is very convenient.

Sidenote - Checking Name Availability

Recently Lunia posted about misspelled names, when the properly spelled name was available, and it made me wonder .. How does one check?

Is there an easy way to check if a name is available besides creating a character and then trying to name it?

Not really a misspelling, but the funniest naming encounter I have had was with "Le Choux" on Pinnacle. I asked her why she used that name, and she said it meant "The Owl". I had to tell her she was the proud owner of a 34th level "Cabbage". She was looking for "La Chouette", but copied the wrong line in the dictionary.
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Kung Ru

Defender Glee

I have recently been hit by that dreaded bug, Alt-itis. Having reached level 37 with Kung Ru on Pinnacle, I was ready to do something new for a while.

I have discovered Defenders. Not just discovered, but crashed headlong into the gleeful world of buffing the rest of the group and watching them mow through huge groups of bad guys like a hot knife through butter. I've also already gotten many people adding my latest Defender to their Friends lists for later grouping. This from the guy who played a Druid in EQ, a Friar in DAoC, a Martial Artist in AO and a MA/Regen Scrapper here in CoH to avoid grouping.

So I got sucked into the dark side. Sue me. :-p

I'd like to think I'm pretty good as a Defender. My groups have all been happy with me so far, and I got to surprise kwsapphire in a good natured BOO online, and everyone has complimented the character's costume. Granted, it's one of the cleavage costumes, so that could be why. o_o

Pictures below the cut. Kinetics / Psychic Blast Defender.

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(no subject)

Had some fun yesterday! Thanks to the LiveJournal global chat channel, I teamed up with kwasapphire on Virtue and we kicked some bootay. Then teamed up later that night with lunia. I was using my new controller, pictured below, and she decided to make a scrapper on Justice to play with me. We made a good team. Some fun roleplaying was had, too. :)

Donny Diablo, my newest alt. Currently level 5 on Justice, fire/rad controller.

Nice picture of him in the dark... Very menacing, no?

(no subject)

I just got the new CoH comic in the mail today. I find it amusing during one of the fights when a boss vampiri gets kicked in the stomach and screams out in anguish: "MMORPG"!
that's all
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Alas, Hamidon

Well, there was a Hamidon Raid scheduled for today. It had been scheduled for a whole month in advance, in fact.

So everyone got there, we formed teams, went into the hive...

...and Victory crashed.

And came back up, without Hamidon (as Hamidon does not respawn for up to three hours after the server starts).

And then crashed two more times.

When it finally came back up...there was, of course, no Hamidon. And petitions to support got the response that Hamidon would be back "within three hours."

So, basically, the Hamidon Raid that had been planned for a month in advance...was called for lack of a Hamidon to raid. And the hell of it is, we don't know for sure what caused the crashes to begin the organizer can't even schedule another Hamidon Raid until we know for sure that we'll actually be able to do it to begin with.
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Puck (silly)

Respec TF

Lady Foxx had only been logged on for about ten minutes this afternoon when she was recruited for the Level 24-26 respec task force. I was skeptical at first, given my experience with the Striga Island TF just the other night, but I figured I'd give it a go and see how things played out, since I still had a boatload of debt to work off.

It was a nicely balanced team of 6, consisting of a tanker, a scrapper, a blaster, a warshade, and two defenders. I was the empathy defender, and the other one was a bubbler. Four of us were in the 24-26 level range, and the other two were in the mid 30s, exemplared down. And OMG... this team rocked. The leader said he had done this TF six times before, and I was the only person in the group who hadn't also done it at least once. Everyone had a really good handle on what to expect, and they also were terrific about communicating so that I wasn't left standing around going "huh, what?" the whole time.

It felt like we breezed through the thing in no time, and there were only two deaths the entire time. Though I'm not sure the first one counts, since it was one of the Level 30-somethings getting himself killed on purpose so he would have debt and "Have a number to watch since I'm not getting XP." The battles at the end in the reactor core were insane, but between all the buffs and bubbles and invisibility everyone was able to share, there were only one or two really close calls.

One big lesson I'm taking away from this, for when my scrapper does this TF with her SG mates, it's VERY helpful to have someone with invisibility and recall friend to get past the bombs in the hallway, and bring everyone up to the room before the reactor room. But what I'm most happy about today... I have a respec to hold on to now, all my debt from the Striga TF is gone, and I dinged Level 26 doing a door mish after the respec TF was over.

- Patrick

P.S. - Go. Hunt. Kill Skulz.
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(no subject)

What secondary (besides electrical blast) goes best with a defender with storm summoning? I was thinking radiation for all its AoE goodness, but I can't help but wonder if that would backfire on my defender because of hurricane. As always, any help, advice, and/or insight is appreciated for this alt-aholic.
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Best NPC line to date (For me)

"Filomena: Did you see that tape, 'When Robots Go Bad?' There's a segment with Deserted!"


And on another note...

This guy asked on broadcast if anyone was interested in doing the Spelunker mission. I of course said yes because I avoided that mission with my current character because.. Well.. I just hate that mission. Then we get to talking he asks me if I know that this isn't free. Wtf? Since when did people start charging for missions like that? My jaw dropped, I was.. surprised.

I promptly said good bye and left the team.

Is this the newest trend? I've done those badge missions with other people before and have never been asked to pay up front before doing it. Bah.
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Psychic Wail

Psychic Wail is the lvl 38 power for defenders (secondary power pool). It has a long recharge time, and makes it so you cant recharge end for a time. But here's something I noticed from CoH Planner:

The damage is (7.6667 + 3.6667*2) which means it does just over 15 damage. (Note this is not actually "damage" - but the damage factor as compared to other powers.

Slotting: I can put six damage enhancements on it. So basically it will do a total of 35 damage. The recharge is 360 seconds (six minutes). So I can do 35 damage in six minutes. -OR- I can put six recharge time redux in it. This will drop the recharge time to approx 65 seconds. Meaning I can fire it off 5 times in 6 minutes and have it be recharging, and do 15 damage each time. Total: 75 damage.

So in six minutes I can do 35 damage with one shot -OR- 75 damage in five shots

Granted, if I slot of damage I might be able to take out everyone in the group with one shot. But I'm only a defender, and I doubt it. So it makes MUCH more sense to me to slot it for recharge. I've seen nova-powers used very effectively in taskforce missions. One person runs in, throws off their nova, the rest of the group picks off any survivors. Since the person has all redux on the power, its recharged by the time the fight's over, and ready for the next group.

No other power (in the psi set) has such a disparity in damage per second with recharge redux versus damage enhancement. Comments welcome.
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I'm new to City of Heroes, and I have to say, fairly new to MMORPG's since I finally got my PC upgraded. In fact, the only thing that I have come close to an online RPG is Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast. But hey, I learn quickly. Although using a keyboard and mouse instead of a control pad sure feels funny.

Anyways, I'm from the UK and thus have the European version of the game released not too long ago. I've messed around with different characters, just getting a feel for the game an all, and I'm now quite happy with my Tanker so far. I myself am female so I created a male character simply because I got sick of looking at a females arse everytime I fancied bopping around.

Just looking around, I notice a lot of communities, especially for servers and such, but can't seem to find any European specific communities or server communities, unless I'm blind and missed something. Instead I'll join here and ask pointless questions at random intervals whilst learning as much as I can ;)

I'll probably see some of you around, if any of you have the European version anyway!

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New Character Intro

I made a new hero on the Justice Server yesterday - a Dark/Regen Scrapper.

Life as a Dark/Regen scrapper is pretty good, especially when you have an in with a Fire/Rad controller named Donny Diablo.

I wrote a really long bio for her. I spent a lot of time on it. I thought if I pasted it into the description area from an outside document it would all fit. It didn't. So, if you're into reading those long drawn out bios, Collapse )