March 10th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Wanted: Security Guard for MAGI

Does Azuria even lock the door when she goes home at night? I'm beginning to wonder. I'm noticing a pattern in my missions. I'll spend four or five of them recovering all the pieces to some magical artifact, deliver them to Azuria, and then within a day they've been stolen again and I have to go round them up all over again. Last night it was the "Wheel of Destruction" (which I think airs weekday evenings at 7:00 pm before "Jeopardy" in the Paragon City viewing area) that had walked off again from the MAGI offices. You'd really think something with a name like that might get put into a vault or something. Sheesh... I hope this time Azuria puts a bicycle lock on it or something.
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I just had something occur to me. I was hobnobbing with my buddies during school (second semester senior who's already admitted to college doing actual work? hell no) about superhero games. It popped into my head when my slightly idealistic buddy mentioned that the corporations should all work together since Amalgam comics kicked so much ass back in the day (batman + wolverine = gold). From this prompt, I have devised a solution to the Marvel Lawsuit.

Portal Corp to Marvel's universe. Run a mission with Captain America. Fight against Magneto. It'd be so easy. Whip up a few unique models, toss in some missions here and there across the levels and make it a story arc on a scale like that of nemesis or crey, spanning 20 levels of the later game. I'm still trying to work out the money issues, but it's all musings anyway.

This just struck me a really damn cool idea. Now, i'd much rather fight alongside Batman, Green Arrow, or Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner's GL), but still, how cool would that be? I would bet portions of my anatomy that it's a secret dream of almost all players of this game to have their character, who they lovingly crafted, fight along side heroes that they grew up with.

I don't know if anyone else has come up with this little bit of daydream, but man, I still think it'd be cool. Why ya gotta hate, Marvel? Would Spidey hate? No.

On a side note, how cool would it be to fight 5th column (oh, sorry, council...bah) with Cap America?
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