March 7th, 2005

what to take

i just dinged lvl 28 last night with Iron NRG/Fire blaster

and i dont know what power to take

i have all my NRG attacks except for the first one...the really fast kinda weak one and i cant get Nova yet

i have Stamina and Flight power pools

so my choices are another power pool or one of my fire attacks...i actually only have 3 fire attacks right now....ROF, Fire Sword and Build Up

I have no clue what to get at this point, i almost took hasten being the most usefull ability available to me at this point

what do yall think?

Fire Controller Help..

So I made a controller, but I've never serious played one before so I would like some build advice..

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Any input into this would be really helpful, as I've only ever seen Controllers at work and never had a chance to toy around with their powers before. :P
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Irradiated Riot

Outleveling story arcs...

This is me, really annoyed. So Rorarii out-leveled her contacts in the Hollows while she ran the Positron TF and ran around with HC and Edge. Troll-boy and the mystic wouldn't talk to her at all. Fine. No problem. She didn't have any missions from them, anyway, didn't get terribly involved in the Sam Wincott story arc. Irradiated Riot, on the other hand, did. She had clues (diary-pages, burned hat and shoe, stories from the trolls who'd had Sam captive, etc.) indicating what was going on with Sam, had run every mission that Jules and the Mystic gave her. The Mystic sent her to the CoT Mage to find out the location of the Cave of Trancendance.

So she gets there, and the Mage essentially tells her, "You're too grown-up for this; go play with the big kids. Oh, and, by the way? Rot in hell."

I was annoyed. Very very very annoyed. Annoyed to the point of wanting to throw my hands up and stop (nevermind that I'm totally crack-addicted and stopping seems very unlikely). But it just added to my frustration of the day (the rubberbanding from lag and stupidity with teleport didn't help matters).

I understand out-levelling contacts. But losing the end of a story arc? I don't even really care about the Trancendance Trial badge; I just wanted to play out the end of that arc. It makes for a very very frustrating game when you see the story, get involved with it, and then find out someone tore the last chapter out of your book.

My plan is to run Riot Red through the Hollows story arc so I can see the end, but I ended up feeling like the only way to see the whole arc is to get a team together that's dedicated to playing one person's missions because otherwise, you run through the Hollows, run four or five different people's missions, and end up out-levelling the story.


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User Warning

Do not team with "ruins" on Virtue. He RUINS your day.

Frostfire mission- three defenders (ruins being the emp), a controller, a tanker, two blasters. The other defender dropped soon into the mission (dark/dark). So it was up to Ruins (emp/dark), myself (FF/Psy) and the controller (Ice/Rad) to keep people buffed and healed. Ruins was lvl 10, I was 11, everyone else was 13 or 15. Ruins kept running ahead and aggroing mobs, then dragging them back in to us. He was too busy pretending to be a blaster to actually heal anyone, so the controller and I were using the measly heals we had to try to keep up. Ruins died many, many times.

"Ruins, your job as the emp defender on this team is to watch people's health bars, not attack. Please stop attacking and heal instead." - To which responded "But I have rez." ... "Wouldn't it be better if people didnt die in the first place?"

Then he asked how to change the chat bubble text, and like an idiot I answered him. He spend the next three fights running off during aggro and playing with the options menu instead of playing. GOOD LORD. Avoid him like the plague.
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On Saturday I created a poll. Many of you were kind enough to fill it out for me. I had a reason for creating this poll, and I am finally ready to reveal it. I did it because I really wanted an Ice/Ice blaster shirt. I dont know if the devs are actually going to release a shirt for each AT, and it looks like they ignored my plea for girly shirts. I dont like T shirts... I want girly shirts. So I figured I'd make a shirt of my own. And then I realized other people might want a shirt for their AT too.

Keep in mind that I haven't played the vast majority of these power sets. I dont even know what color the little bubbles are in the tray. If you think there's a better color or font for a specific power, let me know. I'll upload a new image as soon as I can. I will eventually put up images for ALL The power-set combos, but I used the poll to see what sets are actually getting played. (Stone tanks get no love.)

I also want to add shirts like "I play a ___/___ ______" for people who want a shirt for toons that aren't their main. My main is an Ice/Ice blaster, but I love the FF/Psy defender I've been playing too. I have plans for generic set shirts too, and will post when I have new things up.