March 15th, 2005


What the [bleep!]?

Tonight, I joined one of my usual teammates for a few missions. We're both level 38, I'm a spines/regen scrapper and he's an AR/Dev blaster with a good instinct for when to run, so we steamroll through missions pretty easily without anyone else along most of the time. Tonight he had someone with him already when I got online, so I joined up and the three of us set off for a romp through the Abandoned Sewers (the groups regenerate fast in there!) to hunt for Rikti.

Our new compatriot was a level 38 Illusion/Empathy controller who I'll call Spanish Onion, and right off the bat "her"* pets were tearing through the hydras and other baddies. Personally, I find decoys and phantoms to be a little more annoying to fight alongside than imps, because they get in the way more and sometimes block your view, but they do all kinds of interesting damage so I couldn't complain about having them along. We rolled through the various groups of villains without too much difficulty, but soon realized we were in a section of the Network where we wouldn't find any Rikti and decided to run back out through the crowds without fighting so we could re-enter from another zone. Along the way, Spanish Onion pulled a little too much Hydra aggro and took a dive into the sewage, and after she hit the hospital we got an earful of ranting about how "there wasn't anyone around when I got hit" and how unfair it was, and how incredibly pissed she was. "I've reported that bug twice before, and both times they said they fixed it," she said, and seemed to really believe that being hit by long-distance shots around the corner, or lingering DoT, was some kind of glitch in the game. I made a comment along the lines of, "Ah well, it's only debt," and got back a snippy "Well some people can't play this game all the time."

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This was psuedo x-posted to coh_sunday_lj: that post

Ok, I have a lvl 32 Ice/Fire Blaster. I had hit a dilemma as to what power I would choose at 32 (Blizzard doesn't really appeal to me) and brought it up the build in coh_sunday_lj. Well, I got some advice on that, and eididdy got me thinking on my slottings (they hadn't been sitting right on me in the first place), and after some thinking, I got this. Any more suggestions or comments? Just a note, Blazing Aura isn't used often in battles. It is mainly there for RP stuff.

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Just curious about who was in the right here.

I was on a team of 7 people, all of us wanted to do the lvl 24 respec tf. I was originally invited by Vespa Woman who gave me leadership, I invited a friend and then five other people. One slot left.

"Find a fire tanker!" one guy repeated over and over again.
This is the infinity server. Pickins are slim. I couldn't find a tanker around our level period, much less a fire tanker. Then a level 28, who's obviously fire-based, and says he's a tanker, guy pipes on broadcast that he's lft. We're all 24-25, mind you. I invite him, he joins. Suddenly we all start getting 10 or so xp every minute or so. This makes everybody happy because they can stand around like tards and not have to do anything. I, on the other hand kinda want to do a mission.
"Hey, fire tanker guy, would you mind exempting?"

No answer.

I repeat a few times, a few different sentences, trying to make any contact with him whatsoever.

No answer at all.

He's not answering. He's ignoring invites to exemplar. I'm not going to start a task force where the enemies are gonna be 5 or 6 levels above everybody else, so he gets kicked from the team. I get yelled at. I throw the leadership at the guy who wanted the fire tanker and tell him to try finding a fire tanker at our level. So what does he do? He re-invites the same guy from before who continues to ignore us. They don't care because they get XP. Around this time one of my buddies comes online, asks me if I wanna go do some missions with her.
I weigh my options. Mission with one of my friends. Possibly fun, even? Or stand around like a ninny waiting for some guy to decide whether or not he wants to do a task force.
So I quit the team, and run off. I'm called a fag on the broadcast channel.

What happened here?


Here are some screencaps. The first four are caps of a weird bug I experienced this morning wherein all NPC's were appearing as Malta to me.

The last two pictures aren't screenshots but rather fake comic book covers I made for my supergroup 'Office of Paranormal Investigations'.

Dalek New

City of Heroes Tabletop RPG!

Word has come down from the Gama Trade Show in Las Vegas that Eden Studios (publishers of roleplaying games like Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Witchcraft and Armageddon) have announced they will be producing the official City of Heroes RPG.

The good news - Eden rocks. If they use their "More Than Human" variant of the very popular Unisystem, as seen in Angel and Buffy, the game should play reasonably well. Their production values are always impresive, and the games are usually reasonably priced for licensed properties. The writing for their games is uniformly excellent.

The bad news - They're very slow. Glacially slow. Buffy was well over two years late, as was All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Angel was even later. Hopefully, they'll get a rocket under them with this game.

And I was saying just the other day how badly I wanted a tabletop RPG of City of Heroes! Ask and ye shall recieve :-)

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(edit- the Chaotic Evil disappeared, but I've readded it. So yay, CE products!)

Yet more shirts added to the store

- Ice/SS Tank shirts
- BS/Inv Scrapper shirts
- Ice/Storm Controller shirts
- NRG/Dev Blaster shirts
- AR/Dev Blaster shirts
- Rad/Elec Defender shirts
- All D&D Alignments (Lawful good to Chaotic Evil) shirts, buttons, magnets, mugs, stickers and bags

And just to catch your interest, a couple of the designs:

Sticker prices have been updated as well. (They were still showing as $4.50 for some designs. All stickers now reflect the correct price of $3.00)
Puck (silly)

Galaxy Legitimate Businessman?

I got Marvin Weintraub in Talos as a new contact the other day. Tonight, I took a 90-minute timed mission from him. I was supposed to prevent the Family from sending one of their own to "sleep with the fishes." It was one of those missions where you board the train and get dumped in a special zone to search for your objective. The mission summary in my navigation bar said "Arrest Frankie and his men." Sounded simple enough to me.

So I turn on Super Speed and start looking for Frankie. Tons of Family milling about, all conning white to me, but no one named Frankie. Round and round the zone I go. No Frankie. At the bottom of some steps near a building, I spot two Council duking it out with each other. They con yellow, so I make a mental note to come back later and get them. Right now, I'm looking for Frankie.

Fast forward 45 minutes. I've covered every part of the zone twice now, and no sign of Frankie. Now I start regretting not having any vertical travel powers. I start climbing fire escapes, wondering if they've stashed Frankie on a roof somewhere. I check out three or four buildings, though, and there's no action on the rooftops. Annoyed, I start running about the streets again. It's been an hour in this damned mission now, the longest I've ever spent on one like this.

Lots of Buttonmen... no frickin' Frankie. I come upon those two Council again, though. They are still punching the crap out of each other. Because it's now looking like I'm never going to find Frankie, I decide I might as well collect some XP before the clock runs out. I pop Hasten and leap in there. Bye-bye Galaxy Adjutant... bye-bye Vortex Cor Leonis Adjutant. Hello "Mission Completed"?

Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Was Frankie in disguise? Are the Council taking over the Family now that they've finished consuming the Fifth Column? If only I had known, I could have been done with this mission an hour ago! Grrr!

So bug report, or petition? And how do I condense all this down enough to file it?
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The Incredibles DVD

So I just spent my way happily going through the Supers Secret Identity stuff on the Incredibles DVD (2nd disc) and saying "Oh, that one's a storm defender! That one's a SS/Invuln!" and so on. Great fun, marred only by the fact that I got Fullscreen instead of Wide. -_-; I blame it on the kids distracting me in the store.

Lingering Radiation

What is lingering radiation like? At first, the description sounds like enervating field now that they've removed the DoT from that power, but it's a click. Is it like ice slick or tar patch? I'm about halfway to level 16 with my rad/rad defender and I'm trying to decide what to grab next. I'm strongly considering proton volley because I like having a snipe, but I wouldn't mind a tar patch like power to keep the bad guys away.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Happy Cat!!

Silliness again...

So as I'm walking around in Brickstown doing some hunting to work off a bit of debt, I come across some Freakshow. Two lieutenants and a Tank. Now, they weren't standing there with their "fresh loot" or doing the play dead thing, but instead having what appeared to be a very intelligent conversation. I see the the Tank's "arms" moving back and forth in an explanatory manner.

What was the Tank telling his boys?

Man, I can't wait until Issue 4 so I don't have to post wacky stuff like this...