March 8th, 2005

Hob Auf!

Today's update

  • Increased Hamidon nucleus resistance to controlling effects.

  • Increased the attack range of the Hamidon nucleus, Mitochondria Antibodies, and Mitochondria Electrolyte powers.

  • Changed Hamidon Minibuds. They are now bosses (so they are not as easily "one-shot" killed by players trying to steal awards.

  • Increased damage scale of Hamidon Minibuds.

  • Changed the reward for Hamidon Minibuds so they give a random SO enhancement.

  • Hamidon enhancements are now rewarded to each eligible player when the Nucleus is killed (not when the Hamidon minibuds are killed). Eligible players are those that did damage to the Hamidon Nucleus or were on a team with someone who did damage to the Hamidon nucleus.

  • Slow effects from the Hamidon Protoplasm Debuff is now resistable.

  • There will no longer be a delay in the slow effect of entering the Hamidon Protoplasm. You will get slowed as soon as you enter, and you will no longer be slowed when you leave.

  • You will now get a debuff movement Icon when in the Hamidon Protoplasm (debuff was always there, the icon was just missing).
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CoH Development

Since I haven't had any luck finding one, I'm considering trying to make an application that can somehow generate a list of an account's toons with server, name, level, origin, and archetype that can then be fed into a database and displayed dynamically on a web page... Anyone know where I can find information to get me started on this? Also, if you just so happen to know of an app that can do this, please let me know. :)
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Almost Famous

Heh, apparently issue #10 of the CoH comic book is out, with my story in the back. This morning I was running a mission on Striga and started getting tells from folks saying "hey, are you the guy from the comic?" and stuff like that. One kid amused me by saying "I thought you were totally made up!"

I feel like a celebrity :-)
Kung Ru

Build Advice - Kin/Psy Defender

I apologise in advance. This is very long. I tend to be very wordy. I also tend to do far too much research on things like character builds and read far too many strategies/guides. There is probably a 12-step for this. But, anyrate. Long post incoming. x_x

As I have posted before, I have become addicted to my current Kinetics/Psychic Blast Defender. She's very group friendly, not quite as solo friendly. She's not incapable of soloing, it's just a very slow and painful process. For now, I am willing to live with this. I realize that eventually I will be able to solo quite well (Fulcrum Shift for the win!) but I'm having enough fun grouping that I don't care much.

I spend a lot of my endurance before the fight starts. Speed Boost and Increase Density (although I have started to wait till we're going in for this because it's so short) on a full team (ID just on the Tanks and Scrappers, SB on all) drains my end bar significantly. I don't mind this much. I just need my own end recovery. Originally I had planned on holding off on stamina until after my first respec. I don't think that is an option now. I run Maneuvers and will be running Tactics when I hit 14. I'm going to need as much end recovery as I can get. The only thing this really changes is that my attack powers will continue to be neglected until I can respec my character.

Heavy Hollows grouping means I'm levelling way to fast to keep up with my enhancements. This is a Bad Thing™ that I may need to rectify by an extensive stay in the local Hospital courtesy of villains several levels higher than me. Or I need to hang out with newbies. But that's boring. :-p

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Problems I'm seeing are that Siphon Power and Transfusion are slow on the recharge, which means if I fire them off and someone has problems or it misses, I get to wait to use them again. The groups are hideously effective, provided the players are good, so it's not like they need to be spammed, but still. Plus my pre-fight buffing sequence tends to make the actual fight go much faster.

So, now on to my plan to make it to my respec. I realize that 24 is the earliest it can be done, but if my experience with my main is any indication, I will wait until 28 for it. Here is the build I plan on using to get me to the respec.

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Hopefully by this point I will be able to afford having all SOs in my powers. :-p Otherwise this is going to suck. It's still lacking in the self-speed department, but I can live with that. All this needs to do is get me through the Sky Raider respec trial. I think it can do that. Heck, I could continue with it as is and be pretty well off, but I like to min-max to an extent, and nothing involving Mental Blast is min-max except ignoring it's existence entirely.

Post respec, a couple of my higher level utilities lose a little bit of punch, but only for one level. And if I level during the respec trial, or shortly thereafter, it won't even be noticeable.

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This build will lead to an eventual Perma Hasten, three to six-slotted stamina, six slotted Transference, six slotted Fulcrum Shift, six slotted Psychic Wail, and possibly dropping of accuracy and endurance reducers in the current attacks. I do plan on nabbing Stealth, and possibly adding a recred to Siphon Power. Not sure on an Ancilliary Pool yet. Power Mastery would, of course, send the Kinetics powers and the secondary effects of the Psychic powers through the roof, but Psychic Mastery makes more sense from a flavor point of view. And at that point, it's probably not going to break no matter what I do.

So, advice? Does it look good to you? Would you want to group with this defender? Too cookie cutter?
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CoH - Spelling Bee - Hero Pose

Strange Contest Rules (Or: Canadians can do math!)

If you read the rules of the Movie Marquee contest on the CoH website, you'll find this odd requirement for Canadian participants


To enter the contest, as of Monday, March 7, 2005, (a) you must be 13 years of age or older, (b) you must have Internet access and an email account, (c) you must be a resident of the United States (excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. territories, military installations and commonwealths) or Canada (excluding Quebec).
Canadian residents will be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes and (d) you must be a current City of Heroes subscriber (meaning you must have an active account). Employees of each Sponsor, each of their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, advertising, promotion and publicity agencies and members of the immediate families (defined as parents, children, siblings and spouse, regardless of where they reside) or households of such employees are not eligible. Contest is void where prohibited, restricted or taxed by law. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

What, they don't think we Americans can do math? Anyone know the Canadian legal reason for this inclusion?
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Triumph SG

Updated my COH toon & link page.

A couple weeks ago I made a post here about how I was looking to make a Defender or Controller to go along with my significant other's character (Zahrim - dm/regen), for when we play together. After much advice I built an Illusion/Radiation controller. (Kolchak)

I couldn't exactly make up my mind, however, so I also built an Empathy/Dark defender (Dr. Apothecary) and a Kinetics/Rad controller (Shift Z).  Right now I've found that I enjoy playing the Emp/Dark the most...though that will probably change as soon as shift Z gets a little higher in level. :)

Anyhow, the reason I'm posting here was to kind of update the group on where their suggestions took me and to announce a new SG (whoopie-doo) on Triumph. It's made up of the alts I listed above, plus Zahrim, and a few people we've found fit our niche/playstyle pretty well. The group is called:

The Office of Paranormal Investigations

If you have an alt or a character who would be more at home with Fox Mulder or Kolchak the Night Stalker than he/she would be with the Avengers, send us a holler! We're on Triumph.

Kinetics: How I love thee

One in four alts ultimately becomes one that I stick with. In this case, I had a blast rolling a Kinetic defender. The trip was long and still going strong with 1.5 more to go to 50.

After dinging my spines/invuln to 50 months ago, I toyed with many an AT. It was kinetics I loved the most. The sound effects were cool enough, but having teamed my scrapper with many a kineticists along the way, I felt I had a good idea on how to build one, but not necessarily how to play one...which changed along my journey to where I am now...

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Zombie vomit

I take it that zombie vomit is untyped damage? I just got done with a long-ass zombie mission (rescue 7 hostages) in the poisoned water story arc with my inv/SS tanker, Uncle McDonald. I was running unyielding and temporary invulnerability which cut down on the damage from their pimp slaps, but I still took major damage from the vomit. Does anyone know if the devs will update the powers to protect against toxic damage? Zombie missions are my least favorite because of this issue.