March 6th, 2005


From Last E3

I was just going through my computer this evening, and I found this photo I took at last E3 from the NCSoft booth, thought some people here might get a kick out of it.

Happy Cat!!

Meant to be silly...

But I saw this name (spelled exactly like this) on Pinnacle tonight:

Slamin SamySosa

And I laughed because he was wearing a Cubs uniform (although now he's with the Orioles) and he did a pretty good job of getting that baseball player look on him.

It seems like a lot of names are being picked, and so people are just coming up with the random button pressing. Hell, there's a dude named "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO" on Pinnacle. And I also saw "More Cowbell". Nobody would get that unless they've seen Christopher Walken's sketch on Saturday Night Live. But it's original (in a way) and I complimented him on it.

A name is a name. It's like the previous posts have said, as long as they play the game right, then sign 'em up for my SG. People are just out to have fun, and if you're paying monthly for it, why not enjoy it?

As long as I don't have to hear 1337 speak... That stuff drives me nuts...
Puck (silly)

What was I thinking?

Back in debt again for my Level 26 defender. Silly me, thinking that sidekicking to a Level 38 blaster who begged and pleaded for my help would be a cool way to pick up some XP and a few nice enhancements. Level 38 Rikti bosses are bad, mm-kay? Especially when there's a pair of them around every corner. Especially when you're only Level 26 sidekicked to a Level 38 who zips around the tunnels so fast with superspeed that it's impossible for you to keep up with him, thus causing you to end up dead in one or two shots.

And while you're lying there dead, you hear the Level 38 call out "end red buff plz" four or five times in quick succession. Just as he's been doing the whole time... because he doesn't understand that even though you're sidekicked, you only got the power two levels ago and it's not six-slotted for recharge yet like it might be if you were Level 38.

In hindsight, I should have taken the guy's name as an omen. It had "kill" in it. I just didn't realize it would be the Rikti doing all the killing.

Of course, I've got no one to blame but myself for going back into the mish a second time and expecting different results than the first. I need to start trusting my idiot radar more and start hitting that "quit team" button sooner.
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Happy Cat!!

(no subject)

I know that this has come up in this community before, but what music does everyone listen to while playing? I'm just asking because I *finally* started listening to music while playing, and man oh man, does it ever help. Here's why:

1. I play smarter. I HAVE NOT died while listening to music, and I'm not sure why.

2. I worked off 100k in debt. I don't know how or why, but I'm not questioning anything.

3. It makes the game seem smoother for some reason.

I've been listening to Lasgo (real upbeat techno with female vocals), and it's amazing. For some reason I really get more into the game and the missions seem more exciting. Is this just me or does anyone else feel that way as well?

Tenacious like the D

Sucks: Having a standard street patrol mission blossom into a timed door mission without warning.

Blows: Getting disconnected from the server in the middle of your surpise timed mission. Twice.

On the plus side, Magma now has three Scrolls of Ruin and three Rings of Pain from doing the artifact hunt over and over and over. And I did get a much-needed laugh when I got to the boss and found out it was some nancy-boy Outcast cooler. Snow-Pac, meet The Master of Magma. Didn't your momma ever tell you the one about the snowball in hell?