March 13th, 2005


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My main toon went up 2 levels the past 2 days,,So he;s up to 23 now,which i don't understand,becasue i been stuck at level 21 for like 4 months *-*

Heh and i get two levels just like that..

Hami-Os Rock

Don't have time to say much right now, but I'd just like to note that tonight I completed the six-slotting of my L50 Emp Defender's Fortitude with Membrane Exposures (To-Hit Buff/Defense Buff/Recharge Reduction).

It now recycles in 14 seconds—meaning that I could theoretically keep every other member on an 8-member team buffed continuously.

And what it does to accuracy and defense...wooo. I have the UberBuff.

Just thought I'd mention that. :)