March 14th, 2005


Grav/Kin controller build question

My Grav/Kin controller just hit lvl 24. I still have my free respec left and I'm thinking of using it to get rid of Crushing field. It was kind of a nice power when I didn't have GDF, but now that I have my group hold six slotted, its just an aggro magnet. I haven't picked my level 24 power yet so if I respec I'll end up with two new powers. Here is what I have that I want to keep (sorry for the format).

Gravity Distortion
Gravity Distortion Field
Siphon Power
Increase Density
Speed Boost

I kinda have two option in mind but I'm open to other suggestions.

Option 1: Take the Fighting pool and get Kick and Tough.

Option 2: Take Stealth (SS+Stealth=no problems getting around) and maybe Dimensional Shift (in case things get ugly, plus it looks cool).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Comic Book Random monday discussion.

In light of March Madness...

Create a basketball team made up of only comic book characters that you think would go all the way. Please note that there would be no changes to the rules or the court to accomadate the new super powered players. So, Hulk, while having a fine vertical leap, would likely break the backboard and then foul out in the first 30 seconds.

From the Marvel Conference...

Forward : Jean Grey - You always see TK being used to push things away, here it would make her a leading rebounder.

Forward : Nightcrawler - His drives to the lane would be unstoppable, and without the charging calls that Juggernaut would get.

Center : Mr. Fantastic - Blocking shots from anywhere.

Shooting Guard : Bullseye - 3 pointers from anywhere.

Point Guard : Captain America finest battle.. umm.. on court leader you could find. And that shield slinging easily translates into making him the assist leader of the conference.

I am that geek.

Unyielding Stance

I'm a level 48 Inv/SS Tanker starting to plan a final respec. I'm noticing that nearly every build guide I look at has Unyielding Stance heavily slotted, and I've been doing fine with just one slot. Am I missing something? With my current build, I have never had a problem with Rikti Mentalists. I am defenseless against psychic Clockwork attacks, but US won't help with that. Would more slots give me protection against Malta Sappers?

Further info: I commonly use Invincibility, Hasten, Conserve Power, and Rage -- no Unstoppable or Dull Pain, but I plan to add DP in the respec.

Issue 4 Pre-Issue Download Available

When you log off of CoH, it will start downloading the files for Issue 4, a pre-issue download like they did for Issue 3. Woot!

Let's hope that this means we'll have Issue 4 any day now... And I just got a 3rd costume slot for Onyx Faechilde, too, which means she can have a brand new outfit very soon.

*CoH Happy Dance*
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fallout 3

Drive-By Healings

Not terribly earth-shattering, but playing as my first empathy defender ever, I did my first drive-by healings tonight. I'm level 8. :) Helped out some guy fighting Hellions in Atlas. I feel good. :)
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City of Heroes Collectible Card Game

Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. announced today their license of the City of Heroes collectible card game from Cryptic Studios. Award-winning game designer, David Williams (Legend of the Five Rings, Doomtown, Warlord, Initial D, Spycraft, Football Champions) takes the lead role to develop a game that brings together hobby and computer gamers for new gaming experience. Top Cow Productions (Witchblade, Tomb Raider, Hunter-Killer), who are also producing the City of Heroes comic book, will illustrate the artwork for this new game.