March 11th, 2005

head tilt, aeryniana

I have brought another into the fold

Now I must convince him to stay.

Just recently I've given away my 14 day Valentines trial. The person I gave it to is reluctant to stick around. He was having some issues with learning the game, coming from mostly Diablo type Online play.

I played a low level character with spiral5 tonight, I knew he would like it better if I could help him figure things out. It's much different to play an MMORPG then a free Online hack and slash RPG like Diablo II. I think he learned a lot today and we'll have lots of fun in the future as he gets used to the set up. bigangry stopped by for a bit with a new Taxibot ice tanker. * big wave*

Here is Spiral's Martial Arts/Regeneration scrapper (Zyfrr) and my new Illusion/Empathy Controller (Illyrian.)
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Yeah, that's right! I named a character not only after one in Angel, but also after a region in the Balkans. Though they're thought to be main ancestral group of modern Albanians, not Croats.. Why yes, I am obsessed with history(emphasis on Balkans, Croatia.)

This has been another: USELESS FACT.

I chose Illusion because I always wanted to try one passed Outbreak, and empathy because I was teaming with a melee person. I don't like controller bubblers because you have to have that stupid useless personal forcefield. If I'm playing a bubbler it's a defender damn it!
I've played plenty of Scrappers, so I really have no questions about helping him out with suggestions in the power area. Also have a few empathy characters already, so I know those powers.

I've never played an Illusion controller very far, there was a huge trend of people making them for awhile and I wanted to avoid following it.
So now I would like some input on how to play an Illusion controller and what powers are musts in that area. i can already see my long time experience as a Mind Controller will be very handy.
I've got to say thus far it is FUN as hell. It's nice starting as a lowbee and already having an idea how to use tactics and the powers of such a type to your advantage(at low levels I can be an effective puller). These powers rock and I now know I wish I would have chosen an Illusion controller first. I'm saving this character for when he plays so we'll stay around the same level.
Input Stephanie! Please.
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head tilt, aeryniana

Do you speak engrish?

We all get the feeling many times that either people in game are either very stupid, don't type or spell well, or English just isn't their first language.

I was using Yahoo Japan the other day and I came upon this site which proves that last one. I bet some of those Japanese players speak better English then some of our children. Yes, I know not everyone has an affinity for foreign language. Hell, it's obvious there are far too many people in the game that can't even speak their own without resorting to communicating entirely in InterDumb shorthand.
Myself, I speak typoese as you have witnessed firsthand. At least I try!
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Since hitting level 50 and all but one of my contacts no longer speaking to me, I decided it was time to get the accolades I don't already have. This meant monkey hunting. 10,000 monkeys is a lot of monkeys, lucky for me, I find imp on monkey violence highly amusing. I'm a bit over halfway to the badge when the servers shut down. So here are some screenies, maybe you'll find them amusing too.

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Misscharge (on freedom for those not keeping track) has had a busy couple of days.

First of all, she hooked up with </a></b></a>madamev's character (ummm i forget her name lol) and did some sidekicking and subsequent exemplaring. Lotsa fun was had.

Then on wednesday morning, she hooked up with a team that decided to try out the Synapse Task Force. We started with 6, and after our first mission, we only had two left, myself and a french chick named Bim Bam. We played on wednesday morning, then logged for a while. I got a chance to play butch barb, and got her to level 7. We actually managed to get all the way through to the Clockwork king, but alas, a blaster and a tank alone really have no hope against him. We called it quits, but not before Misscharge had leveled at least twice! Yay me! Level 20 means new costume, as you know, so here we go with a fresh round of screenshots.

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So yeah, busy week. I still have no idea where one finds a cape. I also am still getting lost a lot, i need the map patch or something.


Newbie Alert!!!

Hi there, just joined up both on the community and the game itself. Currenlty level 5 scrapper and looking forward to making more heroes and pounding the bad dudes.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone on here!!

What's left?

The article makes mention that "over half" of the claims by Marvel against NCSoft have been dismissed, and that "key claims" have been thrown out.

So, what's left? I've been googling and looking for the remaining claims that were not thrown out and am having no luck. I'll do more searching, but if someone can point me in the right direction, even, that would help.

EDIT: From Gamespot: Still, there are sufficient teeth remaining in the complaint to cause any game publisher concern, specifically the claim of direct copyright infringement and contributory copyright infringement.
Lieutenant Dan

Finally able to play

Well after numerous pages on the tech/bug section of CoH website, and dozens of back and forths with the Tech support, and guru's from many sites, my motherboards manufacturer, and a few other resources, I seem to have beaten this mighty disconnection AV.

My lvl 43 tanker was getting locked up in Talos,Peregrine, Island, FF, Brickstown, and the Hollows of all places, but could hit FBZ and CA, etc, with no issues whatsoever. I Did find an incompatibility with Soundblaster Audigy ZS 2 gamer, and the Geforce VC, but was able to get by it. So after tweeking out my game options(compatibility over performance) and reseting my cmos, reinstalling windows, updating drivers, etc., I played for 5 hours with no problems. So if you are having any issues like this, the coh site does offer help, and tech support did respond very quickly. So play on, I plan on doing it.

Lieutenant Dan