March 12th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Hungry like the wolf?

I hadn't played my scrapper in a week or so, so tonight I got online and started working my way through a Sky Raiders story arc. After the second mission, I come back to find a Council leuitenant and a couple of his cronies camped out with their soap box right in front of my contact. So I pop hasten and jump in there to clear 'em out, and just as I've got him down to where one more shot will finish him, he morphs into a frickin' Eclipse Warwolf boss.

Two swats and I am seeing red, and the only thing that saves me is popping on superspeed and executing the "Brave Sir Robin" manuever (okay, it's not much of a manuever, actually, it's more of a gesture). So I go park mself somewhere to recover, then creep back over to discover that now I've got a Warwolf boss parked in front of my contact. Now I am annoyed, because I have to get rid of this thing if I want to get any missions done. But quickly I discover that fighting in melee with a Warwolf boss is not much fun.

Once more I am running for my life, when suddenly I am zapped by a green aura. I pause and try to get in a few more licks on the Warwolf, and thankfully the healing kept coming. I'm still not sure who the defender was who decided to help me out, though, because he or she didn't stick around for me to say thanks after the doggie was finally dead. So on the off chance that the hero who gave free healing the purple-skinned claws scrapper in IP on Guardian server tonight reads this... thank you muchly for saving my bacon.

Now all I want to know is who's dumb idea was it to park the baddies within 10 yards of my contact to begin with. I hope having to chase of a mob just so I can get a new mission doesn't become a regular occurence.
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My New Inv/EM Tank

So I rolled up an Inv/EM Tanker the other day. So far I'm enjoying her, but I was wondering whether the Invulnerability gurus here might give me a few tips on slotting/strategy/etc. I know there are a lot of fans of Inv out there, and I'd like to see what all the hubbub is about. Oh, anything helpful about EM would rock too. Thanks!

Praetorians (or however it's spelled) on Guardian

So I've got the first mission of this bunch (Infernal) and intend to take them all on today. I'll be on by 4pm eastern time on Guardian. Not really doing this for exp, I mostly just want the badge so all levels are welcome. Hero's name is Dark Chrysalis, a DM/Regen scrapper. Just recently hit level 47 but the first mission I got at either 45 or 46 (don't remember). Anyway if anyone is on this afternoon/evening and would like to take down some AVs, drop me a tell.


Dark Chrysalis (47 Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper)
Ethan Gilchrist (40 Energy/Devices Blaster)
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(no subject)

Woo! Hit 44!

I'm in a story arc where I've gotten some dirt on some powerful people, so now I'm on the city's 10 most wanted list! Ironically, I also got the superstar badge during this arc, which says that the citizens are circulating a petition to make a statue of me. Heh.

I was running to a crey mission in Crey's Folly, and there were 3 crey outside the door... all about 10 levels lower than me... but it got me thinking. Instead of the ambushes, it would be a lot cooler if they had enemies waiting outside the mission door. Less chance of them running around in a low zone aggroing people and I think it would be a lot cooler from a flavor standpoint. Maybe even make it so you can't enter the mission until they're gone.

On a totally different note, would anyone be interested in having a character contest?

Everyone in the community is allowed to submit one character, and in the end we have a poll to pick the winner. The winner wins... well, nothing, but lots of adoration and prestige. :) Limit of 4 screenshots, no photoshopping, airbrushing or otherwise touching them up. Allowed to write as much as you want about them.

Think it would be fun?
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(no subject)

Am I the only one who can't login right now? isn't loading for me either.

Am I going to have to actually DO something on a Saturday night besides play the game??? I think I forgot how!!!

EDIT: I tried logging in on my roomate's computer with his account and it didn't work. Getting "Login Server Unavailable" message. Grrr. Anyone know what's up?

(no subject)

I did my first Positron Task Force with The King's Man, level 14 emp/psychic defender. I teamed up with my girlfriend's first hero, SuperBobo, a level 16 elec/ener blaster and Enishi Kinomori, a level 14 MA/SR scrapper. Despite Enishi's craptastic computer and continental drift zoning times (SuperBobo and I did two of the missions while he was zoning), we finished the task force with only one death and it doesn't really count. I died in the very beginning, in Skyway City, when we were looking for the first mission door. I was just standing around in the middle of the street.

The task force was longer than I expected and it was a pain to superjump from Skyway City to the train station to Positron back to the train station to go back to Skyway City. We fought a whole mess of zombies, tons of robots and some annoying phase-shifting Circle jerks. The last mission in the monitoring stage was wall-to-wall zombies. The layout in there was pretty darn cool because it wasn't the standard warehouse/office building/PP cave.

I do have one gripe though. You get a level 18 SO enhancement when you complete the mission. My enhancement tray was full and the mission ended sooner than I thought (I was just about to delete an enhancement) so I missed out. I petitioned the devs, but was told there wasn't anything they could do about it. That's ok. I went up two levels and got a badge and had fun.

I've heard the Synapse TF are pretty cool.