March 16th, 2005


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Want to show pride in your toon, but can't decide on just one "main"?

Want a less expensive alternative to T-Shirts?

Want so many designs you just can't *afford* to buy a shirt for every one?

Fear not! Buttons and Magnets ($2 each) and Stickers ($3 each) are now available for all power-combos and CoH Humor designs.

Also remember if you don't see your power-combo, let me know and I will design it for you!

(And I swear that's my last spam for the day)
Zombies Hate Fast Food

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City of Heroes Easter eggs, secrets, or tips. If you know of any, then post away! The only three that come to mind right now for myself are:

If you try adding yourself to your own friends list, the game will give you a message of "You are always a friend to yourself."

You can send emails to yourself that will instantly reappear in your inbox. Nothing that spectacular but useful for taking minor notes. Personally, I use it to keep track of archetypes and powersets of those on my friends list. Especially useful for the people that I don't play with on a daily basis and sometimes will lose track of what they are.

And the last one.. There's a gap in the one of the corners of this room (Click here), found in higher-level Circle of Thorns mission maps, where you can walk behind one of the sides of the temples. From where my character is standing, take a left and head to that corner to find the gap. It's on the ground, in the corner, behind the L-shaped walkway that connects the entrance of this room and the exit that leads farther into Oranbega. I haven't completed a CoT mission in Oranbega in weeks so they might of closed off the gap by now, but I bet it's still there.
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Hob Auf!

I made Tyrant my bitch, and all I got was this lousy faceplate


On top of that great news, one of my teammates (Melting Man) who helped my finish off Tyrant also happened to have the Chimera mission I so desperately needed, and with that, I was set for the Dimensional Warder badge.

Now, looking back on it, I realize I'm hosed once again, because I need the Multidimensional badge mission in order to get the Portal Jockey accolade I've been pushing for. So, if anybody on Justice gets it, please please please let me (Aufheben) know.
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Opinions on a respec!

I have earned a respec and have vowed not to use it before Issue 4 is out. That said, I need some advice, folks!

I play a Martial Arts/Invulnerability Scrapper

What are some opinions on the best way to Spec that combo -- including Enhancement slots?

Current power pools chosen are Speed (Flurry, Hasten), Leaping (Combat Jumping, Super Jump) and Fitness (Hurdle, Health, Stamina)

Martial Arts - Lacking: Cobra Strike, Crippling Axe Kick
Invulnerability - Lacking: Dull Pain, Resist Elements, Tough Hide, Unstoppable

Level 37

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New SG name?

So a few of us are noodling over starting a new SG on Triumph. Our biggest problem is coming up with the name. All of the toons in the group are going to be minimum height, just because we thought it would be funny as all hell for a whole gang of 4' tall people to go tearing through Atlas Park at a peak time and watching the broadcast channel end up scrolling with 'WTF?!' messages. We're a level short of 10 (new toons) and we're having a hell of a time coming up with the name. We've got probably an hour or two worth of playing before we hit that 10, so we need a name. What are some of your suggestions?

Greetings Heroes!!

My name is WarStrider, and I am from Pinnacle! =oD I'm into Techno, Comics, Heroes, Style and all manner of other strange things... ^.^ My hero list looks somethin like this:

50 Invuln/Super Strength Tank - WarStrider
33 Dark/Dark Defender - ArchMagus
32 Katana/Reflexes Scrapper - Lau Wang
22 Fire/Axe Tank - Paynen Suffrin
24 Peacebringer - WarLight

I am the Leader of one of Pinnacle's Top Super Groups, "The Exalted" and I've been labeled the best tank on the server by many. ^.^ (I don't think so, Capt Stupendous has more Hami-Os than I do, and can tank more than I can, but I come in second for sure, lol)

One of my SG mates kitsunex Ash VonZarovich pointed me to this, so I figured I'd make my preasance known! ^.^ This should be good, a City of Heroes community with no Friggin' Taser! I'm free!!! =oD Sorry, Pinnacle Joke...

Teh WarStrider
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